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A few things
Monday 23rd June 2014 9:00 pm

Wimbledon! Although this afternoon was a bit disappointing because the radio was all about Andy Murray defending his title. Now his first match is over with, hopefully things will settle down a bit. With roughly half the first round matches played I'm already one fantasy tennis player down on one of my fantasy teams.

Game of Thrones! I finally got round to watching the latest series last week. Well, I started the weekend before last and finished last weekend. I definitely need to read the book because some of it made no sense. My favourite character of his series was Peter Baelish because I have no idea what he wants, which makes him unpredictable and therefore more interesting.

Temporary glasses loss! On Friday I got home, wearing my prescription sunglasses. After I'd got the bin in I went into my bag to change my glasses... and my glasses case wasn't there. I'd either not put it in my bag at work when I changed my glasses or it had fallen out in Tesco when I stopped for some salt (for a slug barrier to stop the slugs getting in the house) or in the car. After a bit of worry that I'd have to decide whether to spend the weekend in sunglasses or old glasses, I went out to the car and found the case on the passenger seat, where it had fallen out of my bag.

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Sarah & Harry ficathon
Saturday 28th June 2008 10:21 am

For a bit of it seemed like a good idea at the time and still hasn't seemed like a bad one, I'm running the Sarah & Harry (with optional Sarah/Harry) ficathon. Sign-ups are open till 5th July (Ladies Finals Day).

At some point I will wake up enough to post about having my tooth out and tennis, but today should have about eight hours of good tennis followed by Glastonbury and Doctor Who might have to wait till tomorrow morning when there's nothing else on.

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Rain, rain, go away
Tuesday 3rd July 2007 10:22 pm

It's been another frustrating day. Play started at 11am but since it didn't look like the matches were going to be that interesting, I didn't bother with the tennis till lunchtime. The minute I got myself set up to watch it, it started raining. They started playing an hour and a half later, which is not helpful. And then I spent the afternoon getting up and down a lot, so kept putting the headphones down and not putting them back on straight away. Which meant that every time I sat down to listen to the tennis it rained, and whenever I stopped for a long period, they played.

It was quite interesting to hear the thunder over the radio. It thundered here an hour after it did there, but that was all it did. As a result I saw, I think, one Nadal game before they went off again. And that was it for the day. Why they didn't play on Sunday I don't know, because they might not have been that far behind after Saturday, but they certainly are now - starting on all courts at 11am and using every single courts - including ones that don't have a number.

I finished The Myth Makers, which is Vicki's last episode and I'm all sad because I liked Vicki. And I am discovering Doctor Who is a bad influence - it's really hard to type doctor with a small d.

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Monday 2nd July 2007 9:04 pm

Well, we had tennis and it was exciting. Although mostly it was the Five Live commentators making me laugh - Michael Stich will take any opportunity to criticise the Hawkeye, Jonathan [something] persists in saying 'three points away', 'two points away' etc, although I think he's doing on purpose to wind everyone else up. One of them decided to commentate on the warm up to show how ridiculous it was, and accurately predicated the rain (which wasn't difficult really).

And then there was the whole thing with Serena Williams. I ended up watching her match this evening, even though I could have watched Nadal's because I was trying to work out if she was injured or not. It was bizarre.

I've reached the point with my Doctor Who watching when more of the episodes are lost than not. I hate reconstructions - I get bored of looking at the pictures and end up looking away just as some action scrolls across the screen. Although since it's white on a black background and moves I can't read it anyway. So I'm listening to the narrations instead. Peter Purves has a good voice for it I think.

Since I have conjunctivitis it's working quite well to take my mind off how much my eye hurts, and I can curl up with my eyes closed, so it's hurts a bit less because then I don't move it. Although it feels a bit strange closed, so that's only helping so much. It doesn't help that it hurts when I touch it and it keeps feeling like I've got something in there. It's probably just as well that I wear glasses, so it requires more effort to poke.

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Wimbledon and Doctor Who (Spoilers for Last of the Time Lords)
Saturday 30th June 2007 8:07 pm

It's been a really frustrating day. It's the one day of Wimbledon you get to spend the whole day watching tennis, not just in the evening. But instead we got nearly an hour of one woman thrashing another. I could have watched a different match on 301 or 302 but frankly, it would have just been the same. I would have been quite happy watching tennis from 12 till 9ish, then watched Doctor Who, but it wasn't to be.

The only good thing about it was I got time to clean the house and make flapjacks and they decided just before Doctor Who started that there would be no more play today, so I was free to watch it live. Although I shouldn't have done because I had five minutes of Galaxy 4 part 2 to go, which was a bit surreal to listen to afterwards.

There were some things in the episode that I liked and other things that annoyed me, but I'll put them behind a more since they contain SPOILERS:

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Those finals
Saturday 8th July 2006 8:44 pm

That was a cracking final. Women's finals have a tendency to be not that exciting (you didn't think I meant Doctor Who did you?), although last year's was exciting. But they were serve volleying and that makes for much more exciting points. And I didn't even care which of them won I just didn't want it to end. And I've just heard from my mother that Amelie Mauresmo is the second tennis player to come out as gay. You heard it here first.

Annoyingly, I missed the end of the men's doubles because I went to put my dinner on as I thought they'd be a while and when I got back it was all over. On the plus side, by the time I'd eaten dinner my computer had just started taping Confidential and the Mixed Doubles was starting. Although that did involve having to listen to Virginia Wade talk utter rubbish as only she could. I don't care that she once won Wimbledon, I think I'd like to disown her from this country, please.

So then there was Doctor Who. And the second episode to nearly make me cry (the first was Jo leaving in The Green Death, although the giant maggots didn't help). Although this time it was five minutes in because I really didn't need to see that, thank you very much, complete with Angel flashbacks to that episode with the bugs that sucked up all the moisture in people. The rest of the episode I spent trying to recover from that and trying not to throw up at the ending. I could have done with it finishing 36 minutes in.

Tomorrow I am off to Wimbledon! I'll be on Henman Hill for the men's doubles and hopefully on court to see the Woodies play, which should be cool.

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Friday 7th July 2006 8:11 pm

Some links to begin with:

419 Eater - This is a guy who scammed the scammers and a record of the emails they exchanged.

In yesterday's Guardian, Sophie Aldred had a little column: Time travel for beginners. However, the big new spoiler is in the first paragraph and links to similar stories at the bottom includes the not-quite-so-new-any-more spoiler. The non-spoilery bit in the middle I've copy and pasted to the Ace comm

My dad's obviously really busy now he's retired and he sent me a link to that very dangerous website whose tagline is completely true - it's full of stuff I really want but don't actually need. This is a USB missile launcher and there are even videos of it in action.

My gupi has once again proved it's a boy. For some reason it kept on crying and refusing to walk anywhere no matter how much I stroked it or plugged it into the mains to recharge it. Turns out he was really unhappy and wanted me to stroke him while he had his carrot in his mouth. Hmm. Anyway, now he is perfectly happy and running into things and laughing again. I will bring him to the windmill.

I really enjoyed the Baghdatis/Nadal match today. It was great when I got home and watched it. I've not really watched much tennis this fortnight, mostly I've listened to it on the radio, which isn't that unusual. This evening they really annoyed me at one point whenever Baghdatis won a point they showed his family up in the players box celebrating. Who cares? Not me, I'm watching the tennis. They do have an annoying tendency to show really weird angles so you can't see what's going on and a couple of times when Nadal was actually about to serve, rather than just pissing about, as he does, they showed a very close up of Baghdatis. And what's the point of that?

On the plus side, the Radio 5 commentators are much better than the TV ones, not least because they don't include John MacEnroe or Virginia Wade. I'm really looking forward to going there on Sunday, just as long as we can get a place on Henman Hill (we have Court 1 tickets and frankly, I'd rather see the men's final).

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K9 and Andy Murray
Sunday 2nd July 2006 9:38 am

originally uploaded by paranoidangel.

I have finally set up my blog on flickr and it crossposts to LJ, how cool is that?

Yesterday was actually a good day despite the heat and screw-ups on my part.

The London Film and Comic Con was actually quite good - somehow we managed to spend five and a half hours in it. I only came out with a book, a DVD, a picture and a postcard which is pretty good going really. Matt Irvine was there with the real K9, which was very cool. He's bigger than I expected.

Then I got home in time to tape Confidential and annoyingly, found out one Wimbledon result. But, I started watching it once I was sure it had all finished and Nadal had just won the first set off Agassi (yes!) when it was time to switch over to BBC2. In theory, that's what my video did. In practice, my 2 was rather more like a 1, so there were much swearwords when I found I had a tape full of football instead of tennis.

But all was not lost because when I stopped the tape I discovered Today at Wimbledon was just showing the end of the match. Whew! Next up was Andy Murray vs Andy Roddick. So it would have been helpful if the commentators had stuck to last names. But still, even when they showed Murray winning the first set I never for a minute believed he could win. I mean, Roddick's a really good tennis player and Murray's still a kid and not that great yet. Murray won in straight sets, although it was a really close game. I think I'm still in a state of shock.

On the plus side, my accidentally taping BBC1 now means I don't have eight hours of tennis to watch today so I can catch up on the Doctor Who commentaries and do some other things I need to get done. And I got to see Doctor Who. Which was quite good although mostly I was just excited because it had Raji James (used to be in The Bill) in it, which I'd forgotten about. He's a really nice guy, so good for him.

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How not to spend my weekend
Saturday 24th June 2006 10:33 pm

My weekend was going quite well and I'd got lots of things done today in preparation for not being in much tomorrow up until Doctor Who started. I plugged in my freeview TV card and nothing happened. I plugged in my ordinary TV card and nothing happened. They both plug into my USB hub which was working this morning. So I turned the telly on to watch Doctor Who while restarting my computer/unplugging and replugging in things and eventually established the only consistent thing not working was my USB hub. Although all the lights were still on.

The only way I can watch Confidential is through my Freeview card. It's a bit crap because if you plug it into a different USB port than the one it was installed on it pretends not to know what it is. I tried plugging it into the back of my computer, finding the installation CD and installing it but it threw a wobbler about that one. So I gave up and watched Doctor Who, by which point there were only ten minutes left.

I spent the time during Confidential searching the web for any similar incidents and it was useless. I restarted some more, did a system restore back to when it did work, which confused my virus checker but didn't sort the problem. So now I am stopping off in Argos on the way to see XMen 3 tomorrow (during the football) to get a new USB Hub. Which hopefully will work and I will have to reinstall some stuff for it, not least the Freeview card because there is something on BBC3 I want to watch at 10pm.

And then I spent two hours on the phone to my dad trying to sort this (and talking about other things). Then I went to write this up and my website wouldn't work. Half an hour later and disconnecting and reconnecting it mysteriously comes back up. No thanks to Pipex there then.

On a more positive side, I listened to the first half of the latest Seventh Doctor and Ace audio, The Settling. It's really good so far, with nice Ace and Hex interaction and an excellent cliffhanger to part 2 for the Doctor (and by excellent I mean funny).

As for tonight's episode...

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Sunday 3rd July 2005 10:57 pm

This weekend's been good and bad. I was in a bad mood on Saturday for no real reason I can find. I think the Sainsburys in Didcot has a device in the trolley to stop you taking it beyond the car park. Which would explain why I had to turn round and pull it to the bus stop and why it didn't roll back down the hill once I got there. But Tescos and Sainsburys have pissed me off. Tescos for not putting ingredients on their website and not caring, and not telling you what they've substituted/failed to deliver any more. Sainsburys for putting milk in their products and not putting it on the ingredients list (if it's below a certain percent it's entirely legal - doesn't stop it from making me ill though).

This morning I woke up five minutes before Futurama was on, which probably helped. It's a nice short, no need for brain thing to watch at 9am on a Sunday morning. A Saturday too if I ever remember it's on when I don't have to be somewhere else early on a Saturday.

The Ladies Singles final was the longest, ever, I think. But the Mens was still more interesting. I'd prefer them to make the courts fast again because serve volleying is far more interesting than watching two players hit it back to each other all the time. It's more interesting when it's us lot playing because there's no telling where it might go 🙂

I'm definitely in a better mood now though because I spoke to my dad on the phone. I was stuck on the crossword and it got to the point where he had to get Friday's paper out to find out the answers (I was doing the crossword from Thursdays paper). So I felt vindicated on not being able to finish it. Specially given that I need a thesaurus, a dictionary, google and a crossword completer to do it, when this is the one that dad used to take to the park to do when I was little, on the basis it didn't need any books.

I also just watched the last in the series of Murder in Suburbia, which was quite funny. It's an ordinary whodunnit on the surface, except for the two main characters are so funny. They do talk about men a lot (which is fair enough for two girls, really) but also because one of them really fancies the boss. But she always manages to embarrass herself in front of him. But now that it's finished my weekly viewing has been reduced to The Dead Zone, which is American and on after midnight, so I have to tape it. But then it is summer. Mind you, we get to September and there's still nothing on.

I haven't watched The Bill since Wimbledon started. I haven't missed it. I had got to the stage where I was tempted not to watch it when I was in, and tempted not to bother watching it when I was out and taped it. And given that the current storyline involves Gabriel and [censored] (where censored could be anyone, frankly, I don't care) that's a very good reason not to watch it. That, and people who I know are obsessive about watching soaps have started watching it.

I thought I'd mention about tags while I'm here. They're a new thing livejournal has brought in to organise your entries, so people can search through them for a particular thing. Blogger doesn't have them because all you need to do is google search. And since that involves far less work on my part, it sounds like a much better idea to me. Also, if I show that toolbar in Semagic it means I can't type the subject then tab to the main entry (which you think would be logical).

Edit: Of course, as soon as I post this there's an update to Semagic that means you can set your own tab order.

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Friday 17th June 2005 10:01 pm

A couple of follow-ups to the Crimson Room:

The Blue Room

The Viridian Room (although the aim of this one isn't to get out)

If you're stuck the walkthroughs to the above are at and respectively.

I was having a surf at Think Geek and it would be worrying that the t-shirt saying:

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you

made me laugh, except that the hex codes were in colour.

Wimbledon starts on Monday! Looking forward to it. Then there's Glastonbury next weekend, the last Doctor Who for a bit on Saturday and Coldplay are on Later, later tonight. I would be worried that dad likes Coldplay except that he's like me with music (or more probably, I'm like him) in that we both like anything good, no matter when it came from or who. Well, up to a point anyway.

And on the subject of Doctor Who. I've now seen a few Sylvester McCoy's, listened to a Big Finish CD and read a book. And I can't think of a single one where I got to the end of it and actually understood what was going on. Somewhere along the line I seem to miss something important, I think.

Come to think of it, I had the same problem with Shada (although that was partly because I was confused due to the plot not being what I expected) and Scream of the Shalka. I'm understanding the new stuff but then it's shorter and less complicated.

If it's as hot as they say tomorrow I might melt, as we're in the local carnival. I'm playing Death. I even had a home-made scythe, which I'm quite proud of.

I might not watch The Bill from next week. I came home on Sunday and decided to watch The Last Detective. I had no idea what was going on, no idea who'd dunnit but I still enjoyed it. I couldn't help comparing it to The Bill on Wednesday, which I really didn't enjoy at all. There really hasn't been anything worth watching on this week's episodes and the trailer for the next one hasn't really made me want to watch them. If it's a choice between tennis and The Bill, well, it might depend on how pissed off I am at the commentators by then as Radio 5 finish coverage at 7pm, so we're forced to listen to the likes of John MacEnroe and Viginia Wade for an hour and a half.

I also have until Monday lunchtime (so, tomorrow would be a good time) to pick my Fantasy Wimbledon team. Last year's was easy because they just provided a list of four and you picked one, then another four, and so on until you had 8 men and 8 women. This time you have to spend �100k - and Federer is �50k!

And I think that's been a bit rambly. If you can follow this, welcome to my brain!

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Filming excitement
Wednesday 23rd June 2004 9:49 pm

There was a bit of excitement at work today. Our office is in the town centre (such as it is) and they were filming Rosemary and Thyme in it! We saw Felicity Kendall from the window (she was wearing a red coat and red grannies headscarf thing) and I walked past Pam Ferris in the street. We spent rather a lot of time standing in the window (they are tall windows with low, wide sills).

There was no tennis, due to the decidly late autumn weather (10 degrees C, gale force winds, rain, severe weather warnings(!)) which usually means Five Live have some interesting discussions. Except they spent most of the time discussing Euro 2004 instead. Apparently BBC2 were getting out the McEnroe matches, which is never a good sign.

I've been very good tonight and done most of the stuff on my to do list. Which involved writing fifteen e-mails (Norton complained I was sending more than five in two seconds). All I've got left now is stuff I had on there from this weekend. Which, slightly worryingly, does include reading fileg's birthday present to Avon and listening to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. It's really taking organisation to a whole new level. (I often forget to watch things on TV unless I tape them, so the video coming on reminds me, so it's really not good).

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