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A comparison between driving and guitar playing
Monday 14th August 2006 8:15 pm

The trouble with going away is that I forget how crap the network at work is. Plus our IT guy is away, which is a signal to it to go completely screwy.

On Friday I cut my nails (a sad pre-requisite) and got my guitar out for the first time in a couple of months, I think. This was on the basis that no-one was in to hear how much worse I'd got for not practising, plus I wanted to try and calm down a bit before my driving lesson. The latter worked and after a bit I wasn't too bad. I'm forcing myself to get back into a routine of practising straight after dinner and tonight I was back up to where I was before.

I had a conversation with dad about this at the weekend. I keep thinking that driving should really not be that hard because so many people can do it - and some of them really are complete idiots (most of whom I seem to meet when trying to cross the road). But on the other hand an awful lot of people seem to be able to play the guitar and that's hard. Dad did point out that they've had many years of practise - and if they can't play you don't get to hear them in public. In all fairness, a greater percentage of the population can drive than can play the guitar.

It didn't help that I discovered that I can't play and sing at the same time. Not being able to talk and play at the same time I'm fine with because I could never do that while playing the organ and I learnt that for ten years. But the singing thing is a problem because I can't get enough space to breathe probably. And if I hold the guitar further away from my chest I can't get my hand round enough. I much prefer playing tunes anyway.

I posted the latest part of my longest fic I've written ever last night: Dream a Little Dream part 2

And a meme that I've seen in at least two places this evening:

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