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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 11th April 2018 9:03 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
Oi Cat! by Kes Gray & Jim Field. It's my nephew's book, but I really liked the previous two books in the series, Oi Frog! and Oi Dog! so when I was at my sister's recently I read it. And this time my nephew didn't give me a funny look for reading his book. These books are all about what animals sit on based on rhyming (mules sit on stools, storks sit on forks, etc) with a funny twist at the end. Although I must be getting used to them by now because I saw the twist coming on the previous page. I just love all the silly things they come up with for animals to sit on, with accompanying pictures.

The strange thing is that I've just discovered it's available on Kindle. It's a children's book!

Superfluous Women by Carola Dunn. I liked it, but it was all about a small community who looked down on the 'superfluous women' who house shared and had jobs. Even though at the start of the series that's what Daisy and Lucy were doing and no one blinked an eye (except Daisy's mother, but that's a different problem). So it was a bit weird that this was suddenly a thing. And I was surprised to find Tring having retired - I didn't know he was that old. There was a point when it came up that one of the suspects lived in Hazlemere - I've been there! (this is becoming a theme in Daisy books...)

What I'm Currently Reading
Little Men which I had been reading at a chapter a night and then stopped. I am back to reading it before bed again.

Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon. It's a sequel to a book series I previously read, but don't really remember. It keeps referencing those events and some of it is coming back. But so far I am partway through chapter one and nothing has happened yet. Which is mostly why I'm not further through chapter one. I am assuming it will improve, it's just hard work getting there.

What I'm Reading Next
At this rate those two will take a while.

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