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Top Gear
Saturday 17th February 2007 10:37 pm

I can't breathe for laughing so hard. I've just seen last weeks Top Gear, where they drove $1000 cars across America. Very funny. And interesting (in a scary sort of way) to see the locals reactions to them in Alabama (after they had decorated each others cars with slogans likely to get them shot or arrested). And also, because they ended up in New Orleans, to see what a mess it is still in.

Today I discovered that making bread just before lunch is great, because then the bread tastes nice. And the nearest bus stop is only actually 30 seconds walk away. Only one of the buses stops at it, though, all the useful ones are still 10 minutes walk away.

I've also copied CDs, made CDs, crashed CD writing programs a lot, restarted a lot, bought some new CDs-R when I ran out, and thrown a whole load in the bin because either my computer or my CD writing program is not happy. Although I wasn't entirely happy with my CD writing program to start with, but I've managed to work out how to get it to work. It just turns out it doesn't like writing CDs. DVDs it seems to be fine with though. So I might have to try uninstalling and reinstalling it. I do so love computers.

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Monday 30th May 2005 8:55 pm

Why can't all weekends be bank holiday weekends?

I had a good time this weekend. Saturday we had shots, cocktails, dinner at Nando's and lots of cleavage. And Annie freaking me out by ringing me and saying 'Are you my mummy?'. Which was very cool, but I'm so glad she didn't just put the phone down because mine didn't recognise the number and it probably would have been more scary. This was before Doctor Who as well.

I saw the first 20mins of Doctor Who Confidential, as the friend I was staying with has Sky. I don't really feel a need to watch the last 10. Although it was really strange to see the BBC3 logo so close to the corner of the screen - watching on the BBC website, it's in the centre.

I finally saw Kill Bill. There was more blood etc than strictly necessary, but then it is a Quentin Tarantino film. But I really enjoyed it, it was good.

We managed to spend an hour on Sunday afternoon cooking a fry up that ended up being breakfast, lunch and dinner combined, being as we ate at 3.30. Which is pretty much an essential component of a lazy weekend. I saw Superman, which was amazingly boring.

I also got to see the first series of Coupling. I was a bit sceptical about it but it was funny - it got funnier as it went on. Now I have to go back to see the rest.

I wasn't terribly impressed, in Comet and PC World, at their collection of DVD+Rs because they were all 8x. I've got a 16x DVD writer though! It's just as well I still have 22 left really. I will have to get some more over the internet, which at least saves carrying them.

I also went to the Tesco free from section which was bad because I now have chocolate muffins and chocolate cake. To add to my chocolate brownies and raspberry ripple ice cream from Waitrose (I had the chocolate before the raspberry ripple). And I still haven't finished my stamp collection bunny (it's quite bitter chocolate so it's taking a while - which is probably a good thing).

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