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Monday 20th September 2004 8:34 pm

Behold the LJ cuts! Partly because Blogger keeps complaining about the html (it's probably right but they're horrible to search through). Out of all the memes I've seen going round recently, these had the funniest answers.

Your Political Career

What Kind of God Are You

The Ultimate Farscape AU

The end of last week was bad, mainly due to work. Thursday afternoon we had the company day out (well, afternoon) where we did West African drumming, which was really good fun. There were people who found moving their feet and clapping difficult and they were all impressed that I knew the answer to the question: what does c stand for in the equation e=mc2. Oh dear. I work with arts students. This is not good.

In the evening I had my first Rotaract president's meeting, which was good fun. We established that as a club we all get our weekends booked up quickly. I could have done without it though, because I didn't get home till 10.30 and then was so tired I just fell into bed. And couldn't sleep.

I did get eleven and a half hours Saturday night though. I didn't hear my parents go to bed or get up. And the cat didn't come in till I got up, so he didn't even get to sleep with me (which was probably just as well because I was hot enough on my own as it was). It's almost worrying that the best bit of my weekend was the amount of sleep I got and the warm house I got to have it in...

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