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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars – November wrap-up
Friday 30th November 2018 8:00 pm

This month I watched Swimming With Men.

I saw them the actors do some synchronised swimming on Sport Relief last year and it looked interesting. I saw some reviews when it came out at the cinema which sounded disappointing. So I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I sat down to watch it.

And then I really enjoyed it. It was really uplifting at the end. It was really interesting to see all these men doing synchronised swimming (and everything you see was done by the actors). And I learnt afterwards that the Swedish team in the film were played by the original men this film is very loosely based on.

It's about eight men who all come together on a Thursday evening to do some synchronised swimming to forget their crappy lives and to make friends. I could relate to that because it's the same reasons I do the things I do.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

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What I am reading Wednesday
Wednesday 14th November 2018 9:19 pm

What I Just Finished Reading
Best Foot Forward by Adam Hills. I was waiting for this to come out on paperback, but I saw it in the library and got it anyway. And then read it in about two days. It was interesting to read about how he got into stand-up and how it was getting started. But mostly I just found it very uplifting.

What I'm Currently Reading
Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens. A first for me in this series - it's an actual book, rather than an ebook. So it took me a while to find it in the library - it was in the children's section which is another room. It is short non-murder case files and things from the Junior Pinkertons and others as well. I'm enjoying it - especially as I like the stories set at Deepdean best and some of these are set at Deepdean.

What I'm Reading Next
I should really read the next Jeeves and Wooster book that I've borrowed from my sister.

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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars – November
Monday 12th November 2018 8:39 pm

I didn't intend to post this a third of the way through the month. But I had intended to watch The Last Jedi, but it's been so long that you can no longer rent it, only buy it, and I don't want to buy it. I had an alternative, but then I didn't put writing this post on my to do list, so it didn't get done.

What with this month being a busy one at work, I'm going to watch another film this month. It's going to be Swimming with Men. Which I meant to see at the cinema, but it didn't make it to any near me at a useful time. My TV in my lounge, one weekend this month is a much easier time and place.

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