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Friday 25th February 2005 8:11 am

I've discovered the perfect way to catch up on my lj reading - mark everything as unread.

I just wanted to say yay, for I got Estel's Ears through HASA review. With a 7/2 ratio as well. My two declines had nice long reasons why, which was great. They also pretty much agreed with what one of my betas has been saying recently, which is a good thing. And being as I've questioned other people, I should ask this:
Ask me one question - any one - about my writing, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours... (although in my case, it's more if I've asked you, or are going to but haven't quite got round to it yet, then ask me).

I had a plan for Stargate which involved watching part 1 on Wednesday, in bed, and then part 2 on Thursday. Except that I was enjoying part 1 so much I went straight onto part 2. Here be spoilers.... I loved Amanda Tapping in it. And Jack and Daniel so fancy each other, don't they? Although so do Sam and Jack, still. I think my head is a strange place. But it was good fun, and great to see General Hammond, McKay (although since his name was in the beginning credits, that wasn't exactly a surprise - I hate it when they do that) and Kowalski.

The Bill
I hated Wednesday's episode, and Thursday's ordinary episode. We've been here before, and it was crap the first time. The half hour one, I liked though. I think perhaps it's the perfect length for The Bill - ie as much as you can take in one go. It does now feel like the end of an era. But left me with an urge to see Old Bill back again. I'm only really still watching for Gina, Smithy, Reg, Tony, Lance, and I'm quite liking Roger as well, he feels like one of the old crowd. But I really don't care who is sleeping with who, just give us a crime and solve it in an hour, not fifteen minutes if you take the sex out.

And on another note, I know through two people that slasher decided it was a good idea to watch when the PoG and Puke storyline was going on. Which, I'd like to point out, it was not. That storyline involved two personality transplants, and turned The Bill first gay copper from the sergeant who happened to be gay, but mainly was very straight, played by the rules and wasn't Bob Cryer, into the gay sergeant.

On a more positive note, I'm off to Redemption in a few hours, and Australia in a month.

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Saturday 16th October 2004 11:26 pm

I've been good and dynamic today. I lazed around in bed (where it was nice and warm) and watched The OC while making CDs. I dusted and hoovered my room. I did back-ups while watching The Bill. Actually, someone from work told me this weeks was really good, but this was coming from someone who likes soaps, so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Just as well. Only good thing about next weeks is that [censored] is going to [censored]. At last. I've even written my piece about Rotaract for Rotary (it is due on Monday) and a first draft of my Elrond essay for Idol Reflection.

I also, and this is the most impressive part, made a lasagne. Myself. For the first time ever. I ate it for lunch, and not only did it taste nice, I'm still alive. I might make it again, although I'm going to run out of mince - the recipe thinks I want to be using half a bag!

I also put my photos onto my computer. They're all behind an lj-cut and you can click on the photos to get a bigger one.

Avon asked for:

Where you live. Not the exact house or anything, in case you have a lurking neighbour stalker, but a typical house/ street where you live.

There are all sorts of different housing round here, but the part of the road I live in is all fifties housing. I took a photo of the most colourful ones:

( houses )

Nilmandra said in her journal:

I would love to see the homes/pets/favorite rooms of my friends!

I took two of my room - one from the doorway and the other from my bed. The first one came out really dark, so I took it again later in the day when it was getting dark outside, so the light looks completely different in these two.

( room )

And because no photo session is complete without the animals, I also have ones of the cat (Merlin) and the baby fish (Tim) I took when I was last home.

( animals )

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Sunday 9th March 2003 4:52 pm

You wanna shag Aragorn!
Your lust object is Aragorn! But, sadly, he's
already got Arwen and Eowyn pining after him.
Grab your chance by kidnapping him right after
the battle (he'll be too exhausted to fight),
run off to Avathar (surely no one will look for
you there) and shag the living daylights out of

Which Helm's Deep soldier do you wanna shag?
brought to you by Quizilla

(I didn't cheat either!)

Before Monday I never knew you could get green inhalers. Tastes horrible as well. My asthma's been bad this week so no Tae Kwon Do or fencing, so I've been in all week. I didn't go anywhere at the weekend either so I thought I'd be really bored. But I haven't been. I've read, watched videos and wrote a fair bit as well. I'll be back to going out again next week though.

I've updated my web site today, will upload it later. Haven't changed much, but all the links now take you outside the frame (I think I found all of them). There's hardly anything to download at the moment, so I've been doing a few mp3s, but other than that there's only really been Angel. Surfing is so fast though! I'm so used to downloading stuff constantly that I'd forgotten its not all that slow.

It must be spring. There are daffodils out (my favourite flower) and I can get watchable quality out of Channel 5 (just the pictures, not the programs, obviously) and the picture's back on Meridian. Just in time for Monkeys as well. Although I suspect it may have started before today and I just didn't notice. After I go to all the trouble of climbing up the newspaper racks in the newsagents to get the South version of TVQuick as well.

The Isildur/Haldir thing from the random slash pairing generator has been going round my head. So I wrote a fic for it. I was inspired, I have to admit, but someone who'd got Isildur/Aragorn and managed to carry it off.

My landlady went out this morning so I watched The Bill on UKGold and it was the excellent A Question of Trust part 2 from 1999. Every time I watch these old ones I wish we still had those characters in it. It all changed so much on the day CID were all suspended. Today's episode featured DS Boulton and was delightfully ambiguous as well.

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First and last lines
Tuesday 18th February 2003 10:59 pm

I really have nothing to write, my life is that boring. I now have a white thing (not going to even attempt to spell the Korean name) for Tae Kwon Do (where thing is trousers and jacket and belt). And I've washed it so its slightly less smelly. I've still not managed to post about The Bill on the forum. I've reached the point where I really have nothing to say. I've also reached the point I never thought I'd get to - I don't really mind if I miss it. When I tape it and don't get round to watching it things will be much worse. I did write a few bits about various people's fics at Henneth Annun though. Not terrifically constructive mind you. Wrote another fic that came to me in the night. Not good.

I've realised since seeing The Two Towers again that Aragorn's a really interesting character. And can I find fic about him as Estel? Well, a bit. Not much though. I saw a meme a while ago about first and last lines written in fic, so I did the 7 vaguely finished ones I could dredge up:

A Rainbow in the Dark (Star Wars TPM)
First - Obi-Wan Kenobi stood by the ship, waiting.
Last - Then, when he heard her voice in his head saying "Luke Skywalker", he knew what he must do and headed towards Tatooine.

A Child of the Jedi (Star Wars TPM)
First - Obi-Wan Kenobi didn't really feel like reading any of his lessons.
Last - I won't fail you, Master was the unspoken comment that passed between them.

Life, Love and Consequences (Star Wars TPM)
First - I'm not sure what I should be feeling any more.
Last - I just don't know whether I will succeed.

Confessions (Star Wars TPM)
First - "Anakin Skywalker progressing well, he is?"
Last - "Thank you, Master."

Trainspotting (the original) (Quantum Leap)
First - As Sam Beckett's senses returned after his leap in, the first thing that hit him was the smell.
Last - And he leaped.

Untitled (Stargate)
Frst - O'Neill screamed.
Last - I have never been able to decide.

Dropping Eaves (LOTR)
First - Samwise Gamgee slowly made his way around Bag End.
Last - Sam turned around to show his father, but of Gandalf there was no sign.

From that I can conclude that the first two are shite (I keep them around to remind me how much I've improved). There are different styles for different fandoms though, which is a good thing. I've written more based on TPM than anything else. Perhaps when I've finished the FOTR DVD I ought to go through the TPM one to get me back into it. AOTC never managed it, but then pretty much the only thing I'm interested in is Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Two of them are first-person. I can tell Life is angsty from those two sentences! Only Confessions starts with a person talking and also ends that way to. That fic is pretty much purely a conversation though. When Farscape's finished I should watch some older stuff and try and do some of the epic. And the older post-DMD one too. Will have to watch some Zhaan stuff for that I think.

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