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A long post with lots of stuff in
Wednesday 11th January 2006 7:46 pm

A multi-part post for today.


I really liked Life on Mars on Monday. It's about a DCI who gets in a car accident (RTA, if we're going to go with acronyms :)) and wakes up in 1973. As a DI. Poor love. It's sort of a cross between The (Old) Bill and Quantum Leap. His DCI in 1973 I hated at first but by the end he was obviously a nice guy and a bit Burnside-like and I liked him. I'm looking forward to more of it.

On the one hand I'm looking forward to Hyperdrive tonight (sci-fi sitcom, thereby Red Dwarf's succesor) because it sounds good, but I'm a bit worried that a lot of comedy on these days seems to be puerile, rather than funny. With the exception of The Thick of It, which is more ridiculous-situation funny than laugh-out-loud funny.


There have been links to people talking about feedback on metafandom recently. I'm trying to be good and give feedback for nearly everything I read, counting reviewing it for Sel's site as feedback. The exceptions are generally ones where I honestly have nothing to say, not even I liked it because I can't decide whether I do or not. I am mostly succeeding at this so far.

The reason I'm doing it is, well, actually there's more than one. It's partly because I feel I should, I mean just pressing a button and typing a few words takes less time than reading the thing. I don't know if it's called karma, maybe, but I always feel that you should treat people, generally speaking, how you'd like to be treated back. Okay, so it doesn't always happen, esp not if you talk to me while I'm ill or stressed, but then my dad's exactly the same so I blame him. But it feels the same with feedback - I feel that if I don't take the time to comment on other people's fic then why should people comment on mine?

It's also sometimes an opportunity to have a discussion about a character or a situation, or something. And a chance to make friends. When I did Crack Van back in December I did worry at first that I was reccing stories of people that are on my friendslist, but then I realised that in some cases that's how I met them!

Generally speaking, if someone comments on a fic of mine and I don't know who they are I'll go and check them out, find out what they've written. On the basis that if they've read something of mine we must have something in common, so maybe they've written something I want to read.


We went to Rotary last night for our meeting. While they were eating and meeting we met, and it was very nice to sit in comfy chairs, even if they were 'a bit horizontal' as Matthew described them. I remember when I first joined and didn't know anyone that well it seemed really odd that they all knew each other really well. It doesn't now though. We were discussing Moonraker at one point (a 10 mile night hike with orienteering, also including running out of torch batteries, getting stuck in the mud and large amounts of chocolate) and someone said you basically laugh for 6 hours. I've never done it, but whenever we meet up it does consist mainly of laughing. And chocolate.

Going into Rotary afterwards was more sobering, though. They had a talk from a couple of guys who had been out to Pakistan after the earthquake. One was a journalist, the other had raised lots money (like £50,000 in a week lots) and they showed the videos they'd made out there. There were loads of buildings either flattened or half falling down. The worst thing was that the guy who had raised money is trying to build an orphange out there, and he focused on the children who had been injured, many of them had to have amputations because they hadn't got medical help soon enough. That was really horrible to see.

The trouble with seeing that sort of thing is that it immediately makes you want to help. That's obviously not a bad thing in itself (our cheese and wine quiz on Saturday was to raise money for a Shelterbox, and the usual Rotary collection at their meeting went towards that and raised £139 between about 30 people). The trouble is that you feel this way everytime and you just can't help everyone. And it's really hard to think about who you're not helping, even though you are helping someone else.


For a bit of lightness after that, these have been going round today.

You scored as Teyla.









Which Stargate Girl Are You?
created with

I like the beautiful part!

You scored as Carson Beckett.

Carson Beckett


Ronon Dex


Rodney McKay


Aiden Ford


Daniel Jackson


Cam Mitchell


Jack O'Neill


John Sheppard




Who Is Your Stargate Boyfriend?
created with

It's true he does have a nice accent, although it would be better if it was an incomprehensible-to-Americans, proper Scottish accent. With no r in murder (cf The Tower).

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Mary Sue meme
Friday 2nd January 2004 10:45 am

You are Eowyn.
What LotR Mary Sue cliche are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm definitely sensing a theme here. But then it could be something to do with these quizzes asking about swords and of course I'm going to pick that as my answer.

I have now recovered from New Year where I did indeed get pissed. Although the kind where I go from sober to asleep so that part was quite boring. I then spent yesterday tired and dehydrated. Which was just the kind of brain level necessary for The Bill. I also got through half of Scream of the Shalka, which I was quite impressed about. I should now do something productive. Or not.

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Sunday 9th March 2003 4:52 pm

You wanna shag Aragorn!
Your lust object is Aragorn! But, sadly, he's
already got Arwen and Eowyn pining after him.
Grab your chance by kidnapping him right after
the battle (he'll be too exhausted to fight),
run off to Avathar (surely no one will look for
you there) and shag the living daylights out of

Which Helm's Deep soldier do you wanna shag?
brought to you by Quizilla

(I didn't cheat either!)

Before Monday I never knew you could get green inhalers. Tastes horrible as well. My asthma's been bad this week so no Tae Kwon Do or fencing, so I've been in all week. I didn't go anywhere at the weekend either so I thought I'd be really bored. But I haven't been. I've read, watched videos and wrote a fair bit as well. I'll be back to going out again next week though.

I've updated my web site today, will upload it later. Haven't changed much, but all the links now take you outside the frame (I think I found all of them). There's hardly anything to download at the moment, so I've been doing a few mp3s, but other than that there's only really been Angel. Surfing is so fast though! I'm so used to downloading stuff constantly that I'd forgotten its not all that slow.

It must be spring. There are daffodils out (my favourite flower) and I can get watchable quality out of Channel 5 (just the pictures, not the programs, obviously) and the picture's back on Meridian. Just in time for Monkeys as well. Although I suspect it may have started before today and I just didn't notice. After I go to all the trouble of climbing up the newspaper racks in the newsagents to get the South version of TVQuick as well.

The Isildur/Haldir thing from the random slash pairing generator has been going round my head. So I wrote a fic for it. I was inspired, I have to admit, but someone who'd got Isildur/Aragorn and managed to carry it off.

My landlady went out this morning so I watched The Bill on UKGold and it was the excellent A Question of Trust part 2 from 1999. Every time I watch these old ones I wish we still had those characters in it. It all changed so much on the day CID were all suspended. Today's episode featured DS Boulton and was delightfully ambiguous as well.

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