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SJA Reunion
Monday 14th August 2017 9:23 pm

A couple of weekends ago I went to the SJA Reunion one-day convention in Cardiff. I wasn't too sure about it, I had a bit of "who are these people, how do I know they know what they're doing" as if I know everyone in the world. But Katy Manning (Jo) was going to be there and I've never met her, so I went. If I'd been the sort of person who'd go up to her on the street (or train station platform) I'd have met her at Cardiff station where we were waiting for the train to the tiny little station that was just round the corner from the con. But I wasn't, so I didn't. But since I'd already planned to be a bit late (given that I got up at 6am!) and the train was late, I felt better knowing that at least I wouldn't be later than one of the guests. Incidentally, I ended up getting the same train back as John Leeson. Read more...

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Distracted by sport
Wednesday 24th August 2016 7:51 pm

I might have been a bit distracted by the Olympics and not posted. And by might I mean was. And still am - since it finished I've watched the men's triathlon, diving, BMX. I still have plenty to catch up on - I should be finished by the time the Paralympics start...

I have managed some non-Olympics things in the past couple of weeks. The weekend before last I went to the Nine Worlds convention. Last year I generally wasn't impressed with it, but loved the Whedon Singalong enough to go back. This time they only sang a selection of songs in the Whedon Singalong, which didn't include my favourites. And I liked the rest of the con less. So next year I might just be going to the Whedon Singalong, if they return to singing all the songs.

While I was there, Missy was having a holiday with my sister. They both enjoyed it, except for when my sister had her in-laws round and Missy wasn't happy that there were people in the house and she wasn't being played with.

I went through a whole load of my cards. Back in uni, when we had Wednesday afternoons off for sport, I spent it playing the Star Trek customisable card game. I haven't played it since I left, but I have a lot of cards. Also, quite a few Magic cards, Young Jedi (which I don't even remember playing), Attack of the Clones cards, the Dilbert card game (which at least is just a normal card game), a pack of Original Series Star Trek cards. And a booster pack of Harry Potter cards. The TOS cards are confusing because they're in a box that states it contains 65 cards including Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Enterprise + a rulebook. It actually contains more than 65 cards, none of which are Kirk, Spock or McCoy and no rulebook. I don't remember playing this one either.

Going through my Star Trek cards brought back memories of playing it. I'm pretty sure in one of the boxes was the deck I last played at a tournament where I assimilated Earth. Which is pretty much all I remember of how to play it. I just have to decide, with all of these cards, whether to sell/get rid of them, keep them as a collection (and get rid of the duplicates) or keep them and play them. But right now I'm enjoying cataloguing them and putting them in order. And trying to convince myself that I don't need to buy any more...

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Nine Worlds con report
Monday 24th August 2015 9:27 pm

Better late than never... Nine Worlds is a convention in London and this was its third year. It had, apparently, 1400 people there. Because the hotel was so spread out it never seemed like that many. But because the hotel was so spread out I rarely saw people I knew (many of whom I didn't know if they'd be there).

I'm still yet to decide if I liked it or not. But here's what I thought of the bits I went to: Read more...

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Sunday 2nd August 2015 9:27 pm

I am going to the Nine Worlds convention at the weekend. From what I've heard, I'm not sure if I'll like it or not, but the only way to find out is to go. If nothing else I'll have a year's catch up with [info]selenay.

The thing that I liked most about it was when I heard about the Whedon Sing-a-long. Which sounds like fun. So after I'd done my choir practice this week, I went on to Once More, With Feeling. Just as I started I thought that perhaps I should have watched the episode first, but it came back to me. I didn't get through the whole thing, partly because that was a lot of singing in one go, partly because some of it was really low (I thought low G was low, but low F is a semitone too far) and partly because I reached a song that started in a key signature with 5 sharps and changed to a key signature with 5 flats. It's like these people don't like white notes!

The other thing they sing is Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. Which I saw when it came out and everyone was raving about it and I didn't like it much. But I thought I'd re-watch it and see what I thought. And I really liked it. It must have been the effect of people raving about something that made me dislike it - that tends to happen quite a bit. So now I'm looking forward to singing that one too. I just need to relisten to the songs some more, because currently my head is full of Buffy.

And then after that I'll have to get all my choir songs into my head as we have a concert at the beginning of September and we're supposed to have learnt half the songs and I didn't practice for a month...

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Friday 27th February 2015 8:27 pm

Last weekend I went to Redemption (convention). I think I've just about recovered. It didn't help that my body hates me and won't let me sleep past 8am, no matter what time I go to bed, and I stayed up until 2am at the disco on the Saturday night and 2am at the Dead Dog Party on the Sunday night. Although the latter was only because were playing games (Munchkin, Witch Trial and four player Spaceteam). Otherwise I was struggling to stay awake at 8pm.


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Been busy
Sunday 21st September 2014 5:36 pm

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to work being really busy. It completely sapped my energy this week, although I did go on a first aid course on Thursday. Friday afternoon was suddenly quiet for a little while and I had to do someone else's work because without that to distract I realised just how tired I was. I could really do with another day on this weekend, but I at least have a three day weekend next week - although I am going to a wedding, so I won't be good for anything on Sunday.

Last weekend was busy. On the Saturday I went to Big Finish Day 6. It was really easy to get to, but really hard to park. I went all round the hotel's tiny car park to find there were no spaces - and you couldn't get out without a token from the hotel. Fortunately the person behind me at the barrier knew the code. I drove around Slough a lot looking for a nearby place to park before I ended up back at the hotel, went to ask them where to park and it turned out that it was ok to park where it say "no unauthorized parking" and threatened you with clamping. The actual thing was all right. I was excited about meeting Peter Purves and he was lovely.

After last weekend when I didn't get much chance to rest, I did this weekend. I have managed to write most of the first draft of my [info]dw_remix fic. And I finished off a Press Gang drabble.

I have been watching a lot of Stargate Atlantis, in order to decide whether to sign up for [info]sga_santa. I have come to the conclusion that I really like Elizabeth and don't really care about watching episodes that she's not in. Which shouldn't have come as a surprise because she was my favourite character, I just had to get used to her not being in the last two seasons when it was on.

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Wednesday 10th April 2013 8:47 pm

The part of my social life that isn't the ordinary things I go to every week/fortnight (ie Rotary, ballet, choir) is suddenly so complicated!

I booked 17th May off work to go and see Star Trek on the basis that you can't book seats at my local cinema and I refuse to book in advance and still have to turn up early to get a decent seat. But in the day it'll be empty. And then they moved the date to the previous week and I can't have that off because suddenly everyone wants May off. So I can either go the week after it's out or in the evening - I am undecided on that front so far.

My oldest friend told me in January that she was getting married on 4th May, thereby rendering my thoughts of what I could do for my birthday pointless. I've had a save the date email (unsurprisingly from her boyfriend) and nothing since. She also mentioned something about her hen night and a date, but I've heard nothing. Which I am not surprised about, but it does mean I can't plan anything for those weekends. Since I'm not a fan of weddings I'm not going to chase her.

Then this year being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who they've been doing lots of things, of which I've been to two. I thought about going to more, but they do seem to think that charging around £40 for about four hours of a mini-convention sort of thing is reasonable. Which I don't. I don't need two autographs and all I've heard so far from the two I've been to and the BFI recording from The Mind of Evil is mostly stuff I already knew.

I was waiting for a couple of events to go on sale, discovered they were today, then found their price is just as bad (and they haven't announced any guests yet). So I don't think that's worth it. So I was thinking that perhaps I'd go to one day of the stupidly big anniversary con they announced was going on over the anniversary weekend. And then my sister told me she might get married on 23rd November... This after two years of getting vague dates and nothing happening. I tried telling her at Easter that it's a rubbish date, but her reaction was to tell me I didn't have to go. I'd quite like not to go because I don't like weddings and this one will have my relatives at it, who I'll then have to spend the day trying to avoid. But I think I probably do have to go really.

Maybe I will make more of an effort to go to things like Collectormania and the things in London. All I really want is a pretty picture and a signature to prove I've met them and then I'll be happy. And it will work out cheaper. Big Finish did announce that they were moving their one day cons from somewhere that's two hours away by train to somewhere that's 50 minutes drive away. So I may go to that next year. And on the subject of cons, if you can get a day ticket to Worldcon, then I'll go to one day of that - the number of people that will be there I find really off-putting (I don't like big crowds), but one day I could manage and it's not often I'll have the chance to go to a Worldcon without leaving the country.

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Friday 22nd February 2013 9:32 am

This morning (once I've prised myself out from under the blanket on the sofa and got dressed) I'm off to Redemption. This is the first time since it's been in Coventry that I haven't gone there early and I'm not going to visit uni to see what they've done with the place. Because last time was just so weird to see what they'd done with the (old) union building and it's just too different.

It'll be interesting to see how I feel this time in comparison to two year ago. Although I have learnt from last time that I do need time during the day to have a lie down and a bit of a rest. And I am not intending to stay up so late that I can't stand. I'd rather feel better and miss things than feel a bit crap for longer and go to more. In fact my plan for this afternoon is to have a lie down.

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Half term, aka where did the week go?
Saturday 16th February 2013 9:04 pm

It's been quite weird this week, not going anywhere. I get home, have dinner, read emails/RSS feeds/forums etc, get to 8pm and then wonder what to do for the rest of the evening. Which you'd think would mean that I'd got through lots of things on my to do list and caught up on my viewing, but you'd be wrong. I don't quite know what I did now, but I don't seem to have achieved much.

I do have 1500 words of a first draft for my [info]unconventionalcourtship fic. I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to write at least 2000 words for everything this year because 1000 words or less is easy. At first I was wondering how to actually get the fic to go anywhere because the characters would just keep bantering, until I realised they can banter and pull the plot along at the same time. And then, when I thought of an ending, I realised it's merely the mid-point. The main thing is that I've really enjoyed writing it. I've hardly written any Blake's 7 because I always thought it would be hard (plus there wasn't anything I was especially keen to write) but I like writing banter and they do all do quite a lot of banter. I like it, I should write more!

Redemption is next weekend. Since the last one two years ago I've regained the ability to eat eggs and mushrooms. So the thing I am most excited about is eating fried egg at breakfast. The silly thing is that although I like eggs, I've got so used to not eating them that I just don't eat them. But there's nothing quite like a good fry-up. Hopefully Redemption 2011, where nothing went wrong, will have broken the curse where something went wrong every one since 2005, including becoming lactose intolerant at Redemption 2005 and getting dizzy the day after Redemption 2009.

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Friday 23rd March 2012 8:13 pm

Easter's suddenly only two weeks away, how did that happen? I am planning to go to the Eastercon hotel on Good Friday (ie two weeks from now). I'm not going to any of the con, I'm just going to meet up with people. I'm thinking of getting there around lunchtime ish, so I don't have to get up early, and leaving by early evening, so I don't get back too late.

So who's going to be there (who I haven't already spoken to about it) and wants to meet up? I don't know what parts of the hotel I'll be able to go in, since I won't be going to the con, or what's happening when, but if anyone wants to pick a time and rough place to meet that's good. Or I'll just be generally wandering around.

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Back in the real world
Friday 4th March 2011 6:10 pm

I really have to admit I am back in the real world. I was at Redemption last weekend, then I went to the Doctor Experience and haven't been back to work. It's been nice. I would say I could get used to this not going to work lark, but I know if I had to do it for another week I'd get really bored. Since I promised I'd write up the DW Experience, and since I was too ill last year to write a con report, I will do it this year. Read more...

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Wednesday 18th February 2009 9:26 pm

I want to say I've packed for Redemption, but what I actually mean is I've put my books in a Bag For Life so I can actually carry them on the two minute walk to the train station, and thrown some stuff into a suitcase. But I have packed some CDs for , a book for to deface and will be glad to hear I've packed my cheque book. But I don't need to leave the house till 11.50am, maybe 11.45am to be on the safe side, since the train leaves at 11.55am (I am liking living this close to the train station just a bit) so there's plenty of time in the morning. Famous last words.

Now I have hunted through my drawers to find where I unpacked my travel alarm clock to and then packed that.

But in the meantime, I leave you with interesting news about the Red Dwarf specials, or possibly interesting news about Robert Llewellyn's use of Twitter, depending on how you look at it.

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Eastercon report
Wednesday 26th March 2008 8:38 pm

To sum up, I enjoyed Eastercon and am looking forward to Redemption. I don't know whether I'll make another Eastercon, though, because usually they'll clash with passover.

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Back from Eastercon
Monday 24th March 2008 10:08 pm

Well, my body is back, goodness knows where my brain is. I had a good time, didn't drive in too much traffic, didn't panic too much on the M25, didn't crash the car, saw snow (it didn't settle, thankfully), didn't have enough sleep, met lots of people (apart from and that I went with, there were also various ZZ9ers, someone I know from uni, randomly (but my first Redemption I met someone I knew vaguely from Rotaract) and some other people who I've probably forgotten). My hands are falling apart now, either from using hotel soap when not in our room, or from the very cold rooms, or both.

I really, really don't want to do any fannish stuff now, I don't know if it's because I enjoyed talking to people more, because I'm all fanned out or because I'm just tired. Or a combination of all of them. I will also be the only non-trainee in my department at work tomorrow, and Rotaract meetings Tuesday and Wednesday night, so don't expect anything more coherent than this out of me until later in the week/next week probably.

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Redemption con report
Tuesday 27th February 2007 10:51 pm

The details:

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Tuesday 6th February 2007 7:16 am

Works this morning, so now there are photos from Peg2. And my neighbours waking me up at 6am again.

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Pegasus One
Tuesday 7th February 2006 10:52 pm

I went to an Atlantis convention at the weekend - which was made more interesting by having the flu. I've done a quick page with a few photos - I should point out that the text is for my dad's benefit and the photos together come to 328k.

Edit: Dad has just reminded me I have a flickr account! So all my photos of the guests (apart from the blurry ones) are there, unedited (sorry Saz).


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Tuesday 8th November 2005 6:40 pm

I actually really enjoyed SG10, which surprised me. I was more worrying about food, and thinking how much I didn't enjoy SG8 that much (at least the actual con part). David Nykl (Zelenka) turned out to be a great guy, Eric Brekker (don't ask) was very good at telling funny stories, Tobias Mehler (really, no idea) looked nice, Dan Shea (stunt coordinator and Siler) was really interesting talking about stunts, Cliff Simon (Ba'al) was mad, Neil Dennis (Ry'ac) was mad in a different way, Alex Zahara (just about everything) was also great.

The annoying part of the weekend was just being really tired really early. I also managed to eat an entire bar of Plamil chocolate in a day. Whoops!

I an unimpressed at the shops round here and their grapefruit. They have recently decided that instead of actually getting some pink grapefruit (which I think is the nicest) they would just split the red grapefruit into two and call one lot red and the other lot pink. So now I'm on porridge for breakfast instead.

My watch battery died on Monday (it's been dying for a week). The last time I got a new battery I remember it being expensive, so instead I bought a new watch. It's great, and has a metal strap, which I've never had before. Only problem is I can get it on without undoing it. The instructions for making it smaller tell you for lots of different watches, so I don't know which one applies to mine. And none of the options seem to work. So I now have a watch I can wear that doesn't tell me the time and a watch that tells me the time that I can't wear. How helpful.

This post brought to you by I'm too tired to be coherent.

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Redemption ’05
Tuesday 1st March 2005 10:52 pm

I wrote down a list of all the things I went to, then a list of all the ones I wanted to go to and it was almost as long. I had a good time though, despite the cold (not helped by my roommate and I not being able to agree on the temperature, so our compromise was that I was cold and she was hot). I've signed up for Redemption '07, will be stewarding again (it does remove the indecision on which panel to go to when they all look equally interesting), and even came up with an idea for a panel to run. Oh dear.

Here follows a fairly lengthy report, with images.

When we eventually made it (due to slight trauma of locking keys in boot) the first place I went was the dealers room. And did very well - I only bought one book. Then there was the first book panel, at which I picked up a few recommendations. Or would have if I could remember any of them, or had written any of them down. Then I stewarded, dinnered and opening ceremonied before getting bored waiting for the pub quiz to start and wondered off to the alien lifeforms panel. Which was interesting, although wondered off topic into depressing!

The evening was the celidh, which was interesting on carpet, but at least easier than in two inch heels. As I'd woken up at the usual time that morning (annoyingly, because I didn't need to) I went to bed early, in order to stay up late the other two nights.

Saturday began with talking about slash - which did become something of a theme in the writing panels. Although, for the life of me, I can't remember what we actually discussed. Then the veil dancing workshop offered a chance to get up and do something practical (I can only sit down and listen to/talk in panels for so long). The veils were remarkably easy to get tangled up in, and involved more exercise than it first looked (my arms got quite tired!). It came in handy for recognising moves made by the dancers in the cabaret.

Jason Carter
Then I went to hear Jason Carter talk and found out who he was in Angel (I didn't recognise him, or remember seeing his name in the credits when I saw the episode). He was very interesting and funny. I was quite impressed he remembered the words to Modern Major General (or whatever its called), if not the tune. The fanfic writing styles panel, I suspect probably went a bit off topic, as I can't remember any of it. After that I got to steward the dealers room, so I could see Blakes Junction 7, although not hear it. It was enough to remind me how funny it was though.

I then couldn't decide between two different panels, so I wondered round the Zocalo instead. I was attracted by (and did play) Giant Jenga, which was good fun. Although I ended up late to the next panel because I couldn't leave until we had finished the current game - the tower wasn't getting quite thin in places by then. I also went along to the Beeblebear's picnic - and ended up with a Beeblebear. Admittedly, I have been meaning to buy one for years but could never quite decide what colour to get. I now have a mint coloured one, imaginatively named Minty.

The next panel was discussing how much exposition we need, which went into different sorts of media, and generally agreed that most of it was because the author/producer/writer/whoever was assuming we were all stupid and had the memory of a goldfish. After this I spent some quality time in the bar and had a very nice dinner. Or at least it seemed nice at the time.

The panel on the Star Trek and Blakes 7 Federations was most interesting because someone fell asleep in it (and snored quite loudly!). After that I missed half of the fancy dress and cabaret because something I ate for dinner disagreed with me and I went to bed in order to avoid throwing up. The worrying part was the number of people who remarked on Sunday about how much better I looked!

Sunday had lots of writing workshops going on. The first I went to (well, was late to, 10am seemed quite difficult to manage for some reason!) was about editing fanfiction. There were lots of different ideas at that one. After that was Blakes 7 Fashion - otherwise known as a good excuse to laugh at the costumes. The people doing it were quite organised, as they had a projector and some pictures, which was handy because there were some I'd forgotten (or possibly just blocked out of my memory).

Bender Captain Jack Sparrow Londo Mollari and Rygel XVI Og
Then there was the writing workshop, where we got some interesting stories from people who had turned pro, and others who were hoping to. Then I couldn't miss the Ruler of the Universe hustings. I was impressed by all the candidates - it was really hard to choose just one. The fanfic writing workshop afterwards was smaller than the writing one, so it was quite a nice friendly group It was interesting to hear how different people write, and how many problems seemed to be universal!

I only made it to half the B7 signing workshop, as I had a stewards debriefing. I don't remember half of it, but it was much more interesting to learn words like thief, rebel and psychostrategist, than it would have been to learn ordinary boring words. I stewarded during the closing ceremony, so that was interesting to see from the back.

Then I managed four panels in a row. First was on Tolkien - I realised in that one that I've read very few fantasy books, even though my absolute favourite book is fantasy (Alice in Wonderland). The Egyptian gods panel did turn into something of a general discussion into Stargate, Xena and other historic (and not so historic) gods. Books 3 was nice and small, although I did manage to have the opposite opinion to everyone in it, on every topic, it seemed!

The future of SF and Fantasy was the biggest, but was one of the times it seemed everyone at the con agreed on something (apart from how good it was) - we don't like reality TV! Being the last panel of the con, it overran of course. And could have gone on all night, except the bar was calling. I was relatively hardcore, staying up till 2.30am (even though the bar shut at 11pm!). The time seemed to go so quickly.

I'm not sure how we managed get woken up by the alarm at the same time as previous days, but still not be ready for 11. It takes talent, I think. There were plenty of people hanging around though, so we could put off the con ending for another hour before driving home in the snow (and spending an hour in the coldest Little Chef ever).

The most interesting thing I found about the people there, beyond being able to talk to absolutely anyone, was the variety of different opinions there were on most topics.

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New Year
Sunday 2nd January 2005 1:56 pm

A multi-part post. It's quite long, so it's interspersed with livejournal to make my life a bit easier.

Firstly, the New Years Resolutions.

2004 Resolutions

2005 Resolutions


New Year

On an entirely different note, I have discovered how to make my friends pages have no cut tags (as long as I'm logged in). It makes other peoples friends pages do the same thing and it's great! I don't read my friends page very often, but I do read other peoples (mainly because I can't quite be bothered to put them on my list) but it means I can actually read them!

I'm writing this in Semagic, which is great (I especially like the quick links thing) but I'm still going to have to put it into Blogger to spell check it, send it to lj, then change the links from cut-tags to actually links.

Oh, and happy new year everyone - may your 2005 be better than your 2004.

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