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Saturday 19th May 2007 8:19 pm

I sorted out my bookmarks the other day and realised there's some cool stuff I've seen linked elsewhere and I haven't mentioned here. So now I will. Although I can't remember where I saw them all.

They Fight Crime! - crazy they fight crime duos. Such as:

He's an oversexed gay hairdresser with a passion for fast cars. She's a mistrustful tomboy mermaid with a song in her heart and a spring in her step. They fight crime!

1-click Award - shows you what really moves your mouse around

Star Wars toys that never made it - such as the smouldering corpses of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen.

And a couple of useful ones from tonight's Doctor Who:

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News! and Links!
Tuesday 12th December 2006 7:57 pm

If there's anyone who hasn't heard about it by now, the story of theVerizon employees and their inability to do basic maths: starts here. There was briefly a Wikipedia entry about a new form of maths called Verizonmaths but unsurprsingly it's not making them look good and it's been taken down.

Torchwood has a second series, on BBC2 this time.

Most excitingly, I think, Blakes 7 is getting a radio series. It's slightly surreal because I was talking about this with someone at the District Christmas party on Saturday. I can't decide whether to be excited about new Blakes 7 (there are some interesting people in it, like Craig Kelly and India Fisher). I just don't know if it'll be the same with new actors. But the Cult of Blakes 7 is on in half an hour, so I'm sure that'll help.

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Thursday 12th October 2006 7:52 pm

I am so tired. Because of ZoneAlarm I didn't go to bed till late Sunday night. And Tuesday I thought I'd get an early night but ended up finishing off the second draft of my ficathon piece instead. (It's now 7000 words, but definitely going go get longer because I'm still not happy with large parts of it). And last night I had a Rotaract Exec meeting, so didn't get back till late - and then I just fell into bed when I did. Tomorrow night my sister's invited me to hers for a girly party with DVDs, so that won't be an early night. And we're following it up by swimming on Saturday morning.

I think she is doing me pizza, so not quite sure how that's going to turn out or where she's got stuff from. The funniest part was her text message where she said to bring DVDs. Somehow I don't think she'll appreciate mind all that much.

So tonight I'm having a relaxing TV watching night. Tonight's Avengers was great, and kept you guessing up till the end. It was well acted by Patrick Macnee as well. Then in a bit there's a thing about the Chanukah story and then there's Mock the Week, which seems to be a cross of Have I Got News For You and Whose Line is it Anyway. And is very funny.

I also need to finish off the Serenity extras (didn't like the film as much as the series) so I can get The Sontaran Experiment next. Speaking of which, Doctor Who Magazine has a list of who is doing the commentaries on the series 2 DVDs and Elisabeth Sladen isn't in the School Reunion one 🙁 They did also say that Torchwood is 22nd October, which is the second to last rumour I heard. The Radio Times website has To be announced in its slot, so could be right. The official website is up but they've labelled their links in a 'clever' way and I can't be arsed to work out what they might mean, so no idea what's on it or whether it's up to much (navigation notwithstanding). Note to me to remember later and Sel when you read this: this would be a good thing for the panel, esp as a way to really piss me off.

From llin, a very cool toy: Radiophonatron. And Habitat for Humanity has announced their 2007 dates, and I really want to go to the Romanian one in June. I just need to think of a way of raising at least £350. Anyone any ideas?

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Friday 7th July 2006 8:11 pm

Some links to begin with:

419 Eater - This is a guy who scammed the scammers and a record of the emails they exchanged.

In yesterday's Guardian, Sophie Aldred had a little column: Time travel for beginners. However, the big new spoiler is in the first paragraph and links to similar stories at the bottom includes the not-quite-so-new-any-more spoiler. The non-spoilery bit in the middle I've copy and pasted to the Ace comm

My dad's obviously really busy now he's retired and he sent me a link to that very dangerous website whose tagline is completely true - it's full of stuff I really want but don't actually need. This is a USB missile launcher and there are even videos of it in action.

My gupi has once again proved it's a boy. For some reason it kept on crying and refusing to walk anywhere no matter how much I stroked it or plugged it into the mains to recharge it. Turns out he was really unhappy and wanted me to stroke him while he had his carrot in his mouth. Hmm. Anyway, now he is perfectly happy and running into things and laughing again. I will bring him to the windmill.

I really enjoyed the Baghdatis/Nadal match today. It was great when I got home and watched it. I've not really watched much tennis this fortnight, mostly I've listened to it on the radio, which isn't that unusual. This evening they really annoyed me at one point whenever Baghdatis won a point they showed his family up in the players box celebrating. Who cares? Not me, I'm watching the tennis. They do have an annoying tendency to show really weird angles so you can't see what's going on and a couple of times when Nadal was actually about to serve, rather than just pissing about, as he does, they showed a very close up of Baghdatis. And what's the point of that?

On the plus side, the Radio 5 commentators are much better than the TV ones, not least because they don't include John MacEnroe or Virginia Wade. I'm really looking forward to going there on Sunday, just as long as we can get a place on Henman Hill (we have Court 1 tickets and frankly, I'd rather see the men's final).

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The News is Broken
Monday 28th November 2005 11:12 pm

I've just been watching Broken News which continues to be funny. Usually I tape it and watch Shakespeare but 15 minutes of Johnny Vegas turned out to be all I could take. The only annoying thing about Broken News is that you can't concentrate on what's being said and the ticker tapes that go across the bottom. The money and sports channels are even worse. Most memorable joke was right at the start:

"...destroyed four storeys, including the latest JK Rowling..."

I also loved that they as well as looking at tomorrows/yesterdays papers they also looked at the obituries, the crosswords, the sudokos and the horoscopes.

I managed to concentrate for long enough tonight to get the Sheppard/Teyla part of my Five Things fic up to v4. It's a stick-fighting scene, so I looked up some screencaps to describe the gym and I remembered how much I love the place. It's so pretty. And I love the whole stick fighting thing. I'd love to try it, even though it's mostly just spinning and hitting each other's sticks - much like lightsabre fighting but with a weapon in each hand.

Tomorrow at work I get to try and match up 511 questionnaires with 442 bits of data (or technically speaking, the other way round). Which is going to be a complete nightmare, except that I quite like it in some sort of masochistic way. Perhaps because it's a bit of a logic problem. Plus I quite like playing with data in excel.

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The past couple of weeks (ish), the good, the bad, and the ugly…
Wednesday 19th October 2005 10:37 pm


Payrise! Well, technically promotion but the only difference is the nice big payrise. Which needless to say, I've already spent. Dad had me addicted to QuizCall this weekend, so now I have bought a Freeview TV card, which is the size of a pen drive. So as of this weekend I will have three TVs....

I've read Thud! It was good, I enjoyed it. Specially Vimes's Gooseberry.

I've got Friday off, so am going to see Wallace and Gromit. I know it must be good because The Guardian likes it (they don't like anything).

Mum made me some muffins that are very nice and extremely chocolatey. We had chocolate mousse every night for pudding when I was home. Mum's chocolate mousse is 100 times nicer than any other I have ever tasted. She also made flapjacks but we all forgot that I should be taking them home. And even though they were a bit chewy they were nicer than ones you get in shops as well. She also made me bread, which isn't so good as it's white. And gluten-free, so dry and falls apart.

I've found a version of Hexic at MSN Games, although it's not as good as the Tablet PC version.

Captain Jack is getting his own TV show although it's on BBC3. It might be available on the internet afterwards though, like Confidential was, and The Thick of It will be for the second half of the first series/second series.

Very funny wikipedia take-off: Uncyclopedia. I particularly like the section on the religion of various particles (protons are catholic because they have mass) and various random things, like the links off the marriage article to slavery.


Broke a string on my guitar. Got it fixed fine at the shop. Went to lesson and the teacher pointed out it was the wrong type of string. So I'm taking it back again tomorrow. On the plus side, I now have an electronic tuner which makes tuning 5000% easier.

I've set off the RSI in my thumb again with my cross stitching, so that's out. It gets worse throughout the day after I've been using it - it is quite hard not to use your right thumb, specially given that it doesn't hurt until I've been using it a bit, so I tend to forget. On the plus side, I really should put my Australia photos in an album. On the minus side that does involve writing, which also involves my right thumb. On the plus side, I've just realised I could type the descriptions. How stupid am I?

Just travelling home Friday, back again Sunday, and walking round Bournemouth has completely worn me out. I'm still a bit tired from it.

My chocolate spread has vanilla on it. But I will see if my local health food shop will order me some Plamil Well, their chocolate is good, so I figure their chocolate spread ought to be good too. If not, there are other ones I can try.


Which is really just a way of saying this could go either way. I've discovered spirits have a tendency to be made from wheat grain. The thought of having one drink and spending the rest of the evening doesn't really fill me with joy so my only options seem to be brandy (yuk) or wine (ditto). On the plus side, I'm a cheap date. And will be driving everyone once I have a car so I can remind them what they did the previous night. And increasingly, drink just seems to make me tired.

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All sorts of stuff
Saturday 16th July 2005 9:11 pm

First a link: Word Perhect - it's a word processor along the lines of Windows RG.

The week started off so well, then I accidentally ate some bread with milk in at the Rotaract barbecue, so spent the rest of the week trying to catch up on my sleep. And reading the last Doctor and Ace BBC book. Pity the ending was so crap.

Today was our tinshake, so I got to sit in a nice garden for five hours and spend one hour standing in the sun in a fairly empty town collecting. I managed to spend most of my time with my left side in the sun (or towards it) so I now have one brown arm and one white one. I will have to spend tomorrow the other way round so I have a matching pair. I also got to count money and we made just under £400 for the local toy library, which is pretty good going. For some reason it seems that any collection in the town gets between £300 and £500 no matter the time of year and the weather.

I enjoyed sitting around with nothing urgent to do so much I made plans to do the same tomorrow. Although finding shade in my landlady's garden is sometimes a bit tricky. After the tinshake I went to Tescos, mainly for some pink grapefruit which they couldn't manage to provide anyway, and got Harry Potter. To read tomorrow (although I read an hours worth this evening in the garden). I did tell myself in advance I wouldn't buy it if it was more than �8 and it wasn't, so I felt vindicated. Sort of. After all, I get the Discworld books in hardback when they come out for �8 or �9.

I have to say that as soon as I started it I felt like I was being talked down to. I've got more used to it now but it does serve to remind that it's a children's book. And I certainly have the children's cover - it's prettier and more colourful. And I certainly didn't re-read the others in preparation - I've read them all twice (or more, I haven't been counting) so I remember them now. I only usually need twice through anything to fix it in my memory for a good few years.

I also discovered Atlantis was on Channel 5 yesterday. It's just as well dad wasn't waiting for it to be on terrestrial to see it - otherwise I'd have been taping it for him because they don't have Sky and no intention of getting it. Sometimes mum asks me if they're missing anything by not being able to get Channel 5 and I can reassure her they're not. That's when I remember to read that column in the TV guide - I got so used to ignoring it before I went to uni I often forget it's there entirely.

Anyway, I enjoyed Atlantis. I had forgotten that Major Sheppard knew nothing about the whole Stargate thing before it started. And I can definitely see a Sheppard/Weir thing going on.

Annmarwalk and Avon did this one:

The One-sentence Meme

If you happen to be working on some new writing project, fanfiction or what have you, post exactly one sentence from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

So I had a look through my wip folder and found all sorts of things I'd entirely forgotten about, some of which may even be finished one day in the distant future. Don't hold your breath though, some of these were last modified in 2001.

* Unfortunately the ship was running smoothly and Trip temporarily run out of things to take his mind off the situation. (untitled, Enterprise)

* "You don't see me eating pecan pie off just anyone's plate." (untitled, Enterprise)

* "Aeryn can we please have a sensible conversation that doesn't involve talking in riddles and going round in circles." (Lost Without You, Farscape)

* "If you are referring to our destination of Place A then it is still 5 days away. We are only 2 arns from Place B, however." (untitled, Farscape)

* If he had been thinking clearly he might have noticed that not only was Aeryn not breathing, but there was also a bullet wound in her stomach, accompanied by a fair amount of blood distributed between Aeryn, the floor and the guards. (untitled Farscape)

* It has been said that hell is being stuck in a room forever with your friends, and we've certainly proved that. (Trapped, Stargate)

* Elrond made to get up and get some bandages but from the corner of his eye he saw Celebri�an's eyelids flutter and her breath falter. (Abduction, Lord of the Rings)

* He momentarily wondered if he shouldn't have cleaved to Arwen so early, in which case he'd now understand women a little better. (working title Adjustments, Lord of the Rings)

* Elrond did not easily express his emotions and Arwen was glad he had at least felt something. (untitled, Lord of the Rings)

* "I'm trying to seduce you and that's all you can think about?" (untitled, Lord of the Rings)

* There was always one or other of the Northern Rangers injured or dying and Elrond couldn't help worrying that one day one of the dead would be his son. (Choices, Lord of the Rings)

* He could taste the lembas that had been the last meal for both of them; he could smell metal and earth; he could feel the handle of his bow pressing against his palms and digging into the skin. (Last Alliance, Lord of the Rings)

* It was always dark these days and my mother had only found one candle to light the room we were in. (working title Servants 2, Lord of the Rings)

* They had an unspoken agreement not to reveal to anyone else the truth of their marriage but still his actions surprised her. (The Tale of Arathorn and Gilraen, Lord of the Rings)

* He could imagine what would happen if it got round that the king and steward were moonlighting as seamstresses. (untitled, Lord of the Rings)

* The Doctor, on the other hand, had clearly decided Paris was at its best during the French Revolution, when half of the population was trying to kill the other half (untitled, Doctor Who)

* Instead, I am scared of the future - it stretches before me, long and empty without you in it (My Angel, original)

Saz and Nic did this one (which I must reply to):

Why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself? Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she/he wears mismatched socks." I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal.

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Friday 17th June 2005 10:01 pm

A couple of follow-ups to the Crimson Room:

The Blue Room

The Viridian Room (although the aim of this one isn't to get out)

If you're stuck the walkthroughs to the above are at and respectively.

I was having a surf at Think Geek and it would be worrying that the t-shirt saying:

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you

made me laugh, except that the hex codes were in colour.

Wimbledon starts on Monday! Looking forward to it. Then there's Glastonbury next weekend, the last Doctor Who for a bit on Saturday and Coldplay are on Later, later tonight. I would be worried that dad likes Coldplay except that he's like me with music (or more probably, I'm like him) in that we both like anything good, no matter when it came from or who. Well, up to a point anyway.

And on the subject of Doctor Who. I've now seen a few Sylvester McCoy's, listened to a Big Finish CD and read a book. And I can't think of a single one where I got to the end of it and actually understood what was going on. Somewhere along the line I seem to miss something important, I think.

Come to think of it, I had the same problem with Shada (although that was partly because I was confused due to the plot not being what I expected) and Scream of the Shalka. I'm understanding the new stuff but then it's shorter and less complicated.

If it's as hot as they say tomorrow I might melt, as we're in the local carnival. I'm playing Death. I even had a home-made scythe, which I'm quite proud of.

I might not watch The Bill from next week. I came home on Sunday and decided to watch The Last Detective. I had no idea what was going on, no idea who'd dunnit but I still enjoyed it. I couldn't help comparing it to The Bill on Wednesday, which I really didn't enjoy at all. There really hasn't been anything worth watching on this week's episodes and the trailer for the next one hasn't really made me want to watch them. If it's a choice between tennis and The Bill, well, it might depend on how pissed off I am at the commentators by then as Radio 5 finish coverage at 7pm, so we're forced to listen to the likes of John MacEnroe and Viginia Wade for an hour and a half.

I also have until Monday lunchtime (so, tomorrow would be a good time) to pick my Fantasy Wimbledon team. Last year's was easy because they just provided a list of four and you picked one, then another four, and so on until you had 8 men and 8 women. This time you have to spend �100k - and Federer is �50k!

And I think that's been a bit rambly. If you can follow this, welcome to my brain!

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Farscape again and some other stuff this time
Thursday 21st October 2004 9:49 pm

I'm feeling slightly more rational about Farscape now. There was an excellent homage to 2001 in the last twenty minutes. So much so (and bearing in mind we're talking about my favourite film here) that I have no idea what happened in that scene. Except there wasn't enough breathing. It did remind me that I really want 2001 on DVD, but then it would also require a big widescreen TV and surround sound to watch it properly, so no rush.

I can't help wondering how different the mini series would have been if it had been a whole series. And whether it would have been better or worse. But what really clinched it was when I watched last night's Bill earlier and it was a two sick bucket job, at the end. And let's not even mention the whole of the rest of the episode. I should watch tonight's but I've finished my cross stitch, and I can't watch another episode without one, I'll get too bored. Mind you, I'm really tired from going to bed really late all week, so I might be in the right state of mind for it.

I spotted our next Davis Cup match is before I go to Australia, but it's in Israel, which is no help. I hope we get through it and get a World Group qualifying match at home.

I won a packet of jaffa cakes in a raffle last night. Well, I got to pick the prize, but frankly everyone in the room was eyeing them up, so we shared them amongst the club. We also came fourth in the quiz, which was fairly respectable, although Langley and Iver beat us again, annoyingly.

Half term started today. We're on the new six term system, which I forget how it works now, except that half terms are longer, summer holidays are shorter and all terms are six weeks, regardless of when Easter is. What it meant was there was no-one around when I walked to work today. Which only goes to show how much of the rush hour traffic is school-related (although this is only a market town, so rush hour pretty much means there are cars on the road. Apparently this wasn't the case before they built the bypass).

Ever since the article in the Guardian Online the other week about workplace bloggers I've been reading two of them that particularly interest me:
The Policeman's Blog - who has some good advice about how to deal with crimes and the police, and lots of stuff about what really goes on
and Doing Less Harm - who works in IT in the NHS. Today's entry in particular made me laugh, because I come up against similar stuff myself.

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Saturday 28th August 2004 10:04 pm

Two cool links: Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Trailer. Very exciting. I just hope that the BBC show it, and after 9pm. It's not a children's program, BBC, take note.

I have also just found some of the Orange adverts they show at the cinema to remind you to turn off your phone. These are usually someone pitching a film and the Orange guys ruining it by putting mobile phones in it. You can't get to the Clockwork Orange advert for Orange Wednesdays but the Lord of the Ringtones one is there (generally agreed to be the best one so far, it even stands up to multiple viewings).

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The Bill Live
Friday 31st October 2003 11:54 am

I was very impressed with the live episode of The Bill last night. Since it was done in real time it made it seem so much more real. It's a shame that the storylines meant that not everyone could have been in it though. There was lots of action, I was practically glued to my seat! And that hasn't happened for a while, usually I have to be doing something else at the same time, otherwise I get bored.

The most annoying thing though, is that usually I put the TV or video on at 7.59 and get 'previously on The Bill'. I was out Wednesday so I switched the tape over at 9pm for Teachers and it cut off the end of The Bill! The tape started and I got the end of Coro, so I wasn't impressed. Especially as I put the TV on Thursday and just missed the 'previously' bit. Just when I needed it as well...

On the police topic though, I saw two mounted policemen in Oxford on Saturday. I've only ever seen them in Trafalgar Square at New Year (and it didn't half make the place stink of horse shit).

Some interesting links:
Google has a Halloween themed logo today.
The Drink-o-meter

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Monday 10th March 2003 11:18 pm

The William Shatner Acting Simulator is so funny. You click on buttons to get him to say random words (complete with silly actions) and it makes a sentence the same way the real one does! That picture of Aragorn from my last post is a very nice one. Can't write much because I keep looking at it, and also because I'm cold. Might have to go to bed to watch something.

Farscape - they're not dead, I tell you! Denial is not just a river in Africa - not least because they had plans for a fifth series and didn't get any time to change the last episode. So there.

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**** drivers
Wednesday 5th February 2003 7:24 pm

Whoops! Didn't slash my center tag yesterday.

I was really annoyed at a stupid (male) driver in a flash car today. Somewhere between work and home I have to cross the main road. It was really busy close to work, so I thought I'd walk on the other side and cross later. When I reached the mini roundabout I realised there weren't many cars about so I decided to cross there. There was one car turning right, so I stepped off the pavement intending to cross behind him. But for some inexplicable reason he decided this meant he would slow down to a ridiculous speed and by the time I realised this I had to take a few steps back onto the pavement because a load of cars had appeared behind him and another load were about to run me over. So then I got to stand there for 5 minutes waiting to cross, all because of one stupid idiot. How do these people manage to pass their driving test anyway? Bribery?

A couple of recs, the website that goes with Posh Nosh and Vila's e-mails.

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