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Dizzy (again)
Sunday 8th May 2016 2:54 pm

I got lots of things done over the long weekend, including actually doing some writing, which is more than I managed in the whole of April. So I was feeling in a good getting things done mode. And then Tuesday I woke up feeling dizzy. So that's May gone, pretty much.

Fortunately I've been well enough to read and watch TV (as long as it doesn't move too much), so I have:

  • Watched all of series 5 of Game of Thrones and the two episodes of series 6 that have been broadcast so far. I have never been so up-to-date with it. I even avoided all spoilers for series 5 until a couple of weeks ago, when series 6 started and there was a mention of someone who died at the end of series 5.
  • Watched a whole lot of Co-Optitude on youtube. It's Felicia Day and her brother Ryon playing video games that are either co-operative or versus each other. It doesn't sound that interesting, but it is because a) they're terrible at all of them and b) they spend their time annoying each other (as siblings do). I really want to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes now.
  • Watched half an episode of The Casual Vacancy and then deleted all three of them
  • Discovered one of the three remaining episodes of the last series of Midsomer Murders is something else. So that's one less thing to watch
  • Read a series of three books that I'd kept in my parents loft for some reason and I'd forgotten ever existed: the Sisters series by Marilyn Kaye. Each book focuses on each of the four sisters. Except I just have the ones about the second and fourth sisters, then the fifth book, which is also about the fourth sister. They were easy reading, if nothing else.
  • Got my Not Prime Time assignment and worked out what I'm going to write. I just need to get the energy to write it (looking at computers makes me dizzy)
  • Voted! The only time I've been out of the house in the last week and enjoyed the nice weather. And walked very slowly.

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Thursday 16th January 2014 8:42 pm

I know I have comments to reply to, loads of posts I have starred in my RSS reader, and Fandom Snowflake days I want to do. But I came over dizzy on Saturday night and am still recovering. I am at least now well enough to be really bored and frustrated at not being able to do anything - or I can at least start something that involves sitting down and end up having to lie down before I finish it.

On the plus side, I have re-watched all but the last episode of The House of Eliott, thanks to the BBC for putting it on YouTube and [info]lost_spook for telling me it was there. I'll probably have a whole post about it when I'm well enough, but for now it's perfect because it doesn't move much and it doesn't require much brain. It's a bit longer than I can concentrate for, but it doesn't require me to watch a whole episode in one sitting (or lying) anyway.

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Christmas dinners
Sunday 22nd December 2013 3:58 pm

I've got away lightly with Christmas this year - and most important I haven't had to eat any turkey! The Rotary Christmas dinner involved salmon (which tasted odd), boiled potatoes (ditto), roast potatoes (they were fine), parsnips (yay!), carrots (which also tasted odd, but in their case made them much less disgusting) and sprouts pureed with crème fraiche (and there I was thinking sprouts couldn't be made worse - I didn't have any obviously). And there were crackers, but that was the only Christmassy thing really.

Then there was our work Christmas do. A couple of people had Christmas songs on in the office, which I'm hoping they won't repeat on Tuesday. Then dinner was sausage and pasta or potatoes, so I had steak instead. I had to wait while the bloke cooked it and because it took a while (funnily enough) so he said he'd bring it out to me. Bearing in mind that I couldn't have the pasta due to a wheat intolerance, he also put a roll and butter on the plate. I went back for some potatoes and he told me there was flour in the gravy (so I had the potatoes anyway, as my wheat intolerance is quite tolerant). I don't really know how no pasta and no gravy means bread is ok? He also put some pasta salad on the plate and I saw the label that described it as creamy, so I scraped it off on the basis it might have milk in and I didn't trust him at all by that point.

The potatoes also tasted odd (what are people doing to them?) and he'd cooked the steak so that the outside burnt and the inside didn't cook, so it was dry and burnt by the time I got it 🙁 And there was in general not much food. Everyone else could go to the crepe van and fill themselves up, I was glad I took a snack with me. The cat that wanders round (and appears by the main doors at hometime) was around the crepe van, getting stroked and looking up at the crepe van hopefully.

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Scientifically accurate nativity
Wednesday 18th December 2013 8:25 pm

I liked this post about the scientific inaccuracies in the nativity. It actually went up a week ago, but events overtook me somewhat last Wednesday (the smell's still not gone, incidentally, but it is at least going).

What always got me about the whole thing was the Virgin Mary. Accepting that she got pregnant without having sex, then sometime after that she must have married Joseph. In which case there was nothing to stop them having sex. Or even before then - it wasn't like she was going to get pregnant again. In which case she's not a virgin, so calling her the Virgin Mary is inaccurate.

The one thing I didn't like in the article was the mention of Anakin Skywalker being conceived by the midichlorians. I can see why people got that, but his mother only says that he doesn't have a father. Which is what any mother would say if the father wasn't involved in her child's life and she probably hadn't seen him since the conception. It doesn't mean there never was one, just that he's not important.

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A bit calmer
Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:28 pm

Things have calmed down a bit now - I've spent the weekend mostly catching up on my viewing (I'm down to Lewis and Midsomer Murders). Although I didn't achieve all the things I wanted to do this weekend (mainly cleaning the house) because I just didn't have the energy after the last couple of weeks. I'll just have to live in a dirty house for another week.

I did play with the telly, though. The manual being quite rubbish, I really did have to play. I can now watch the iPlayer on it and watch videos from my computer. So I can now do everything I could before with my netbook plugging into the TV, just without plugging it into the TV. Which is just as well, as there's no socket for it.

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Blogs and interesting RSS Feeds
Monday 19th November 2012 8:56 pm

I thought I'd list some of the interesting/funny blogs and other feeds I follow. Read more...

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Don’t buy anything from Muji Online
Tuesday 3rd April 2012 8:36 pm

This story goes back to November and was a lot of the reason I was stressed in February. The short version is don't buy from Muji Online, they will steal your money. The long version is longer. Read more...

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Saturday 24th September 2011 11:10 am

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day. First I discovered I had a hole in the knee of my jeans. Last time my jeans all went holey I had to have my sister drag me round all the clothes shops to try on all the jeans to establish that only New Look's jeans fit me. Amazingly, I found some that are ordinary (I can't wear hipsters because belts are really uncomfortable because they pull all the fabric to the front, and can't wear flares/boot cut because I need them to stop at my shoes so I don't walk on them). So I bought two pairs, which I had to do online because the shop only has long and extra long leg lengths. If you want slightly long, you have to buy them online.

So as I bought two at once, that means if one's gone, the other's going to go too. And do New Look still do the same style of jeans? Of course not. And, at least according to the website, all their jeans are £20, which is twice what I'm prepared to pay for jeans. Which means I now need to find some jeans (and buy about six pairs this time when I find some). What I really need are children's jeans, because they fit properly, but it's impossible to find some that aren't cool or girly.

And then in the afternoon we had team building exercise, which involved making chocolate. Well, that was my contribution to the creating a chocolate brand (no one in my team would let me create an evil brand). So I spent the entire afternoon with chocolate around the room and on the table. It would have been so easy just to eat some, but I couldn't. I was so hungry by the time I left and could still taste chocolate when I went to bed. I'm halfway through my everything + sugar free diet and I haven't ever wanted chocolate as much as I did yesterday.

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Funny stuff
Friday 4th June 2010 9:20 pm

I thought that posting about some of the funny RSS feeds and twitter feeds I've been looking at recently would be fun. Read more...

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Time Travellers Forum
Saturday 17th May 2008 12:39 pm

This was linked on New Scientist of all places: Wikihistory

It's page 263 of a (fake) forum called International Association of Time Travelers: Members' Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War. It's funny and rather a lot like forums are...

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What I did at the weekend
Monday 31st March 2008 9:32 pm

Saturday I went to Birmingham to meet up with a friend and go to Memorabilia. I bought four books - I was limiting my spending to books, so that was good. What wasn't so good was when we went into town afterwards and I bought a discounted remote controlled K9...

Anyway, there I saw the likes of John Billingsley, Deborah Watling and Lisa Bowerman and some Spitting Image puppets.

I went and got Lisa Bowerman's autograph. I knew she was there but thought to myself I didn't have anything for her to sign. No, just the Survival DVD cover and all those Benny CDs and books. Nope, nothing at all then. But it costs the same regardless of whether you have something to sign or use one of their pictures, so at least this way I got a free picture. She only had one that was her rather than her in a cheetah outfit. She said lots of people try to tell her they recognise her from that, which she said was mad because they couldn't possibly tell.

Davros had a Casualty DVD from when she was in it a long time ago. So then they discussed how much it had changed and she helped him put the DVD back in the box as they discussed how difficult it is to do because they don't make them big enough. She's been in Casualty more recently too and she sent them her CV, but they clearly didn't look at it because they asked her all sorts of questions about whether she knew what it was like and whether she'd seen it!

It was nice that there was no queue so there was plenty of time to stand and chat. I've only just remembered that she was in Spooks too (briefly) and I should have asked her about that.

After a day spent on my feet I then got up early (well, it was early by GMT at least) to go and help out at the World Pooh Sticks Championships. I got to direct traffic, and people for a few hours. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was sit down and eat lunch - I didn't eat until 3pm which is late in any time zone. I just threw all my stuff down and didn't worry about most of it until this morning.

I noticed last night that my keys weren't in their usual place on my bedside table, but I didn't worry about it because I'd probably left them in my coat pockets. This morning I put my coat on and my keys weren't in there. I spent a couple of minutes frantically searching my untidy lounge and checking the outside of my door just in case but they were nowhere to be found. You can't get in the house without them, so I knew there was in the house somewhere.

Since I was going to be late for work I dug out my spare keys and decided to worry about it later. When I got home I had my spare keys in my hand and wondered where to put them temporarily, as I'd put them back in my bag when I found my other keys. I came into the lounge, saw the top of the shelf nearest the door where my doorbell lives and considered there briefly before I realised I was in fact looking at my keys. I just wasn't looking high enough this morning...

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Anyone got any spare millions?
Wednesday 23rd January 2008 1:09 pm

I love looking at houses for sale or rent on websites and seeing photos of the inside, to see what they look like. But, following on from the programme about Sandbanks last week and how expensive the houses are, I found the one I want. Only four bedrooms according to this page, or five according to another listing, it also has an indoor swimming pool, fantastic views and looks really nice. And I particularly love the entrance hall with its two sweeping staircases. Only drawback: it's just under £8million.

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I’m having one of those weeks
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 10:11 pm

I'm clearly having one of those weeks. Yesterday I had pasta with some pasta sauce free from work. I'd got four of them, one I'd liked and one I hadn't, I thought the one I used was the one I liked. But I had one mouthful and it felt like it had chilli in it, which I'm allergic and intolerant to. So I checked the ingredients on the pot and chilli wasn't on there. So although I haven't eaten anything spicy for a while, I have in the past, and I hated it to go to waste so I carried on eating. I didn't get very far, though, before it was just too painful and I stopped. It was just as well I did, though, because an hour later I felt ill. So the ingredient on there that was the spice was either another word for chilli or related to it in some way. I won't be doing that again.

Tonight, I thought, had to go better. Except when I turned my computer on something crashed and I had to restart before I could even do anything. But when I went to connect to the internet my dial-up connection had forgotten my username and password. Which was a pain, but I knew where I'd written it down. Or at least, I knew it was in a pink folder and I knew where I lived before I moved...

Eventually I tracked the folder down and found that I had my old username and password in there (I had to change them when I moved). And nowhere could I find that I'd written the new one down. I knew that I didn't have the new ones in Outlook Express, but since mypipex requires logging in, I knew it would be in Firefox/Roboform. Except I hadn't been there since I moved...

Looking through my archived emails turned up my username, but no password. So I rang the number I found in there and was on hold for fifteen minutes (at least it's an 0845 number, come February it will be an 087 number). I was asked a whole load of security questions and the bloke I spoke to gave me my password, which did ring a bell. And then I found out I needed the bit after the @ for my username too. So I got online in time to go out.

When I got back I was thinking that all of this is because the letter with my details in when I got connected is in a safe place. At which point I remembered where my safe place is: the only place in the whole house with any paper that I didn't look. 30 seconds later I had my username and password. Typical. At least now I have it in multiple places.

So I've not really got much done this week so far...

But for everyone having a bad week, some legal youtube videos: Armstrong & Miller's WWII RAF men from the BBC, who can probably be best described as posh chavs. Random.
RAF Airmen do Fashion
RAF Airmen Stuck Up a Tree
RAF Airman Up in a Plane
RAF Airmen at Hospital
RAF Airmen Captured

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Something to make you laugh
Wednesday 28th November 2007 11:01 pm

I do like these spoof tube announcements, by the woman who does the real thing. The American tourists and suduko ones especially.

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Silly stuff
Wednesday 21st November 2007 9:59 pm

Look at all these things you can plug into your (non-existent) spare USB port. I do like that you can get a USB hoover.

I can't go on a gadget site and not look through all the gadgets. I love the Jobsworth cards because they're so true!

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Some links
Saturday 19th May 2007 8:19 pm

I sorted out my bookmarks the other day and realised there's some cool stuff I've seen linked elsewhere and I haven't mentioned here. So now I will. Although I can't remember where I saw them all.

They Fight Crime! - crazy they fight crime duos. Such as:

He's an oversexed gay hairdresser with a passion for fast cars. She's a mistrustful tomboy mermaid with a song in her heart and a spring in her step. They fight crime!

1-click Award - shows you what really moves your mouse around

Star Wars toys that never made it - such as the smouldering corpses of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen.

And a couple of useful ones from tonight's Doctor Who:

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Building houses in Romania
Tuesday 20th February 2007 9:45 pm

I meant to post about this yesterday but I was busy getting annoyed at youtube instead. I went through finding good stuff I had bookmarked and added it to my favourites, but no-one else can see it. Which is a bit crap. I'll quickly mention College Sage though, which is a very funny game parody.

I got the stuff through yesterday morning confirming I am going to Romania in June with Habitat for Humanity to build a house. Which is exciting and scary. I keep thinking of silly things I need to do, like buy some cheap small t-shirts, as it'll be hot there and that way it doesn't matter if they end up horrid. They did make it look, in the stuff, like I'd need a visa, but fortunately Romania joined the EU last month, so as dad pointed out, I can also live and vote there if I wanted.

Only thing now is I have to find £700 of my own money to pay for flights and stuff. The first half of this year is going to be really expensive, I'm going to have to be frugal later in the year. But I also have to fundraise £350. I do have a few things I can do. I am planning to do a sort of sponsored drabble writing thing, but more on that after I get back from America. But if anyone has any ideas for anything sponsored I can do, specially if it's slightly unusual.

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News! and Links!
Tuesday 12th December 2006 7:57 pm

If there's anyone who hasn't heard about it by now, the story of theVerizon employees and their inability to do basic maths: starts here. There was briefly a Wikipedia entry about a new form of maths called Verizonmaths but unsurprsingly it's not making them look good and it's been taken down.

Torchwood has a second series, on BBC2 this time.

Most excitingly, I think, Blakes 7 is getting a radio series. It's slightly surreal because I was talking about this with someone at the District Christmas party on Saturday. I can't decide whether to be excited about new Blakes 7 (there are some interesting people in it, like Craig Kelly and India Fisher). I just don't know if it'll be the same with new actors. But the Cult of Blakes 7 is on in half an hour, so I'm sure that'll help.

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Thursday 12th October 2006 7:52 pm

I am so tired. Because of ZoneAlarm I didn't go to bed till late Sunday night. And Tuesday I thought I'd get an early night but ended up finishing off the second draft of my ficathon piece instead. (It's now 7000 words, but definitely going go get longer because I'm still not happy with large parts of it). And last night I had a Rotaract Exec meeting, so didn't get back till late - and then I just fell into bed when I did. Tomorrow night my sister's invited me to hers for a girly party with DVDs, so that won't be an early night. And we're following it up by swimming on Saturday morning.

I think she is doing me pizza, so not quite sure how that's going to turn out or where she's got stuff from. The funniest part was her text message where she said to bring DVDs. Somehow I don't think she'll appreciate mind all that much.

So tonight I'm having a relaxing TV watching night. Tonight's Avengers was great, and kept you guessing up till the end. It was well acted by Patrick Macnee as well. Then in a bit there's a thing about the Chanukah story and then there's Mock the Week, which seems to be a cross of Have I Got News For You and Whose Line is it Anyway. And is very funny.

I also need to finish off the Serenity extras (didn't like the film as much as the series) so I can get The Sontaran Experiment next. Speaking of which, Doctor Who Magazine has a list of who is doing the commentaries on the series 2 DVDs and Elisabeth Sladen isn't in the School Reunion one 🙁 They did also say that Torchwood is 22nd October, which is the second to last rumour I heard. The Radio Times website has To be announced in its slot, so could be right. The official website is up but they've labelled their links in a 'clever' way and I can't be arsed to work out what they might mean, so no idea what's on it or whether it's up to much (navigation notwithstanding). Note to me to remember later and Sel when you read this: this would be a good thing for the panel, esp as a way to really piss me off.

From llin, a very cool toy: Radiophonatron. And Habitat for Humanity has announced their 2007 dates, and I really want to go to the Romanian one in June. I just need to think of a way of raising at least £350. Anyone any ideas?

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Friday 7th July 2006 8:11 pm

Some links to begin with:

419 Eater - This is a guy who scammed the scammers and a record of the emails they exchanged.

In yesterday's Guardian, Sophie Aldred had a little column: Time travel for beginners. However, the big new spoiler is in the first paragraph and links to similar stories at the bottom includes the not-quite-so-new-any-more spoiler. The non-spoilery bit in the middle I've copy and pasted to the Ace comm

My dad's obviously really busy now he's retired and he sent me a link to that very dangerous website whose tagline is completely true - it's full of stuff I really want but don't actually need. This is a USB missile launcher and there are even videos of it in action.

My gupi has once again proved it's a boy. For some reason it kept on crying and refusing to walk anywhere no matter how much I stroked it or plugged it into the mains to recharge it. Turns out he was really unhappy and wanted me to stroke him while he had his carrot in his mouth. Hmm. Anyway, now he is perfectly happy and running into things and laughing again. I will bring him to the windmill.

I really enjoyed the Baghdatis/Nadal match today. It was great when I got home and watched it. I've not really watched much tennis this fortnight, mostly I've listened to it on the radio, which isn't that unusual. This evening they really annoyed me at one point whenever Baghdatis won a point they showed his family up in the players box celebrating. Who cares? Not me, I'm watching the tennis. They do have an annoying tendency to show really weird angles so you can't see what's going on and a couple of times when Nadal was actually about to serve, rather than just pissing about, as he does, they showed a very close up of Baghdatis. And what's the point of that?

On the plus side, the Radio 5 commentators are much better than the TV ones, not least because they don't include John MacEnroe or Virginia Wade. I'm really looking forward to going there on Sunday, just as long as we can get a place on Henman Hill (we have Court 1 tickets and frankly, I'd rather see the men's final).

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