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Cop shows
Thursday 1st May 2008 10:06 pm

I like cop shows. So it was quite annoying when someone mentioned Taggart last Wednesday, which made me remember that there was a random episode of it on last week. Two days before. But, I thought to myself, all will be ok because ITV have their own equivalent of the BBC iPlayer and 4oD. Or not. They do have it, they're just selective about what is on it. Which is to say you can watch all the crap they've put out in the past week, but none of the good stuff. Thanks ITV, that's really helpful.

I did remember to tape tonight's though. The trouble with Taggart at the moment is that the last few episodes have been on at random times and only an hour long. I remember when it took them three hours to solve cases. Then it got cut to two hours and I can't quite believe it's now one. The first one or two it was fine because it was a bit different. But now it's all got a bit simple and it's feeling a bit like The Bill in Scotland. Although tonight's did have a suitably gruesome murder.

In contrast, last Sunday was a random Midsomer Murders. There must be so many villages around Causton, all with murders and barking mad residents that it must be a small city by now. I missed some a while ago and I'm still a bit confused there's a new sergeant. The trouble with Midsomer Murders is that I have to cross stitch to it because it goes so slowly. It's completely mad though.

recommended State of Play to me, so I added it to the top of my amazon rental list and I really liked it. The cast list was crazy: John Simm (with a rubbish beard), Bill Nighy, Philip Glenister (with short hair and his normal accent - he sounds a lot like his brother), James McAvoy (Tumnus in Narnia), Marc Warren (he gets everywhere). It was quite interesting to see a murder mystery mostly from the point of view of a newspaper.

I kept recognising names of actors and the writer and when I looked them up I discovered it was State of Play I recognise them from because it gets mentioned a lot. I just never knew what it was about.

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