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Nothing terribly exciting
Friday 26th August 2005 4:48 pm

Blogger has just introduced those annoying text verification thingys on comments. I've not had any comment spam (yet) but I've turned it on anyway.

I got my SG10 ticket through yesterday and it was 274. Which I thought was quite annoying because it meant I'd just missed out on the cocktail party. And then I read the bit of paper that came with it and it turns out the cocktail party is for the first 300! Which is quite exciting. Although apart from Michael Shanks, the other guests could be anyone, I really have no idea who they are.

I also spent some time catching up on my LOTR fic reading and ended up actually doing some writing. Shock, horror! Needless to say I didn't actually work on anything I should be, but then that's because I suddenly realised this week how to solve a problem I'd been grappling with in my Arathorn/Gilraen long plotty thing (although looking through it I've created more, but still).

On the one hand I'm looking forward to this bank holiday weekend (and since I took this afternoon off to use up my overtime before I lost it, mine's even longer) I'm probably going to end up bored. I have a whole load of things to do (like I can't see my room for dust and I need to do some Rotaract stuff) but if I put my mind to it it's only a day's worth. I should use the rest to do some writing and play some games but we'll see.

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Wednesday 3rd November 2004 5:47 pm

Last weekend I spent in a windmill in Somerset. I even managed to take a picture of it this time:


I had a good time - catching up with people I'd not seen for a while (four years, in some cases), not sleeping, and drinking lots. I went down the pub with Rotaract last night, so I almost feel as if I haven't been sober for a while. I'm going to SG8 this weekend, so I definitely won't be sober for a while.

I had today off work, and I cleaned my room, did my washing, and most importantly, defrosted the fridge. Which may not sound like much, but I'd never defrosted a fridge before today. I meant to ask my mum how to do it but never quite got round to it. So I made it up from what I found on the internet and what I vaguely remember her doing when I lived at home.

I did find an example of what not to do: So you thought defrosting a fridge was boring?

It took me pretty much all day but I have done it. The fridge is now pretty much ice-free. I also watched The Bill on my landlady's TV, which has UKGold. It's really not that long ago but there are practically no characters in there who are there now. Today I saw:

Boyden, Sam Harker, Monroe, Conway, Dave, Polly, George, Tony, Di, Jenny Quinnan (pre-Quinnan), Beech, Jaaaack, Tom Proctor, Kerry Holmes. Spot the odd one (two) out. The preview for tomorrow's has Boulton in, so I will have to make sure I am up in time for that. I'm certainly looking forward to it more than tonights.

And Blogger is being annoying at the moment and refusing to let me post. Grr at Blogger.

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Thursday 21st October 2004 12:47 am

Blogger is being really slow and annoying me, and I really need to sleep. I stayed up late to watch new Farscape and I really wished I hadn't. But not in the way I thought I would. If I'd stopped watching about twenty minutes before the end I would have been fine. I was warned that the last 5 or 10 minutes were cheesy, but actually, the last 20 you need a sick bucket for. In fact, a fair bit of the John/Aeryn stuff in part two required one.

I was thinking yesterday, after I'd seen part one, how I really want it on DVD when it comes out. Although I at least now know which bits to skip, I suppose.

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Friday 3rd October 2003 8:21 am

I've just taken a survey about Blogger. The last question they ask is whether you live in the US. The second to last question is household income - in dollars. Well, that is helpful. It's just as well I know that college means university as well, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to answer the education question.

Anyway, I was really here because I don't have to leave for work for 20 minutes and I've been ready to go since 10 to 8. Which is when my alarm goes off. I keep waking up at 7am and it's doing my head in now. Except for tomorrow, which is roughly when I have to get up.

I'm now simultaneously watching The West Wing series 3, 4 and 5. Yes, I am confused. But then I'm confused watching one at a time anyway, so no change there then. I have an episode of Dead Like Me that I'm sure worked fine when I checked it at work yesterday on an old version of media player. Here though, I've tried media player, three versions of DivX player and real player and it won't show me a picture. Which really doesn't make sense.

I have to say though how funny Wednesday's Teachers was. How married are Kurt and Brian (or is it Briony) 🙂

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Smoking rant
Tuesday 4th March 2003 7:50 pm

I would update my template to put March's archives on there, but sadly, Blogger can't find it. Which isn't very helpful really. I want Blakes 7 on DVD. Having said that, the videos of people who buy it on DVD, not least as it'll be cheaper. I can't remember which series 2 episodes it is I've missed and I can't remember the ones I have seen very well. I only have 6 episodes of series 4 to go though.

General smoking rant: actually I'll cut it short and just go why? and attempt to answer my question.
I can't say I've done extensive research on this, nor can I prove it with statistics or a pretty graph but, smoking is inversely propoertional to intelligence. In other words, only thick people smoke. I have learned this through observation. The explanation: what a bloody stupid way to kill yourself. Smells horrible, kills you slowly, annoys everyone else while simultaneously killing them (slower) as well. Hmm, perhaps there's a conspiracy at work here.
Solution: Add something into cigarettes to make everyone who smokes them sterile. Then they won't have kids who grow up thinking smoking is normal, plus the average intelligence will go up. Problem solved!

Scorpius/Sikozu makes me go *bleurgh* the idea of Scorpius/Braca is not so bad though. Not sure why.

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The Kiss
Monday 26th August 2002 12:02 am

I tried creating one of those cool trading cards at livejournal, so of course it doesn't work with my look and I'm too tired to mess about with the HTML. Plus I'm sure livejournal is doing something strange to it. Having used blogger and livejournal I think I prefer blogger. I think livejournal is good for communty-type things, but I don't have time for those anyway. I have enough community stuff of my own going on anyway.

I can't believe the discussions on the forum going on at the moment about the kiss. I didn't like it, but that was more because of the circumstances surrounding it, and because I knew Hywel didn't like doing it. I don't know exactly why, he must have known that playing a gay character would mean having to kiss a bloke at some stage. I've also just realised answered all the questions I had about Sean (ie they've been going out for 2 years and he's a computer programmer). Although I wouldn't call 2 years the "all these years" Sean claimed they'd been together, but still.

Tired because keep waking up early (like 8am) which is really annoying when I don't have to. Maybe I should stay up later tonight in the hope that I'll sleep later, although it probably won't work and I'll end up getting even less sleep.

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