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Another five things to talk about
Sunday 15th March 2009 6:13 pm

My trouble when I'm ill is I tend not to want to talk to people, mostly because I have to be polite and I don't have the energy for that extra thinking. So it's usually better just to shut up and ignore everyone. Which has extended to me not wanting to post in here either, although I do have things I want to blog about.

I am getting better, if slowly (and don't have concussion, which is good after I hit my head on the kitchen side on Thursday night) and this has been marked as unread in my emails for a while:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your blog and elaborate on the subjects given.

gave me Doctor Who, Elrond, food allergies, Davis Cup, fencing: Read more...

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Thursday 12th February 2009 10:48 pm

Leverage has been renewed for a second series and Hustle for a sixth. Yay! Although I missed the mention at the end of tonight's Hustle, but you can't moor a yacht in Bournemouth. But you can go to the beach (and a very nice beach it is too, in the winter when it's not full of tourists and you can see the sand).

And I have just ordered myself four packs of sausages (I was down to four dinner's worth!), some soup (I ran out ages ago) and some matzo. Given that I seem to be running out of all my food (I do need to go shopping and do baking) I might actually have food after this weekend.

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Saturday 7th April 2007 9:16 pm

My back does not like traffic jams. Understandably, really, having to press the clutch a lot and it's a long way away, so I have to stretch my leg.

Now, though, I have a clean car (as washed my dad and hoovered by mum) and the scratches painted over. You'd almost never know a pheasant had died on it.

I've just spent an hour adding in spam protection to comments on WP with a simple maths question (easier to read than those letters and numbers I never get right first time). That was the simple bit, the hard bit was adding in a preview of the comment. I tried the plugin dad had, didn't work. So I gave up and tried a different one, which still didn't work. So then I tried another one that worked perfectly first time. And then I discovered my keyboard had gone American in Firefox. Which is a bit bizarre.

I decided, that since listening to audio plays is helpful for my driving (or having a passenger works too) that something that beams it to the radio would be useful, since it's just become legal. And then I'd need a bigger mp3 player, since 256mb won't hold very many hours. I can't find reviews of these things at all, but is doing 1gb for £17 (and in pink) and amazon does the transmitter for £2. So it all sounds good from the price (and colour) point of view.

Ooh, we've won our Davis Cup tie. Which I entirely forgot to watch.

My oat matzo is actually ok. It falls apart something chronic when spreading it, which is a pain. And it's dry, but a different dryness to ordinary matzo, which I could eat without anything on it. The oat matzo I had to add chocolate spread after half a one with only butter. And my soup was largely matzo because it disintegrated in that too. Since next year's Passover is nowhere near Easter, when I'll be at Eastercon, it's just as well it's alright really.

I enjoyed tonight's Doctor Who:

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The weekend (plus a couple of days of the week)
Sunday 26th November 2006 8:48 pm

Thursday I had tickets to see the English National Ballet performing Alice in Wonderland. I've never been to the ballet before (I'm amazed at the number of people I know who have) and since I like Alice that seemed like a good combination. I did realise just how many people there were in the strings section, violin is definitely the instrument to learn. I did like the way they used the props with the doors moving about, the table that grew and the massive bottle that swung from the ceiling with a note on it saying 'Drink me'. The actual dancing was boring though. It just seemed like they'd go into a scene, go here are some characters, thean randomly dance around for ages after I'd got bored. It probably doesn't help that half the appeal of Alice is in the words but all the dancing just seemed to consist of spinning and jumping, and how is that interesting?

The evening didn't start off well because I was talking to someone at work about work, so was late for the bus the one time it was on time. So I was planning to go to Borders and The Noodle Bar as I know I can eat there. I did try to get some beans and jacket potato but that meant relying on Waitrose for some decent potatoes, which was a bit of a vain hope. Instead I got Chinese from the new take-away, which turned out to be a bad idea because they put some disgusting sauce on their chicken and cashew nuts, which I discovered on Friday, had wheat/gluten in.

I went to work Friday morning anyway as there was work to do, but I didn't attempt breakfast. I went home not long after lunch once I'd pretty much done everything. Just that morning Doctor Who series 2 arrived, so I opened that up and watched the Deleted Scenes and Outtakes. It was just as well I'd already asked how to get to this stuff on the series 1 disks, since these had the same menus and I couldn't be bothered to plug my DVD writer in. Then I watched the School Reunion commentary, which did have a bit of David Tennant squee, and Julie Gardner complaining about how good Lis Sladen looked.

This weekend I went to Emma's. I definitely don't want to get the bus to Reading anymore cos it's horrendously busy. As was the train station. And I'm still annoyed I couldn't get a return - why can't you get a non-day return for somewhere close to, it doesn't make sense. We watched The Pillow Book which had a fair bit of Ewan McGregor naked in it, but was in general a very weird film. We discovered Sainsburys shut at 8pm on a Saturday, which is just not on when you need chocolate at 8.30.

We also went for a bit of Moulin Rouge and watched half a dozen episodes of Smallville, finishing off series 5, which was rather like torture. They rip off films, hit you over the head with the plot and you need a sick bucket for most scenes with Lana in. It all ended on a cliffhanger, but frankly, I don't care any more. I only watched it till the end cos I wanted to get to a good point to stop.

I have posted the latest chapter of Doctor Who: The Soap Opera but mostly I just really, really need to sleep.

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And there’s still another day of weekend left
Sunday 28th May 2006 8:23 pm

I was going to write about one thing but then a whole load of other things crept in too...

Yesterday I went to Dangercon. Well, technically I did, since I gave them money and wore a sticker with my name on it. What I actually did was sit around in the bar, drink, talk, tried not to fall asleep (due to waking up at 3am the night before and not being able to get back to sleep for ages coupled with waking up again at 7am and really not being able to get back to sleep), and tried not to watch Doctor Who (as there was no sound for the first 15mins and it competed with the music for the last 30). But it was good fun.

Also, all the tubes I wanted to get were actually running, I bought up the sausages and soup cubes in Sainsburys in Whitechapel, and I made a new record in finding the pub that was 5 mins walk away in only 15. And I spent half of that trying to get out of London Bridge tube station.

This morning I rather annoyingly woke up at 6.15 and didn't think I got back to sleep again, but since I haven't fallen asleep yet I must have done. I also pegged my washing out and didn't make it rain!

I listened to the second half of not-the-latest-anymore Seventh Doctor Big Finish audio, Night Thoughts. There was some interesting stuff between the Doctor & Ace & Hex. I'm still really confused about why she's now back to being called Ace again. But there was a bit near the end where the Doctor had to kill a girl to save time, or something like that (which is simplifying the situation a lot, otherwise I'd have to explain the whole plot). And I was absolutely convinced he was going to do it.

Last night's Doctor Who was quite fun. Except that I sat down to watch it and five minutes in, just after the beginning credits, my dad messages me to ask me if I've watched Confidential because he thought it looked like they were writing scripts on typewriters. Which I didn't notice when I did watch it but either way I'm not convinced he's on this planet, half the time.

I've also watched a load of second series Drop the Dead Donkey this week. Even though it was broadcast in 1991, if you just change the names the politics really hasn't changed that much and is just as funny. And one episode had the guy who played the DCI in Life on Mars. And one of the writers discussed that he demonstrated it's possible to do a joke where Alex staples a piece of paper to Dave's chest, by stapling a piece of paper to his thigh. Neil Pearson got to wear padding for the real thing, which hurt less, apparently.

Ewan McGregor was on Top Gear. He was quite funny. And I noticed when he swore, while driving this car round their track, they not only edited the sound but the picture as well! I laughed so hard I was crying when the two guys drove the car Jeremy Clarkson had interior designed it was so funny. It's repeated at 7pm Tuesday if anyone missed it.

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Busy week
Saturday 8th April 2006 8:24 pm

I've been so busy at work this week that I'm tired, I ache and I've set off the RSI in my thumb. At least next week's only a four day week. I have discovered, though, that the Big Finish audios while working make it all so much better. I might have an investigate, and actually buy some without the Seventh Doctor and Ace... Speaking of Doctor Who, I really enjoyed The Green Death, I wish they'd show some more. Although I could have done without the maggots. Making them big doesn't improve them at all.

I discovered, through a comment my mum made on the Diary Free forum, that Coldplay were doing a concert on Radio 2 tonight, so I'm currently listening to that. It's good, that goes without saying.

I've had this tiny ficlet in my head since this morning, so I finally got round to writing it down. And I did literally write it, which is why my thumb now hurts. Which means I'm going to have to watch the second half of Poirot without cross stitching, if I want to use my thumb next week.

I'm going to London tomorrow though for sausages, chocolate spread, possibly some gluten free matzo. And a look at some other free from food in a nice big Tescos, and a health food shop. And back in time for Doctor Who night (although night's a bit strong considering it's three hours, one hour of which is an episode of Nine and the other is a documentary they've already shown twice).

I am going to miss the Davis Cup tennis, though. I was looking forward to watching a nice bit of doubles today (although given the result, nice might not be the best description) but the BBC in their infinite wisdowm decided not to show it. Doubtless, because the Grand National is more important. And football, needless to say. I am not impressed.

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Lactose overdose
Thursday 5th January 2006 8:55 pm

I should have known today would be a bad day. I had to go to bed early last night because I was just so tired from the shock of having go get up early (I'm so glad there's only one day left this week - all weeks should be four days long). This morning I woke up after a bad dream. There was something at the end where I was abandoned my by friends and suddenly went from a busy street in the light to a quiet one in the dark which had no streetlights at the end, which scared me no end. I hoped to go back to sleep and have a nicer dream but my alarm went off an minute later.

Then when I got to work I felt ill - I must have had a bit too much lactolite (low-lactose) milk with my Coco Pops. So I spent my first hour at work doing not much apart from trying to take my mind off it and not throw up. I haven't really got the cotton wool out of my head the rest of the day.

I have to watch Three Men in a Boat (or Bota as dad's email put it, his typing being crap) because they are passing through Wallingford tonight. I didn't watch the previous one because I haven't read the book (I'm sure I've tried though) and I'll just end up feeling guilty about it. I think my dad has tried to get me to read it, but my sister did instead, so they have conversations about it, in which I have no idea what they're on about.

Mind you, me and dad had a whole conversation about the laptops on Atlantis (they're like mine) and the tablet PCs (he has one) and the computers on Stargate they use as TVs. My mum and sister thought we were mad. Possibly they're not wrong.

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Saturday 10th December 2005 4:44 pm

I had a whole plan of things I was going to do Friday night, which I completely scuppered by overdosing on biscuits. Technially speaking it was the egg in them that was the problem and I didn't actually know what my tolerance to egg is. Now I know: 2 biscuits. Which is higher than my milk tolerance (which is the equivalent of 1 biscuit) but is really annoying.

What didn't help was working my way through the different Atlantis Au communities - there does seem to a lot of Atlantis AU going on, and I actually like reading it for some strange reason. Anyway, I really liked Langford U, which is set in a university in Nebraska. Which sounds like it's up in the Arctic Circle for some reason, but isn't.

This morning, after beating mum's score on Screwball on the Dairy Free Forum after three attempts, I played with a mock-up website. All I wanted to do was add a row in a table. Which really shouldn't be that complicated. I got really confused with all the tables going on in Nvu so ended up in TextPad, and got myself in such a mess that I ended up starting the table from scratch and pasting the relevant info in. I can't decide whether converting it into LJ-speak is going to be easier or harder.

I should really do the Rotaract stuff I've been putting off half the week (two and a half weeks in some cases), otherwise I'll just put them off all of next week too.

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Tuesday 8th November 2005 6:40 pm

I actually really enjoyed SG10, which surprised me. I was more worrying about food, and thinking how much I didn't enjoy SG8 that much (at least the actual con part). David Nykl (Zelenka) turned out to be a great guy, Eric Brekker (don't ask) was very good at telling funny stories, Tobias Mehler (really, no idea) looked nice, Dan Shea (stunt coordinator and Siler) was really interesting talking about stunts, Cliff Simon (Ba'al) was mad, Neil Dennis (Ry'ac) was mad in a different way, Alex Zahara (just about everything) was also great.

The annoying part of the weekend was just being really tired really early. I also managed to eat an entire bar of Plamil chocolate in a day. Whoops!

I an unimpressed at the shops round here and their grapefruit. They have recently decided that instead of actually getting some pink grapefruit (which I think is the nicest) they would just split the red grapefruit into two and call one lot red and the other lot pink. So now I'm on porridge for breakfast instead.

My watch battery died on Monday (it's been dying for a week). The last time I got a new battery I remember it being expensive, so instead I bought a new watch. It's great, and has a metal strap, which I've never had before. Only problem is I can get it on without undoing it. The instructions for making it smaller tell you for lots of different watches, so I don't know which one applies to mine. And none of the options seem to work. So I now have a watch I can wear that doesn't tell me the time and a watch that tells me the time that I can't wear. How helpful.

This post brought to you by I'm too tired to be coherent.

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You can’t make it up
Wednesday 2nd November 2005 11:34 pm

Which is entirely true, but sadly, I can't write it. I might put it in a friends-locked entry, though.

In brighter news, Blunkett has resigned; there's a new spoof news program on BBC2 Monday nights that is quite funny, and has Claudia Christian in it, plus some other people I recognise but can't remember the names of; I don't have to go back to work till Wednesday; I have chocolate spread that doesn't have vanilla in and is in date.

On the bad side, every Green & Blacks chocolate I looked at has vanilla in. It's probably not enough to make me ill, as long as I don't eat too much in one go. Hmm. I went ice-skating last night, which turned out to be ice-dancing night, so there were quite a few really good people about trying to trip us up. But apart from that the ice was quite empty, which makes it much easier to skate. I'm surprised how many people have been to Ice Trax at Tower Park.

I watched Rome tonight. Or more accurately I watched the first half hour while putting my Australia photos in my album, at which point I couldn't take any more and ended up watching The West Wing instead, which was good. I'm starting to get quite bored of the election though, I wish they'd just get it over and done with already.

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The past couple of weeks (ish), the good, the bad, and the ugly…
Wednesday 19th October 2005 10:37 pm


Payrise! Well, technically promotion but the only difference is the nice big payrise. Which needless to say, I've already spent. Dad had me addicted to QuizCall this weekend, so now I have bought a Freeview TV card, which is the size of a pen drive. So as of this weekend I will have three TVs....

I've read Thud! It was good, I enjoyed it. Specially Vimes's Gooseberry.

I've got Friday off, so am going to see Wallace and Gromit. I know it must be good because The Guardian likes it (they don't like anything).

Mum made me some muffins that are very nice and extremely chocolatey. We had chocolate mousse every night for pudding when I was home. Mum's chocolate mousse is 100 times nicer than any other I have ever tasted. She also made flapjacks but we all forgot that I should be taking them home. And even though they were a bit chewy they were nicer than ones you get in shops as well. She also made me bread, which isn't so good as it's white. And gluten-free, so dry and falls apart.

I've found a version of Hexic at MSN Games, although it's not as good as the Tablet PC version.

Captain Jack is getting his own TV show although it's on BBC3. It might be available on the internet afterwards though, like Confidential was, and The Thick of It will be for the second half of the first series/second series.

Very funny wikipedia take-off: Uncyclopedia. I particularly like the section on the religion of various particles (protons are catholic because they have mass) and various random things, like the links off the marriage article to slavery.


Broke a string on my guitar. Got it fixed fine at the shop. Went to lesson and the teacher pointed out it was the wrong type of string. So I'm taking it back again tomorrow. On the plus side, I now have an electronic tuner which makes tuning 5000% easier.

I've set off the RSI in my thumb again with my cross stitching, so that's out. It gets worse throughout the day after I've been using it - it is quite hard not to use your right thumb, specially given that it doesn't hurt until I've been using it a bit, so I tend to forget. On the plus side, I really should put my Australia photos in an album. On the minus side that does involve writing, which also involves my right thumb. On the plus side, I've just realised I could type the descriptions. How stupid am I?

Just travelling home Friday, back again Sunday, and walking round Bournemouth has completely worn me out. I'm still a bit tired from it.

My chocolate spread has vanilla on it. But I will see if my local health food shop will order me some Plamil Well, their chocolate is good, so I figure their chocolate spread ought to be good too. If not, there are other ones I can try.


Which is really just a way of saying this could go either way. I've discovered spirits have a tendency to be made from wheat grain. The thought of having one drink and spending the rest of the evening doesn't really fill me with joy so my only options seem to be brandy (yuk) or wine (ditto). On the plus side, I'm a cheap date. And will be driving everyone once I have a car so I can remind them what they did the previous night. And increasingly, drink just seems to make me tired.

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The play’s the thing
Saturday 23rd July 2005 9:00 am

The advantage of getting up early this morning is that I now have half an hour to remember what I've forgotten, and write this.

Wednesday I went to see Art in Oxford, which had Simon Shepherd (Will in Peak Practice), Michael Garner (Geoff 'Poison' Pearce in London's Burning) and Russell Boulter (DS Boulton in The Bill) in it. I knew nothing about the play beforehand but I really enjoyed it. Russell Boulter hasn't changed since he left The Bill. And I got a free upgrade, so was in about the eighth row, so didn't even need to use my binoculars (I thought about it but thought it might look a bit conspicuous). The best thing was that because it's a short play there was no interval so I had no opportunity to get jealous about everyone else being able to eat ice cream either.

Thursday I was in a pub that contained a chicken. It belonged to one of the owners and liked to wander in to sleep on the back of one of the chairs. At lunchtime I'd been reading in the G2 about the emergency services people who had been on the scene two weeks previously, which was really intense (and interesting). They ended it with pointing out that the law of averages doesn't mean there can't be another one. Then after lunch I found out this was perfectly true.

Friday was the (now-)annual work barbecue where I managed not to eat anything I couldn't. The annoying thing was I really wanted the potatoes but they were covered in something that looked creamy. I really wanted to just be normal so I didn't ask and just didn't eat them.

Today I'm up early because I'm off to the Science Museum to the Hitchhiker's exhibition and to see Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls, then going to stay at a friends in Guildford, as it's a bit of a bugger to get back here at that time of night. Which should be good, although negotiating the tube line closures is a bit of a pain but not that much different from when they do engineering works. But I can stop off at Reading on the way to go to Shakeaways...

I've also been watching some Peter Davison Doctor Who. I've seen two stories (so eight episodes) and I'm just getting it into my head that he's the Doctor and not just Peter Davison. Once I looked up Nyssa, Tegan and Adric on the wikipedia they became a bit more interesting. We had a Doctor Who fan at work a while back so when I hear the names Nyssa and Tegan I think about that awful project to do with interviewing people in pubs in Sweden and bread, respectively.

Nyssa hasn't really done a great deal so far (although I suspect she's about to), but she looks interesting. I'm quite liking the Doctor. I've heard Adric is pretty much universally hated but he's not really done enough to make me like or dislike him yet. Tegan I like though. Her accent annoyed me at first because it was a really annoying Neighbours-type of Aussie accent. But she's been interesting and I really like her so far. She's kind of the Doctor Who Vila because she's wandered into something she knows nothing about and is understandably scared - just like we would be (but would like to think we wouldn't).

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The Dead Zone and Pizza
Wednesday 1st June 2005 10:49 pm

I discovered today I didn't quite manage to tape The Dead Zone last night. I already missed one episode when they stopped and started it, three while I was away, and one because it was the second part of a two-parter just after I got back. But it's a good programme, so it's annoying.

I've got into the habit of checking what time it's on on Tuesday evening and setting the video up. I checked yesterday after I watched Saturday's Murder in Suburbia, and I was slightly amazed to find it was actually on at the same time as last week.

I definitely heard the video turn off last night so I knew it taped. At 8 o'clock my video came on and I ignored it, having checked the TV guide to see there was no Bill because of football. But being paranoid I checked, just in case. And noticed the football said AC Milan vs Liverpool. Now, I have no idea who Liverpool played last week, and I'm not 100% certain it was on Wednesday, but I thought it was unlikely there would be another big match on the following week. So I gazed up to the top of the page and the date said 26th May. Yes, I have binned this weeks TVQuick and kept last weeks. D'oh. On the plus side, nothing much changes from one week to the next.

I then tried to find out what time The Dead Zone was actually on last night, just in case it was the same time as last week. Which was made slightly harder by me thinking it was on Channel 4 and looking on their website. And the Radio Times website kept trying to stop me doing anything by just generally being crap. The practical upshot is that I've missed the first twenty minutes - ie about half of it. Bugger.


I went to the new Waitrose today and decide they're not as crap as I first thought. They now have a free from section, pink grapefruit (ie red before they swapped the names) although bigger and twice the price), cheezely (although don't know if it's nice or nasty yet) and I managed to find decent carrots in there for the second time ever. So I am relatively) only relatively because their fresh fruit & veg are crap and their bread is tasteless. Although it was a bit surreal when I realised the other day that I have no idea where the milk is. Mind you, I can never remember where the bread lives because they've hidden it at the back of the shop - if you walk along the front you can't see it at all.

I also got ingredients to make myself pizza and garlic bread at the weekend. Which I'm looking forward to because I've really missed pizza.

I have two free tickets to The Allergy Show on 19th June in Olympia. I might work on trying to convince my mother to go, although I suspect she'll just complain about the train prices (and rightly, I have to admit) but does anyone want the other? I accept bribes in the form of dairy-free food.


The other day I watched a clip of Doctor Who in the eighties on the BBC Doctor Who site, which consisted of clips, info and half an hour of 80s music. Which was great! I was pretty much oblivious to the 80s the first time round but I love 80s music. And talking of 80s, for some reason I keep getting Sylvester McCoy and Tony Robinson mixed up. Having watched Doctor Who and Blackadder on the same day I don't know why but I've always done it. I have the sneaking suspicion that it's just me.

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Monday 30th May 2005 8:55 pm

Why can't all weekends be bank holiday weekends?

I had a good time this weekend. Saturday we had shots, cocktails, dinner at Nando's and lots of cleavage. And Annie freaking me out by ringing me and saying 'Are you my mummy?'. Which was very cool, but I'm so glad she didn't just put the phone down because mine didn't recognise the number and it probably would have been more scary. This was before Doctor Who as well.

I saw the first 20mins of Doctor Who Confidential, as the friend I was staying with has Sky. I don't really feel a need to watch the last 10. Although it was really strange to see the BBC3 logo so close to the corner of the screen - watching on the BBC website, it's in the centre.

I finally saw Kill Bill. There was more blood etc than strictly necessary, but then it is a Quentin Tarantino film. But I really enjoyed it, it was good.

We managed to spend an hour on Sunday afternoon cooking a fry up that ended up being breakfast, lunch and dinner combined, being as we ate at 3.30. Which is pretty much an essential component of a lazy weekend. I saw Superman, which was amazingly boring.

I also got to see the first series of Coupling. I was a bit sceptical about it but it was funny - it got funnier as it went on. Now I have to go back to see the rest.

I wasn't terribly impressed, in Comet and PC World, at their collection of DVD+Rs because they were all 8x. I've got a 16x DVD writer though! It's just as well I still have 22 left really. I will have to get some more over the internet, which at least saves carrying them.

I also went to the Tesco free from section which was bad because I now have chocolate muffins and chocolate cake. To add to my chocolate brownies and raspberry ripple ice cream from Waitrose (I had the chocolate before the raspberry ripple). And I still haven't finished my stamp collection bunny (it's quite bitter chocolate so it's taking a while - which is probably a good thing).

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Saturday 16th October 2004 11:26 pm

I've been good and dynamic today. I lazed around in bed (where it was nice and warm) and watched The OC while making CDs. I dusted and hoovered my room. I did back-ups while watching The Bill. Actually, someone from work told me this weeks was really good, but this was coming from someone who likes soaps, so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Just as well. Only good thing about next weeks is that [censored] is going to [censored]. At last. I've even written my piece about Rotaract for Rotary (it is due on Monday) and a first draft of my Elrond essay for Idol Reflection.

I also, and this is the most impressive part, made a lasagne. Myself. For the first time ever. I ate it for lunch, and not only did it taste nice, I'm still alive. I might make it again, although I'm going to run out of mince - the recipe thinks I want to be using half a bag!

I also put my photos onto my computer. They're all behind an lj-cut and you can click on the photos to get a bigger one.

Avon asked for:

Where you live. Not the exact house or anything, in case you have a lurking neighbour stalker, but a typical house/ street where you live.

There are all sorts of different housing round here, but the part of the road I live in is all fifties housing. I took a photo of the most colourful ones:

( houses )

Nilmandra said in her journal:

I would love to see the homes/pets/favorite rooms of my friends!

I took two of my room - one from the doorway and the other from my bed. The first one came out really dark, so I took it again later in the day when it was getting dark outside, so the light looks completely different in these two.

( room )

And because no photo session is complete without the animals, I also have ones of the cat (Merlin) and the baby fish (Tim) I took when I was last home.

( animals )

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