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Stuff I love: Jeremy Hardy
Friday 1st February 2019 7:31 pm

A meme for the month:

Stuff I love

I was going to post about this already, but it fits nicely into the meme. What with the snow today I worked from home, which meant I could check Twitter from time to time. I half-joke that my Twitter is basically just comedians and tennis. The tennis twitters are pretty quiet this week, recovering from the Australian Open and us with a bye in the Davis Cup. So my entire twitter feed this morning were people talking about Jeremy Hardy, how funny he was and what a nice guy he was.

For those who don't know, he was a stand-up comedian, well-known these days for being a panellist on The News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. There was a page about ISIHAC I saw years ago about the singing rounds as being funny because the panellists can't really sing and in Jeremy's case, really can't sing. Which just makes his singing funnier - and the audience cheer louder. ISIHAC have a tribute of his best One Song to the Tune of Another and Pick Up Sung rounds at

I saw him in stand-up years ago and he was funny. But I particularly enjoyed him on ISIHAC, for his jokes as well his singing. I particularly remember one Christmas special where he did a duet with Andy Hamilton, who really could sing. It was hilarious.

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Big Finish CDs going free
Monday 26th March 2012 8:01 pm

About six months ago I decided to get a subscription to the Big Finish main Doctor Who releases. But the only CDs I want to keep are the Seventh Doctor and Ace ones. I have promise the Fifth Doctor ones to [info]hhertzof, which means the next six releases are all accounted for. But I now have six CDs sitting around taking up space that need a good home. All I ask in return is that you pay the postage.

So does anyone want any of the recent Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley or Sixth Doctor and Flip trilogies? I enjoyed them all, although I discovered the best way to listen was while assembling bookcases. Until I ran out of bookcases to assemble. The CDs are:

The Silver Turk
The Witch from the Well
Army of Death

The Curse of Davros
The Fourth Wall
Wirrn Isle

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The jokes they cut from The Now Show
Friday 17th February 2012 7:32 pm

I was really surprised at the things they cut. Since I've just listened to it and it's fresh in my mind, here are the ones I remember: (if you haven't heard it and don't want to know the jokes, look away now) Read more...

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The Now Show
Friday 17th February 2012 11:02 am

Last night I went to the recording of The Now Show. It's a funny radio show about the news, so it will go out on Radio 4 tonight. I have listened to three episodes of it, which considering they have six per series and this is apparently their 36th series, I'm doing pretty badly. I keep meaning to listen to it but keep failing. So I thought that going to a recording would make me tape the series. Which I need to do before I leave for work this afternoon in case I'm not home in time...

But anyway, about the recording. I'm not going to give away specifics of tonight's episode, you'll have to listen to it yourselves. But having never been to a recording before (except for ISIHAC, which is done differently) it was all quite interesting.


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This week
Thursday 16th December 2010 8:09 pm

Given that it's getting close to Christmas I thought that things would slow down this week, but no. I went to see the ISIHAC tour, which was funny, although that didn't do much for my ability to breathe. But it gave me an excuse to eat at the Noodle Bar. A lot of it was the same as the one I saw earlier in the year, but since I can't remember the jokes after it finishes, that didn't matter. And it had Jack Dee as chairman, who was very good. At the end they dressed Jack Dee in gold tinsel and gold tinsel-edged reindeer antlers, and gave him some jingle bells. He looked ecstatic about it.

I drove to work on Tuesday, having not driven since a week last Friday. It turns out that's quite a long time not to drive, as I was struggling to remember how to drive. I'd happily get the bus to work more often if it wasn't for the fact that it takes twice as long, has no heating, only goes once an hour so is useless if you have to stay late and costs more than driving. And they wonder why no one gets buses round here...

I have discovered the secret to sleeping and breathing (apart from not lying down): don't move and give your chest plenty of room. Well, it worked last night. The trouble I've been having is that I keep coughing instead of breathing, which then makes my throat hurt more. I am now reaching the point where I really want to lie down and drink orange juice. I'm so sick of water and I can't drink my milk because it's just not that nice.

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Catching up this week
Sunday 20th June 2010 9:09 pm

I suddenly feel that weekly posts might be more common from now on... Basically, work is very busy and not looking to get any less busy. In fact, I think it's possibly only likely to get more busy. And to make it worse, that means I won't get to see as much Wimbledon because I'll be getting home later and the World Cup is on every afternoon so I won't get to listen to it at work either.

I am looking forward to Wimbledon, though. I have picked out my fantasy Wimbledon team which will hopefully not be as crap as last year's. Although since I take no notice of the women my team mostly consists of the Williams sisters and cheap people who have interesting names. I have added the Wimbledon feed to my Twitter, so I can read all about what happened at Wimbledon six hours later when I get home.

Friday night I went to see the I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue stage show. It was so good my throat still hurt on Saturday from laughing. The new series starts tomorrow - it'll be one thing I won't be saving for after Wimbledon.

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Saturday 26th April 2008 10:29 am

I was planning on posting about all sorts of real-life things today, like my new mobile (and why I have a new one) and my opinions on the news of the Blakes 7 remake, but then I heard that Humph died last night of the aortic aneurysm he went into hospital for last week.

The article doesn't say, but the aorta is the main artery bringing blood from the heart and an aneurysm is where the walls have been weakened. When he died it would have been instant and he wouldn't have known anything about it.

However, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue won't be the same without him. The stage show in Bournemouth last Tuesday had Rob Brydon stepping in and The Guardian liked it, but didn't say how well he did, except to say that he sang (and he's very good at singing).

I do feel lucky that I've got to see Humph three times, at two recordings and the stage show. On two of those occasions he played too. Tomorrow at noon they're going to repeat a classic episode (how classic, I don't know) and there'll be a tribute to him at 9am on Wednesday, I assume also on Radio 4.

Edit: The Guardian has more details and says that he was admitted to hospital on 16th, had surgery on Monday and died Friday night following complications. So we don't know exactly what happened, and given he was 86 it could have been anything, but he probably didn't know anything about it.

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Humphrey Lyttleton
Saturday 19th April 2008 9:33 am

I had this email about Humph through the ISIHAC mailing list:

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ISIHAC Christmas Special
Monday 26th November 2007 8:50 pm

I went to London yesterday evening to the recording of the ISIHAC Christmas special, Humph in Wonderland (to be broadcast on 25th December at 12.04, incidentally). It being Sunday it meant that the trains stopped earlier, so I parked at Didcot, instead of Cholsey where I usually park. So that was a bit of adventure. I cunningly parked under a light, by accident, which was handy because the rest of the car park was really dark by the time I got back. I might go there in future because it has a much nicer drive back and isn't much further away.

I got completely lost trying to find the theatre even though I had instructions. They were misleading instructions though, as they told me the busy road to my left was Shaftesbury Avenue, when actually Shaftesbury Avenue wasn't busy at all, not in comparison to Regent's Street. And there were so many roads in so many directions, that when the instructions said to cross the road it was hard to work out which one they were talking about. Although on balance I think it was them not saying which direction to go in next that didn't help.

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ISIHAC stage show
Thursday 27th September 2007 8:08 pm

I went to the I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue stage show last night in Oxford. In order to get there in time and eat, I tried a pot noodle thing from Trufree, on dad's recommendation. I'd never eaten one before, but this was really nice and filling, even if it did seem a bit like eating baby food.

Non-Brits, the rest of this post will not make any sense - ISIHAC being a very British comedy.


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Thursday 13th September 2007 10:35 pm

I've just had the email about autumn recordings of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, which are in Croydon, Manchester and Peterbrough. But, they're recording the Christmas special (Humph in Wonderland) on Sunday 25th November in Shaftesbury Avenue. Which I can get to.

Tickets go on sale 10am Monday. Anyone want to come with me? It's less than £10, even for the expensive tickets.

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Tonights TV
Thursday 15th June 2006 9:51 pm

Since I was good and worked last night I gave myself a night off to watch non-Doctor Who TV. Which was supposed to inlude The Avengers but I finished dinner too late, so it's been moved to tomorrow night now. Probably.

Anyway, there was Colin and Justin. Now, of all the people you'd not want to plan your wedding they've got to be top of the list. But as usual really, they had loads of crises but it all came right in the end. And Justin threw a hissy fit over something small. But it's not as good as their usual house designing thing because you don't get them having arguments with Katy and Andy, and the narrator for this one wasn't as funny. I'll still be watching next week though.

Then I listened to The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents from Listen Again, and 1.30 Saturday on BBC7 wasn't that convenient. And my non-Doctor Who night went awry because David Tennant was in it. I'd entirely forgotten the story though, so I really enjoyed it, just as I had reading it. I do like the little girl who makes her life a story and whose name I can't remember how to spell.

The long DW fic is now up to nearly 14,000 words and ten cups of tea.

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Lost Lost
Monday 14th November 2005 9:18 pm

I think I have officially given up on watching Lost. I got so behind with my TV last week that I still haven't got round to watching it. This was, in part, because there were other things I would rather watch, but it's reached the point now where I'm just not going to get it in before this weeks. And I haven't missed it at all, so I'm taking it as a sign and giving up. I just can't quite bring myself to care about any of the characters, or the island's secrets any more. If I get really curious I'll just surf a bit, or ask some Americans who I know watch it.

I'm feeling virtuous about my writing, too. The Sheppard/Weir Thing is now on v4, complete with, shock horror, some description! And a couple of adjectives! I mean, really, what more could you ask for? I think there's some action (ie a bit of movement) I could probably describe - I mean I know where they're moving, what direction they're facing etc, but it's not all in there. I'm trying (note the important word here, trying) to get it to the stage of needing beta'ing by the end of the month. Hopefully that'll be v5 or v6.

I had to remind dad that I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue started tonight (having previously reminded him last week when MiniMinder reminded me). He'd forgotten. I'd got a tape out ready to record it while I cooked/ate dinner. Sadly, though, I was washing up when I realised it was halfway through and it might have been a good idea to have actually pressed the record button. Hopefully it'll be up after Shakespeare and I can listen to it in bed. I wish TV had listen again, it would be so useful for people like me - unless I set everything to record I forget to watch it! (although I have on occasion forgotten I've recorded something and accidentally taped over it)

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I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue about tennis
Thursday 23rd June 2005 10:46 pm

I went to see the next two episodes of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue recorded in Oxford last night. It was great to actually see what happens (although I already knew the truth about Samantha and the laser display board). The only complaint was that the theatre was really hot. Although in all fairness, it wasn't that much cooler outside.

Each episode took over an hour to record, so even when they take out the bits that went wrong, there's still quite a bit of that's going to get taken out. It will be interesting to listen and find out what (if I can remember).

The guest was Harry Hill, who I wasn't terribly impressed by until they did a science fiction segment and he did a wonderful Dalek impression without the aid of any props at all. Graeme Garden's Darth Vader was also good but did involve a glass of water.

I won't spoil the episodes but suffice to say they were up to their usual standard.

I found out, while I was there, that Art is coming to the New Theatre, and has Russell Boulter in it! So I will have to go back there to see that.

On my way I stopped off at Borders. Who were doing Doctor Who books at �1.99 and 4 for 3 but they only had two Doctor & Ace books and I've got them both. I was quite interested to discover there is a novelisation of Scream of the Shalka. There was also quite a good selection of Lois McMaster Bujold books, so if I get really stuck with finding them, that's an option.

And onto tennis. I was quite disappointed to miss Greg Rusedski's match yesterday, as it sounds as if it was quite exciting. Mind you, so was Tim Henman's today. But Andy Murray is my little star. Not only did he win a match, but did it in straight sets, beating a seeded opponent, getting him lots of points. Annoyingly, I don't quite have enough money to swap Henman for Roddick (assuming he won after BBC2 stopped at 8.30), so I might get Hewitt instead. Otherwise I only have one man left in! Suffice to say I'm doing quite badly in the fantasy league, but then I was this time last year as well.

I'm really looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing but watching tennis and Glastonbury, except for all those things I've been putting off till the weekend. Which will be good anyway because I'll be bored on Sunday with no tennis to watch.

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Wednesday 1st December 2004 10:38 pm

I had a bit of a revelation today. I've been enjoying Atlantis recently and I've been trying to work out why - then it occurred to me. It's because I've been watching it on it's own and not straight after Stargate. The trouble is that I like all the characters in Stargate (except for the love to hate ones) and I've been watching it for a few years. Whereas on Atlantis I don't like Teyla and I still can't decide about Weir. In all fairness, I didn't like Teal'c at first so that could change.

Also, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue is back on Monday. Of course, my dad, the minute I tell him this tells me I have to remind him. He'd be stuffed if it wasn't for Listen Again (mind you, so would I). I wish TV had the same system - once something had been shown, you can watch it any time within a week afterwards.

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Good and bad news
Monday 24th May 2004 10:49 pm

The good news: Enterprise has been renewed (
The bad news: Richard Biggs has died (

I went away for 26 hours at the weekend and returned to find 198 e-mails, of which 144 were spam. I've been answering them while listening to "Six Characters in Search of an Answer" on BBC7's Listen Again. Which is so useful because I never listen to anything on the radion on time. I only remembered to watch Have I Got News For You on Friday because the video came on (in my defence I'm usually out).

On the plus side this weekend I established that Hobbycraft still doesn't have any rabbits I can cross stitch. I might have to go on a hunt on the internet, or end up doing cats. Which are nice, but not as nice as rabbits. I've still got a fair bit of The Librarian left to do so it's not urgent yet.

I also made about 20 CDs and did all my backing up. At the same time I finally saw Miss Congeniality. I meant to go and see it when it was out at the cinema. I meant to get it out on video. I even meant to watch it on TV, but forgot. That's a record, even for me.

I re-injured my toes tonight, exactly the same way as I did last week, so they hurt. What's worse is that I had my glasses punched twice on the same side, so the floor now slopes. Which is not helpful.

I finally got round to doing these quizzes, this is from Selenay (I can't quite bring myself to use the word gacked, to me it sounds like the cat's about to be sick):

chain holding jack
Good stuff, you are "Wedding? I love
weddings! Drinks all around." You're the
life of the party and nothing gets you down,
not even certain death at the hands of your
zombie nemesis or the Navy. Come to think of
it, realism isn't your strong suit...

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

How true!

This I first saw on fileg's journal:

paranoidangel may explode without warning



Yep, that would be me 🙂

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