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Blummin’ Microsoft
Friday 25th June 2004 10:12 pm

I found out today I have 1.83GB of temporary files on my computer. Which, with my 80GB hard drive, isn't a terribly high percentage. I'm just getting used to that but my old computer only had 6GB - now 2/6 is a very big number! I'm quite impressed, that although I have just under half the number of temp files than dad, they take up just over more than twice the space 🙂

What does annoy me though, that where these temp files are is the default setting for where Outlook Express wants to save it's attachments. I haven't bothered changing it having heard about dad's efforts to do the same (it's not quite as ridiculous a place as Trillian wants to save its files as well).

I accidentally saved one there once (it is so complicated to do and I'm always wanting to press the buttons in the wrong order) and I couldn't work out what I couldn't find it. Turns out it was hidden. I thought hiding the Send To was ridiculous, but this just takes the biscuit. Temp files are useless unless they're currently being used, in which case Windows won't let you delete them! Urg.

On the plus side I've gone up to 408th in Fantasy Wimbledon, as of yesterday's matches. I had a few players go out today so I'm not too hopeful. And here's the Fannish Friday 5 because the questions are actually vaguely applicable!

1. What's the most you've paid for membership to a convention?

I think it would be something in the region of �70-80 for the Wolf SG ones. Which, if you factor in the price of the hotel and getting there etc, actually comes to the same amount as it cost me to go to the Isle of Wight for a weekend. So I look on it as a holiday - and how could you define staying in a hotel as not being a holiday?

2. What's the most you've paid for a zine?

I was going to say none at all but them I remembered Judith has written a follow-up to one of her Stargate stories and that one will be �7.95 I think.

3. What's the most you've paid for fan artwork?

Bugger, I thought that was none. But if that Stargate photo thing that everyone has from Expo, that's �14. Which wouldn't be quite so bad if it hadn't gone all funny.

4. What's the most you've paid for one season of a tv series?

That was looking cheap until I realised my Farscape series one or any oft he Babylong 5 seasons must have cost about �50. I'll point out that we are talking about 10-12 videos though (and I certainly didn't spend more than �5 on any one of them).

5. Do you regret any of your fannish spending?

No because there's not that much of it. Not in comparison to say, oh, rent. Or food. Or alcohol. And because I don't spend more money than I have, I'm not that stupid or desperate to have the latest stuff. That's what amazon was invented for 🙂

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New computer and ADSL
Tuesday 18th November 2003 8:07 pm

Maia of Ulmo
You are a Maia of Ulmo, Lord of Waters

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A couple of recs:
History Lessons: The Second Age - it's only just started by, judging by the quality of History Lessons, it's got to be good.
Further to Fly - I'm on a bit of a West Wing kick at the moment and this one is long and good with lots of people having crises.

This weekend I spend just over �2000 on a new computer and various accessories. The computer itself is arriving on Friday, although sadly it's being delivered to my parents house. Which means I won't get to see it until Christmas and won't get to use it much until the end of January. On the plus side I am getting broadband! It only works out as a few quid more a month than I'm paying now and freeserve is really quite amazingly crap. I had 303 ZoneAlarm alerts in half an hour last night and I wasn't even doing anything!

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