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An actual update
Monday 15th June 2009 8:54 pm

With useful headers and everything.

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Another five things to talk about
Sunday 15th March 2009 6:13 pm

My trouble when I'm ill is I tend not to want to talk to people, mostly because I have to be polite and I don't have the energy for that extra thinking. So it's usually better just to shut up and ignore everyone. Which has extended to me not wanting to post in here either, although I do have things I want to blog about.

I am getting better, if slowly (and don't have concussion, which is good after I hit my head on the kitchen side on Thursday night) and this has been marked as unread in my emails for a while:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your blog and elaborate on the subjects given.

gave me Doctor Who, Elrond, food allergies, Davis Cup, fencing: Read more...

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Tonight’s Doctor Who
Saturday 17th June 2006 8:03 pm

I liked it, it was fun. And it had more guest stars I've heard of than you can shake a stick at: that guy from Hustle (who's also apparently going to be in Life on Mars, yay!), the girl who was Moaning Myrtle and one of Bridget Jones's friends, and Moya Brady (Robbie Cryer - it seems like forever since she left). And Peter Kay, who I've heard of but not seen in anything. I keep thinking I hate him but then remember I'm getting him mixed up with Johnny Vegas, whose scene in Blakes Junction 7 is fabulous but makes me cringe because it's Johnny Vegas.

So, on balance I haven't had enough sleep.

In today's driving lesson I only stalled the car twice, which is an improvement on last week. I also failed to find fifth gear on all but one occasion (the first one, bizarrely). And I still can't do junctions. So, as long as I don't have to drive anywhere that involves changing roads, I'll be fine.

There was also tennis today, yay! Two good matches, hopefully tomorrow's final will be good too. Only a week till Wimbledon, and three weeks till I go there.

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Various bits
Sunday 8th September 2002 8:19 pm

I tried to post this at 8.25pm on 2nd Sept, but blogger was being a bugger and didn't post it:

Didn't have a terribly good weekend, then today was really shite. I pretty much spent the day working on one project, on which everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And its still not finished. Will be nice to get it out of the way though. Discovered my landlady's cats have fleas because I've been bitten and also because I've seen them. Looking forward to going home this weekend as it'll be relaxing (yeah, right). Will have to go to Tescos, so might as well go to the cinema while I'm there as I still haven't seen Minority Report and The Importance of Being Earnest comes out on Friday, which I really want to see. Plus if I don't take my computer home I'll only get bored anyway.

Managed to miss Hywel this weekend, which was pretty much the reason for going to The Bill studios. Hopefully though I'll be able to get the day off for the next one, which will be before he leaves. I still have about 10 photos left on my film as well, which I'll need to use up at the Davis Cup match. Almost getting excited about that as well, not that much because I haven't really seen any of the US Open because BBC2 only show the semi-finals onwards, if that, which isn't much help as non of our guys are left in by that stage. And the year that Rusedski got to the final they didn't show it at all! I remember listening to it on the radio at 11 o'clock at night, in the dark, lying in bed, trying not to fall asleep. Have at least managed to find some good fic at the SG1 2002 Awards site, which is something.

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