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Saturday 26th September 2009 5:03 pm

I just watched Armstrong and Miller on Jonathan Ross from last night and it's back on 16th October. So there'll be a double dose of Alexander Armstrong on Friday nights and a lot less chance of me not laughing at Mr Smith in SJA.

Rather than talk about how crap I feel today after the fun I had yesterday at work, I thought I'd talk about what DVDs I want to buy. I have trouble with buying DVDs because I constantly tell myself I can't afford them and spend all my money on books instead. Which isn't a bad thing in itself, but does mean that I the list of DVDs I want constantly gets bigger. So six months ago I decided I was allowed to spend up to £10 a month on DVDs. Consequently I now have Red Dwarf I-VI, Doctor Who: The Green Death, The Princess Bride and Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix. And have spent October's budget...

But still, here's what else is on my list: Read more...

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Work and Yuletide
Wednesday 19th November 2008 10:55 pm

My Yuletide fic is up to second draft and 2000 words. I ought to have it finished this weekend. It was helped a lot by my neighbours being surprisingly quiet, although not helped at all by work being stupidly busy. Today was one of those days where every time I started to do something I got interrupted by having to do something more urgent. But I got two projects launched and another should go tomorrow so that'll help a lot. Maybe I'll even get a chance to listen to the SJA audios I bought at the weekend.

I've been watching Lost in Austen courtesy of Lovefilm. I didn't watch it when it was on TV, I think it was because it clashed with something else. I liked the idea of modern girl in Pride and Prejudice, I'm just not that excited about the book. I've never actually read it, but I've seen a couple of adaptations. I think. I have a feeling the only part of the Colin Firth one I've seen is the bit where he comes out of the water. But I am liking Lost in Austen, it's interesting. But only half of it was on one DVD, so it'll be a little while before I get the next part, depending on what Lovefilm decide to give me - you never can be sure with them.

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Thursday 10th July 2008 9:40 pm

I'm so annoyed at Lovefilm being a) shite and b) taking over everywhere, including Amazon.

Before I decided Amazon were the best for DVD rentals I tried out a few free trials. Which I can't do again (despite having more than one email address, moving house and changing credit cards) because Lovefilm have taken over all of them and the ones it hasn't got to it's just a matter of time.

What I liked about Amazon was:

  • You can put all the DVDs on a numbered list so you can decide exactly what order to have them
  • It tells you if you aren't going to get them for a while
  • You get 10% off DVDs you buy

Now I get 5% off DVDs for two years. Whoopee. And Lovefilm does actually tell you if you're not going to get DVDs for a while, it just took me ages to find it and you do need a magnifying glass.

What really annoys me is when it all moved over they explained the system of rating everything High, Medium or Low priority. According to the FAQ this is better. Given that this means that they'll send you a random title from your High list, or if none of them are available a random title from your Medium list, or if none of them are available a random title from your Low list. Whereas Amazon just worked down the list in order. I'm finding it really hard to work out exactly how that's better because as far as I can tell it's worse in every way.

The first I knew that Amazon had actually moved over was I got an email from Lovefilm to say I only had 8 titles on my list. Which was a bit of a worry because I had about 50 when it was at Amazon. It turns out that it counts box sets as one title and will only send them to you in order whether you want them to or not. Which I wouldn't mind if they counted as one title in my monthly quota but that don't. So why count them as that way on the list?

What also didn't help to change my list from 50 to 8 was that they lost some titles on the way. I know they lost the one that was number 2 on my list, I don't remember what else was on there and now isn't. But, I had Sapphire and Steel Assignment 1 at the top of my list for ages and I finally got it just before they changed over. The rest of S&S was available, I just wanted to see the first one first. Which it now turns out was a stupid thing to do because Lovefilm refuse to admit they have the rest.

So, yeah, I'm not a happy bunny.

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The State of Me
Sunday 15th June 2008 6:25 pm

I have just added a few people to my friends list - mostly people from TR or names I've seen often in various places. Friend back, don't friend back, I don't mind. As far as I'm concerned, my LJ friends list is a copy of my RSS Feeds and is just a reading list.

I'm really disliking hayfever season. It's not helped by spending last night in a Barn in a field that was open. I'm currently on medicine, nose spray, eye drops and the maximum dose of my inhaler, but for the past week I haven't been able to lie around in bed after I wake up because I just can't breathe. It does go away a bit during the day, to come back in the evening, but I'm really looking forward to the end of the hayfever season.

I'm really looking forward to Wimbledon now, after the taster that was the Stella Artois semis and finals this weekend. Especially today's between Djokovic and Nadal, which was such a good match. The question is whether any of them can beat Federer, who won in Halle.

After having it on my rental list for months, Amazon have finally sent me the first DVD of Sapphire and Steel. I've had it for a week now and have so far watched none of it. All TV except Doctor Who has finished, but I keep not being in for that and then just don't get round to putting the telly on.

I had such a long list of things to do this weekend that I wrote them down. Then got all the more urgent things done yesterday, but I still have to clean, spring clean, make bread and do some Rotaract stuff. Today I don't seem to have managed much at all.

After the big, long post the other day about roleplaying, I have almost decided to drop Gene and Ian in favour of spending time on Harry & Jo and other non-rp things. Almost.

Although I haven't started any of them yet, I am still taking fic requests. I am already feeling guilty about not thinking about them and refusing to let myself write anything else, so it's sort of working.

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January sales
Thursday 20th December 2007 10:10 pm

Amazon are having their January sales already. I wasn't going to click on any of the links but I was weak. And then discovered they have both series of Life on Mars on DVD for what would cost me £30 for them both, since I have 10% off as I'm on their rentals scheme. Oh, if only I hadn't spent December's budget for that sort of thing. I just need them to still have them on sale after the Christmas holidays. The Big Finish sale, on the other hand, I haven't gone anywhere near out of self preservation (but I do have Peter Purves for my journey home, looking forward to hearing him compete with Tom Baker).

Only 3 hours of work to go, then it's the work Christmas party and then it's my Christmas holidays, since I have Monday off! And I am up for best charity worker in the work Oscars (I only found out when voting), so wish me luck!

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Lunar eclipse and Battlestar Galactica
Sunday 4th March 2007 8:41 pm

As promised, here are photos of the lunar eclipse. It did look a bit red once it was in full eclipse but sadly not bright enough to photograph. It looked really spectacular through binoculars, though.

I've now watched the first four episodes of Battlestar Galactica. I thought the mini-series was really slow and could have done with being ten minutes long. It didn't really improve appreciably. The episode plots are slow, the ones across episodes are even slower. The characters come across as really stupid and I can't bring myself to care about them.

It was all right, and if it was on TV I might give it another go. But the end of the fourth episode was a cliffhanger and I didn't feel any compulsion to see the resolution, which decides that, really. It was an alright program, and I'd watch it if it was on TV, but since it isn't, it's not good enough to make the effort to watch it on DVD.

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Protected: Work
Wednesday 14th February 2007 10:18 pm

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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The leg update
Tuesday 16th January 2007 9:54 pm

I saw my doctor this morning, who poked my leg and told me what it was, which I immediately forgot, as you do. But it was something along the lines of trapping my sciatic nerve sleeping and the reason it hurts more than usual is because something's inflamed. The upshot was that I need to take ibuprofen for two weeks whether it hurts or not.

Not only does it still hurt but my right leg's got in on the act too. Bits of my body do have a tendency to come out in sympathy with each other. My bunny hot water bottle on my back last night was very nice, and lavendery smelling. And I am finding it quite useful to have a spare half of my bed so I can throw it out when it's cold and in my way.

Now I have my bookcases sitting at work. I can't lift them because my hands are too small to get hold of them - so I can't even tell how heavy they are. And I can't drive down to work to pick them up with someone else's help because I can't use my legs. And if I did have them here, they're going to go where I currently have piles of crates - which I can't move because that wouldn't help.

On the plus side, Lovefilm managed to send me The Invasion disk 2 and they are actually posting me Press Gang series 1 disk 1. So we're getting there. Slowly.

Although at work today I had to write a database for such a horrible project that by the time I finished it at 4pm (when admittedly, I could do with a lie-down usually, I don't really do afternoons) my brain had dribbled out of my ears.

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Thursday 11th January 2007 11:30 pm

Lovefilm are really annoying me now. I got sent a thing for a 3 month free trial, so I'm working my way through Press Gang with them. At least, that's the theory. You have to have at least 10 titles on your list and you can rate them at high, medium or low priority. So I bunged all the Press Gang on at high priority and some other stuff at low. The first two discs they sent were series 1 disk 1 and series 4. So I watch the first seven episodes and sent it back. So they sent series 3. So I sent them both back and am about to get series 2 disk 1 and Doctor Who: The Invasion disk 1. Which I'd quite like to see but the question is, would they ever send me disk 2? So I'll keep sending them discs back, until eventually, I get the next one. Could take the whole three months at this rate.

Amazon are much better though. I just got Dark Season through them and it's interesting, yet weird so far. And currently no sign of Jacqueline Pearce, who I noticed was in it. I completely failed to notice that Kate Winslett was higher up the cast list...

I had a TV watching night tonight. There was The Avengers, which I haven't seen for a while. I'd forgotten how good it is. There was a fair bit of Emma Peel running round a house, trying to work out what's going, with nothing to tell you how she feels about it except for Diana Rigg's acting. Which was fabulous. And Steed rides to her rescue, only to discover she's done it on her own 🙂

There was also Stargate, suitably loud. It's a tradition. And there was Colin & Justin, which wasn't as funny as usual, but they obviously still have no idea what the word 'budget' means. I failed to notice Mock the Week was back, but since it's repeated on Saturday, I'll tape the repeat instead.

Then I saw the first episode of Murder in Suburbia. Which was quite weird because I didn't start watching until series 2 (are they ever going to do any more?) when it was well established that Ash fancied their boss (who I'm sure has a name), it was just a question of whether he fancied her back. And whether she'd ever stop embarrassing herself over him. The murder stuff was interesting as well. I do like my cop shows.

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New Who DVD help
Sunday 12th November 2006 8:32 pm

I've been doing the monthly back-up of my computer and since The Bill finished before it did (OMG so exciting - even the camera got splattered with blood! Although I can't decide whether Roach & Galloway with guns is more scary than the fact that Roach had had at least one pint by then) so I thought I'd take a look at some of the extras on the Doctor Who series 1 DVD I had finally got round to buying.

So I thought I'd watch the one mentioning Captain Jack, which was on Disk 4. After about three hours of exciting menu animations and I'd died of boredom, I finally got to a menu. They have a cunning design with one TV screen on the tardis console where you can see episodes, play all or select scenes, and another TV with the special features and set-up (which presumably gets you to the commentaries). Only trouble is that I pressed every single button on my remote and nothing I did got me to the second TV. I could do it on the computer because you just click on the mouse on the relevant link but surely the extras aren't only available that way?

I was feeling tempted to buy the series 2 DVDs but not any more.

Does anyone know what the secret key press is to get to the extras?

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Wednesday 25th October 2006 8:04 pm

It's all go here. First my microfilter (splitter) doesn't work, so I can call people while being on the internet (people can call me, though) so I need to research to work out where get a new one at a decent price.

Then I went to Tescos this evening and the car stalled constantly. When I phoned dad he said he had that as an intermittent problem when it rained and he found the solution was to press the brake and the accelerator at the same time. And no-one could work out what the problem was. I'm having enough issues getting to grips with the choke and the actual driving, without this as well. So tomorrow I'm going to be calling a friend of mine's dad, who's a mechanic, see if he can help.

Is it the Christmas holidays yet?

My Tesco value DVD player arrived today, and it seems to work ok. It's not as nice as my old one but since my old one seems to be going, at least this one works. And I do have two on my computer as well. I finished off Fourth Doctor and Leela story Robots of Death, which I really enjoyed. I want to see more of Leela, although I now seem to have done all her stories on DVD. I was quite surprised to see Brian Croucher in it. I already knew it was written by Chris Boucher, so I was looking forward to it.

Edit: The minute I posted this dad found a microfilter on amazon. Oh, what an excuse to buy some books.

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Various lazinesses
Sunday 22nd October 2006 2:14 pm

Yesterday felt really short because I lazed around in bed (for a change, specially on a Saturday!) and then had to go out to our Barn Dance. My left leg no longer works, possibly from all the driving I've done this week. I might have to adjust the chair back and play about with the cushions.

I have worked on my SJ ficathon fic and it is now done. Apart from the beta. I got quite annoyed yesterday morning at my landlady's boyfriend being in and therefore watching crap on TV at high volume, until I discovered John Barrowman was on Jonathan Ross on Radio 2.

I had intended to change my mobile network to Tesco, as they're cheaper. But not only will they not let me buy it online but when I phone them they let me through the button pressing bit, leave it ringing for ages then cut me off. I wasn't 100% happy about having a network that's really a food shop, and Orange does have some extras, so I took it as a sign. I now have a cunning plan to top up my phone at Tescos and get a voucher for petrol (assuming they're still doing that) and then buy petrol. For the first time ever.

I have just bought a DVD player from them, though. My dad bought my grandmother one, as it's just under £20 (my DVD player was £120!). The Tescos one is just as good as my current one (I think, without checking). But hopefully not dying - it tends to pixellate DVDs until you stop them and start again, and tends to make funny noises that can't be a good sign.

I've also written some more Who OTP drabbles lately, that I haven't linked to on here: Martha/Harry, Four/Sarah, Nine/Sarah, Sarah/Duke Giuliano, Sarah/Bessie, Sarah/Giles, Sarah/Harriet Jones, Sarah/Three/Five, Sarah/Sonic Screwdriver, Sarah/One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/Nine/Ten with girl!Doctor.

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Emails, Rotaract and TV
Wednesday 2nd August 2006 7:26 pm

I've been trying to keep on top of my emails this week, yet they never seem to go down much. There's a few people I've been meaning to email for months and still haven't got round to.

I was going to say that I've done Rotaract stuff every night this week but since last night's consisted of going down the pub, that probably doesn't count.

I have spent most of the day keeping up with a thread on sarahjane_fic about a rumour for a Sarah Jane spin-off that was in the Outpost Gallifrey news feed this morning, so that kept the day interesting. I do seem to be working my way through friending most of the members of the comm, though, which I'm trying to keep down because otherwise my Feeds list just gets out of hand.

Tonight, though, I am having a TV night. With emailing and Rotaract stuff in between. Tonight they're repeating the first part of Three Men in a Boat that I didn't see the first time round. The second part I watched because they went through the town I live in. It's almost appropriate it's being repeated because in the book the only disease he doesn't diagnose himself with is housemaid's knee, and mine is playing up at the moment for no particular reason, and really isn't liking stairs.

I remember in an interview Tom Baker said he hated having to kneel down to K9 because he didn't want to get housemaid's knee. Which leads me nicely into the other thing I'm watching tonight which is the Hand of Fear DVD commentary, in my amazon rentals 'due out on 25th July month'. The other two DVDs in the month are Drop the Dead Donkey series 4, the first one of which turned out to feature the one episode I remember - where Dave pretends to be Helen's girlfriend because she doesn't want to tell them she's gay. But now because I've seen earlier stuff, and in order, I know what else is going on because Dave is in love with Helen.

I was thinking at some point this week I might do some writing. Um, maybe tomorrow.

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What I’ve done this weekend
Sunday 11th June 2006 8:49 pm

I have a tendency to save things up for the weekend but this week I was good. I realised, though, this meant there was nothing I needed to get done. Which was nice. So I've read lots and watched lots, and remembered I hadn't listened to Monday's ISIHAC.

Apart from that, I went to Tescos while the football was on and it wasn't empty, which was annoying. I went to Henley Ball last night, which was really good fun, except for the cold soup and the warm fruit salad. Then I had a driving lesson, which wasn't too bad in the end but still quite scary. I'm not used to cars coming towards me quite so close on the right.

I watched Second Coming. I saw the first ten minutes when it was on before deciding I couldn't be bothered. But since lots of people thought it was good, I gave it another try. It was scary in places and though provoking in others but I could have lived quite happily without seeing it.

On the Doctor Who front I saw Spearhead from Space, which is one of the only two episodes to scare me. It didn't scare me the second time round, though, which probably explains why the Autons in Rose didn't scare me - it's the first time that's important. It did look very 60s though, with the men in thick black framed glasses.

I enjoyed this week's Doctor Who. Not least because it's a two-parter I could just fast-forward through the previously and the beginning titles. I seem to recognise half the cast in the trailer as well. But this two-parter was quite an exciting action thingy with cliffhangery bits. Except for how the Doctor escapes in the end, which I was so hoping wasn't going to happen but knew it would. And we all know the Doctor believes in Rose - or at least he believed in all his companions up to the point in The Curse of Fenric.

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Amazon is bad
Tuesday 25th April 2006 10:46 pm

I've just signed up for amazon DVD rentals and my list has 53 DVDs on it. At 3 a month that's going to last a while. It's probably just as well they don't do book rentals, I can just imagine that length of my list (or actually, I can't, which is worse).

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