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University Challenge
Monday 20th November 2006 9:14 pm

Yay, for Warwick just won on University Challenge! And I knew a few answers too.

It's just taken me ten minutes to get real player to agree to play the Doctor Who Children in Need concert. It does like to complain. It's always fine with ISIHAC though - which I entirely forgot to listen to last week. I must remember to listen to this weeks sometime this week.

Edit: SJA is going to be on BBC1 over the Christmas holidays - so that's three Doctor Who things over Christmas! (not incuding Torchwood, since not sure what they're doing with the end of that)

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Bunny island
Tuesday 10th October 2006 6:20 pm

I only came up with my adventure weekend post after I saw a short program on Friday night about an island of bunnies: Skomer Island, off South West Wales. It's open from April to October but given that we are talking about Wales here (although it apparently has less rain than the mainland) it's going to be better in summer. Plus there should be more baby bunnies about. So that's something I'm going to do one weekend next summer. Expect lots of bunny photos. (Incidentally, the one in my icon my dad took when they went to Monkey World - they have a few bunnies there, so dad took some photos of them specially for me).

On the theme of bunnies, this reminded me that the Donkey Sanctuary not far from here has bunnies. You can only really get to it by car, and as it's nearly on the way to Tescos I ought to be able to drive there myself. So at some point, in the light, I'm going to up there to prove I can, then see about being able to help out with the bunnies.

On an entirely different note, last night's Spooks, noooooooooooooo! I'd say more but anything I tried to say non-spoilery and therefore cryptic would give the game away to Melli. I had started on the second draft of my SJ ficathon fic just before it, intending to continue later but I forgot Spooks tends to make you not able to think afterwards. I think I need it on DVD.

On the plus side, my ZoneAlarm is now fixed. Phew!

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