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AO3 average stats meme
Tuesday 31st July 2018 9:32 pm

Since I sort of suggested it and [info]lost_spook did it. When it says average, maybe median is better, and mode for some of them, but I have 198 fics on AO3 and I am not counting those up. So mean it is.

Average word count: 1940
Average hits count: 242
Average Kudos count: 13
Average no. of comment threads: 2
Average no. of Bookmarks: 1

The average word count is higher than I thought it would be because I have a lot of drabbles and other short things that aren't on AO3. The other numbers seem about right except for hit counts, because I can never be bothered to look at them.

Work(s) closest to the average word count: (1940)
The closest are:
At 1909, Tutu Too, A Last Leg fic I wrote for Yuletide a few years ago.
At 1924, Hidden Clues, a Taskmaster Yuletide fic I wrote last year
At 1965, Don't Worry, I'm Happy, an SGA Secret Santa Shep/McKay fic I wrote a few years ago
At 1979, Of Memory (The Poker Face Remix), which I wrote for Remix eight years ago.

I haven't written that much Stargate or British Comedy RPF, but clearly when I do, it's a pretty middling length.

Work(s) closest to the average hit count: (242)
At 240, How to Make a Baby, a Doctor Who fic
At 244, An Unearthly Child at the Chalet School, a Doctor Who/Chalet School fic

These are both First Doctor-era, and the third closest is another First Doctor-era Doctor Who fic. It sounds about right that my First Doctor-era Doctor Who fic is about average.

Work(s) closest to the average no of comments (/+ kudos if too many):
There are 28 with 2 comments, so that is very average. I only have four with 13 kudos, so I'll just list those in the relevant heading.

Work(s) closest to the average no of bookmark:
About 50 fics have 1 bookmark, so I am definitely not listing those!

Work(s) closest to the average no of kudos:
With 13 kudos, 1 comment and 0 bookmarks, Bromance, Showmance, a Last Leg fic which I wrote in a week to reference that week's episode.
With 13 kudos, 3 comments and 0 bookmarks, Mystery Cake and Moonshine, a Historical Farm/Star Trek fusion, which I would have thought would be more niche.
With 13 kudos, 5 comments and 0 bookmarks, Grains, a Blake's 7 fic, AUed from Sand.
With 13 kudos, 5 comments and 2 bookmarks, Votes for Women, a Four, Sarah and Harry Doctor Who fic.

I think those do sum up my averageness - a load of Doctor Who over the years and some RPF more recently that are neither amazingly popular or unpopular/old fics copied onto AO3 with more love elsewhere.

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