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Star Wars TPM
Sunday 31st January 2016 11:31 am

Yesterday I gave into the urge to watch the Star Wars prequels. Or at least, the bits with Ewan McGregor in (I am so behind on his filmography - I'd nearly caught up at one time too). It took me a while to get used to the English accent, but after a while I stopped thinking of it as Ewan McGregor using an accent and thinking that this is how Obi-Wan speaks. And it brought back so many memories - it was my first big fandom and first slash fandom. Read more...

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The day today
Sunday 4th November 2007 10:52 pm

I decided today to go to Tesco in Abingdon, since I was about to run out of bread mix and, thanks to Harry Pearce, I needed some chocolate buttons. Since the bridge is closed I went the long way round, in a bit of mist only to find, when I got there that:
a) they've moved things around
b) they labelled their red grapefruit pink (doesn't make it pink, Tescos!)
c) they've got rid of the chocolate buttons. They don't even have a space for them. They were the only place round here that sold them. What am I supposed to do now?

I went back via Sainsburys, which was actually a quicker route, and found that they weren't too keen on the pink grapefruit idea either. Fortunately, I am going to London tomorrow.

I went for a roller skate after lunch. The tennis courts were great for it - slight incline, not too many nets in the way (nets on tennis courts, what a novel idea). The only trouble was that there were leaves all over the place.

After wearing myself out doing that, I lay down and watched Miss Potter. I wanted to see it at the cinema because it had Ewan McGregor in it. Although I was less convinced about his fake moustache in it, even if it was set a hundred years ago. And I'm not a Beatrix Potter fan at all. Even though there are rabbits in it. But I actually really enjoyed the film, I was pleasantly surprised.

I haven't done any writing today at all, but I am hoping I will wake up tomorrow in plenty of time before I have to leave, but not early, so might get some in in the morning. I did watch next week's Spooks and was quite excited that Lance from The Bill was in it. Again.

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Torchwood and Bond
Monday 11th December 2006 10:40 pm

Just been to see Casino Royale and I really enjoyed it. Even though there was no Moneypenny or Q. But I liked the technology in it and the chase sequence at the beginning had me biting my fingernails. I wish Craig Daniel had kept his clothes on more often, though, that was not a pretty sight. But then he's generally not a pretty site. I hope they go back to dark haired handsome men next time. The part I didn't like was when I left and my car was not only steamed up but trying to ice up as well. And the water I left in there nearly froze my tongue off.

I did discover though that Ewan McGregor is in that film about Beatrix Potter. With a dodgy moustache. So I might have to see it. Contrary to all expectations, I don't like Peter Rabbit. I don't know why, so I'm not that excited about seeing a film about her. Or Ewan McGregor in a moustache. But then I saw two Star Wars films with him with long hair, a beard and doing a dodgy accent, so I expect I'll cope. I'm just glad his wife is sensible and prefers him clean-shaven.

I really enjoyed last night's Torchwood. So I was really surprised to read all the posts this morning from people hating it. It was a bit different because it didn't involve most of the Torchwood people but it was an excellent whodunnit. There were some things that didn't quite make sense but it was really interesting. And I'm reliably informed by my dad that the answer is a parabola; I didn't hear the question.

I went to get my post redirected this lunchtime. Which involved queueing in the post office for 10 minutes to get a form, then I joined the back of it again while I filled it in, then handed it in. I almost decided to come back later but it's not going to get better till after Christmas. I took a stack of things into work to phone to tell people I'm moving but only managed my car insurance (which doesn't change price, unlike my house insurance which saves me 64p). I know what I'm doing every lunchtime this week.

And lastly, I posted my entry to the SG Rare Pairings Ficathon: Never Easy, which is Jack/Elizabeth. There looks like being loads of interesting pairings there, I just need to find the time to read them.

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The weekend (plus a couple of days of the week)
Sunday 26th November 2006 8:48 pm

Thursday I had tickets to see the English National Ballet performing Alice in Wonderland. I've never been to the ballet before (I'm amazed at the number of people I know who have) and since I like Alice that seemed like a good combination. I did realise just how many people there were in the strings section, violin is definitely the instrument to learn. I did like the way they used the props with the doors moving about, the table that grew and the massive bottle that swung from the ceiling with a note on it saying 'Drink me'. The actual dancing was boring though. It just seemed like they'd go into a scene, go here are some characters, thean randomly dance around for ages after I'd got bored. It probably doesn't help that half the appeal of Alice is in the words but all the dancing just seemed to consist of spinning and jumping, and how is that interesting?

The evening didn't start off well because I was talking to someone at work about work, so was late for the bus the one time it was on time. So I was planning to go to Borders and The Noodle Bar as I know I can eat there. I did try to get some beans and jacket potato but that meant relying on Waitrose for some decent potatoes, which was a bit of a vain hope. Instead I got Chinese from the new take-away, which turned out to be a bad idea because they put some disgusting sauce on their chicken and cashew nuts, which I discovered on Friday, had wheat/gluten in.

I went to work Friday morning anyway as there was work to do, but I didn't attempt breakfast. I went home not long after lunch once I'd pretty much done everything. Just that morning Doctor Who series 2 arrived, so I opened that up and watched the Deleted Scenes and Outtakes. It was just as well I'd already asked how to get to this stuff on the series 1 disks, since these had the same menus and I couldn't be bothered to plug my DVD writer in. Then I watched the School Reunion commentary, which did have a bit of David Tennant squee, and Julie Gardner complaining about how good Lis Sladen looked.

This weekend I went to Emma's. I definitely don't want to get the bus to Reading anymore cos it's horrendously busy. As was the train station. And I'm still annoyed I couldn't get a return - why can't you get a non-day return for somewhere close to, it doesn't make sense. We watched The Pillow Book which had a fair bit of Ewan McGregor naked in it, but was in general a very weird film. We discovered Sainsburys shut at 8pm on a Saturday, which is just not on when you need chocolate at 8.30.

We also went for a bit of Moulin Rouge and watched half a dozen episodes of Smallville, finishing off series 5, which was rather like torture. They rip off films, hit you over the head with the plot and you need a sick bucket for most scenes with Lana in. It all ended on a cliffhanger, but frankly, I don't care any more. I only watched it till the end cos I wanted to get to a good point to stop.

I have posted the latest chapter of Doctor Who: The Soap Opera but mostly I just really, really need to sleep.

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And there’s still another day of weekend left
Sunday 28th May 2006 8:23 pm

I was going to write about one thing but then a whole load of other things crept in too...

Yesterday I went to Dangercon. Well, technically I did, since I gave them money and wore a sticker with my name on it. What I actually did was sit around in the bar, drink, talk, tried not to fall asleep (due to waking up at 3am the night before and not being able to get back to sleep for ages coupled with waking up again at 7am and really not being able to get back to sleep), and tried not to watch Doctor Who (as there was no sound for the first 15mins and it competed with the music for the last 30). But it was good fun.

Also, all the tubes I wanted to get were actually running, I bought up the sausages and soup cubes in Sainsburys in Whitechapel, and I made a new record in finding the pub that was 5 mins walk away in only 15. And I spent half of that trying to get out of London Bridge tube station.

This morning I rather annoyingly woke up at 6.15 and didn't think I got back to sleep again, but since I haven't fallen asleep yet I must have done. I also pegged my washing out and didn't make it rain!

I listened to the second half of not-the-latest-anymore Seventh Doctor Big Finish audio, Night Thoughts. There was some interesting stuff between the Doctor & Ace & Hex. I'm still really confused about why she's now back to being called Ace again. But there was a bit near the end where the Doctor had to kill a girl to save time, or something like that (which is simplifying the situation a lot, otherwise I'd have to explain the whole plot). And I was absolutely convinced he was going to do it.

Last night's Doctor Who was quite fun. Except that I sat down to watch it and five minutes in, just after the beginning credits, my dad messages me to ask me if I've watched Confidential because he thought it looked like they were writing scripts on typewriters. Which I didn't notice when I did watch it but either way I'm not convinced he's on this planet, half the time.

I've also watched a load of second series Drop the Dead Donkey this week. Even though it was broadcast in 1991, if you just change the names the politics really hasn't changed that much and is just as funny. And one episode had the guy who played the DCI in Life on Mars. And one of the writers discussed that he demonstrated it's possible to do a joke where Alex staples a piece of paper to Dave's chest, by stapling a piece of paper to his thigh. Neil Pearson got to wear padding for the real thing, which hurt less, apparently.

Ewan McGregor was on Top Gear. He was quite funny. And I noticed when he swore, while driving this car round their track, they not only edited the sound but the picture as well! I laughed so hard I was crying when the two guys drove the car Jeremy Clarkson had interior designed it was so funny. It's repeated at 7pm Tuesday if anyone missed it.

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Midweek pick-me-up
Wednesday 14th December 2005 9:48 pm

There must be something going round at the moment because two people on my friends list have posted pictures of Ewan McGregor. So, because it's such a hardship, I thought I'd get in on the act. The hotness is behind the cut because too much in one go melts your screen.

(Just working out what category to put this post in, and oh look, there's one specially for the man himself).


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Ewan McGregor
Monday 25th July 2005 9:27 pm

Ah, Ewan McGregor. But he was Saturday night, so first I should talk about Saturday in the day when I went to see the Hitchhiker's exhibition in the Science Museum. It was handily free last weekend. I was quite impressed by the exhibits and they way they were arranged. Although the Vogons are still not green. Although I noticed some of the drawings of the Vogon ships were yellow.

Anyway, most of the information boards in there either printed bits of the Guide, which I know anyway, or the real science involved, which I also know. What was good, though, was seeing the little things they'd put in there that are in the book or radio series but not in the film.

The best part was that you come out near a different set of stairs to the way you go in and they had the clock there. Which is the only thing I remember from the first time I ever went to London - we went to the Science Museum for an hour before there was a bomb scare (of the IRA variety). The clock tells the time using a pendulum with a very long string and is just very cool.

Guys and Dolls actually turned out to be a good play, once it got going. One of the leads was played by an understudy that evening, one of the others was Ewan McGregor, one of the others was in Ally McBeal, and the other I'm sure I recognise from somewhere but can't work out where. I did remember to take my binoculars so I could spend time studying Ewan McGregor (and some of the other cast as well). Although there were times I couldn't because you really needed to see what was going on on the rest of the stage.

The part where we were cringing and dying of embarrassment on behalf of the cast was when Ewan McGregor first came on stage and a few people clapped. Which I just thought was uncalled for and rude to the rest of the cast. Apart from that I really enjoyed it. I'd like to go to the theatre more often, but it's quite expensive.

Tonight I was watching a Doctor Who quite happily and one of the cast was really bugging me because he looked familiar. I had just about convinced myself this was because the science lab looked like it was straight out of Blakes 7 then I realised I'd noticed some time before that this was the episode with Simon Rouse and Jeff Stewart in. I know it was first aired in 1982 but Simon Rouse looks so young! (No sign of Jeff Stewart as yet) There was a bit at the end, though, where he shouted and that was definitely Jack. I know Graham Cole was a Cyberman but I must found out how many other Bill cast have been in it, it could be interested to see them looking younger. Incidentally, the episode I'm watching now is Kinda, and I'm looking forward to the other three episodes now.

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Fry an egg on a car
Friday 8th August 2003 11:23 pm

I got an e-mail this morning with Star Wars news in it, including a link, the content of which was:

What would you do with a full size ultra-realistic Ewan McGregor doll?

Hmm, now, let me think...

I watched The Bill on UK Gold yesterday and it always amazes me just how much better it used to be. It has reached the point now where I can't watch it without doing something else at the same time, otherwise I get bored. Whereas the older one I could, even though I'd seen it before. I didn't remember whodunnit (as it were) but it was at least all about the crime (and Twiglet looked so young!). There were a couple of crimes in last night's but none in any great detail and we did have to endure Cathy. I think Romani (sp?) has her number though. Which is good, I look forward to her leaving. Now could we just stop this stupid Jim & June stuff now please?

I'd forgotten I set the video for Red Dwarf until it came on last night. So I watched it earlier. It wasn't as if I hadn'd seen it before or could recite the script but it constantly amazes me how good it is. Well, was but let's stick to pre-VII here. It is a comedy so it makes you laugh and makes you feel happier. Always a good thing. It almost makes me want to get all my videos from home and watch them all at one a day or something. I need the DVDs to get cheaper. And the film to be made! Although it seems to be taking on a slightly mythical quality of the Hitch-hiker's film, new Blakes 7 or new Quantum Leap.

The latest Wobblevision has a Liberator made out of mini rolls, which is quite cool.

The Guardian tried to fry an egg in London. I'd love to try it but since apparently the best way to do it is to use the bonnet of a dark coloured car rather than the pavement, I'd need to know someone with a dark car. And be there in the middle of the day when it is hottest as well. There are times when I'm really glad I don't live in London and don't have to use the tube (not looking forward to going two stops tomorrow, but at least it's on the new bit of the Jubilee line which isn't quite so bad).

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