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Blakes 7 and Harry Potter
Thursday 19th July 2007 9:19 pm

I'm giving a presentation to Rotary on 31st about my trip to Romania. So I actually got my arse in gear and wrote it tonight. Well, I wrote a few bullet points on slides and added some photos. I need to work out how long it's going to be and write myself some notes - I have to give it again on 17th September, when I'm more likely to have forgotten what happened.


I listened to the Blakes 7 audio last night in the car. I'd listened to the first three episodes when they were first up, but got distracted during them. I listened again when a few more were up, hoping that might be the end of the episode. It wasn't, and it annoyed me that I had to get up every five minutes to start the next one (remembering what one I was on) and listen to the theme music at the start of every one.

It was much easier to listen to on CD. And it was good. It was strange to hear one of Avon's lines being given to someone else. But I recognised one of Vila's that he kept. And I did love that one of the prisoners had been accused of 217 counts of murder, at which point he pointed out he worked in administration 🙂

Of all the characters Avon hasn't made an impact on me. But then he hasn't had much to do yet.

I'm looking forward to listening to the next one, but I think I'll just skip the website and buy it off Judith again.


There was an article in the paper today about the Harry Potter book leak (or possible leak - it might not be the right manuscript) and it mentioned security around the Harry Potter books:

Ahead of the launch books have been kept in guarded warehouses and delivered by vans tracked by satellites. Clays, printer of the British edition, installed barbed wire around its Suffolk plant and hired extra guards to search workers as they left the factory.

I was quite amused that at the end of Mock the Week they had 'Lines you'll never see in the final Harry Potter book', which with the exception of the owl postal strike, were all dirty, as you'd expect really.

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Back from Romania
Sunday 17th June 2007 5:09 pm

I'm back from Romania. I'm really tired - I got used to going to bed when it got dark and getting up about 6.30am, and that's Romanian time too. And the travel sickness pills still haven't worn off yet - although they say on the packet 'may cause drowsiness' what they should actually say is 'will put you to sleep' - I feel asleep in Budapest airport.

Romania was a lovely place - very beautiful and all the people were very friendly. It was great to go with Habitat too, because you get to see the places tourists don't, meet the people, and see what a difference you make. We worked on houses for people with no running water, and they were so grateful for what we did. Coming back and watching the final of the Stella Artois I established I really need a new (bigger) telly because I can't see the ball properly from so far away, but that sort of thing seems so inconsequential when you've seen people who have very little and are grateful for it.

There are photos at

I wish someone would turn the heat up on the weather though - it's colder now than at nighttime where I was. Last Tuesday my arms tanned (and nearly burnt) even through putting factor 50+ on every half an hour.

I am caught up on Doctor Who - I really liked Blink, which really scared me. It'll take me all week, if not longer, to catch up on the rest of my viewing and my RSS Feeds, though (even though I just marked most of them as read).

I also need to remember how to type, it seems so hard after two weeks without doing it.

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Last post before I go
Thursday 31st May 2007 10:06 pm

In what can only be described as a minor miracle, I have fitted all my stuff into my suitcase. Although I realised later that I have packed my travel alarm clock somewhere. But it could be anywhere. So Saturday morning I will probably be getting up with the aid of a phone call from the hotel, unless it turns out to be somewhere easy to get to.

Watching Doctor Who and Confidential when I get back is going to be fun as I can't tell what time they'll be on three Saturdays from now, so I have taped them both for three hours. So I should definitely get them in there somewhere. But my fast forwarding options are 2x, 4x, 6x and skip 3 mins, 1 min, 30 secs. It would be so much easier if the BBC had started up their player then I needn't have bothered taping anything.

This is my last post before I go - it is not too late to donate money though!

(it would be so nice if LJ would just accept this rather than making me go back and edit it before the crossposter works properly)

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Sunday 13th May 2007 10:07 pm

I've had a relaxing and productive weekend. Probably because Sel was coming over I got up and got on on Saturday, so I had tidied and cleaned by 11am. We went out for Chinese for dinner and managed to make it during a time when it wasn't raining! I discovered there's a shop in town that sells Really Useful Boxes and looks like it has more than Staples in Oxford, who are a bit crap for them (Staples in Poole are much better) and we met a cat in the castle gardens. My chocolate mousse turned out nice again, which was good.

We watched Frontios, a Fifth Doctor story which neither of us had seen, and had Jeff Rawle (George Dent from Drop the Dead Donkey) looking really young. I had forgotten he did this over ten years before he did Drop the Dead Donkey. It turned out to be a very good story, we were gripped. It was a bit surreal when we watched Thursday's episode of The Last Detective and Jeff Rawle was in it again. The Last Detective seems to attract lots of well-known names because this one also had Celia Imrie and some bloke I recognise (he was married to Celia Imrie's character - where do I know him from?) and last week's had Jackie Tyler and Peter Davison's daughter. And of course every week it has Peter Davison, Shaun Hughes and one of the wives from the 40s thing that the bloke who played Rodney in Only Fools and Horses was in. And I've entirely forgotten the relevant names and titles now.

We also watched a couple of good episodes of The Avengers. From looking at the backs of my DVDs I think I have about three Emma Peel DVDs to go. I must get on and watch them - I leave it so long in between watching The Avengers that I'm surprised how good it is every time I do.

Now I have watched every Fifth Doctor story! (Also every Seventh and Third Doctor stories). So I feel justified in working my way through One due to loving Ian. He's so great.

I also bought some stuff for my Romania trip (and Robot on DVD to watch when I get back, along with the three episodes I'll have missed). One of the things we have to have are steel cap toe boots. I was quite impressed to find a pink pair. So they'll go with the t-shirt, which is still pink after one wash.

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University Challenge
Monday 26th March 2007 8:16 pm

Wow, we're in the semi-finals, I can't believe it! And interestingly, there's no Oxbridge in the semis at all. I thought we were shit in University Challenge. And it means I have to go through that knuckle-biting tension again in two weeks.

And I'm entirely behind on this, but thank you so much to Ann, Lady Branwyn, Aervir, Tanaqui and Hilary for donating to my Romania fundraising.

I will manage a B2MEM post before the end of March, really I will.

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