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Stargate: Arena
Monday 25th December 2006 11:48 am

It's quite handy having my dad as my web host. He had an email this morning (as did I, but I thought it was spam) to say I've used 80% of my bandwidth. I have no idea how much I've used at any time, but it's academic because I never knew what the limit was anyway. But now it's twice what it was 🙂

I dreamt last night that I'd woken up and although it felt like the next day it was actually one year later. The latest version of listening to music was called torrenting and involved a standard pair of headphones, but they were connected to the biggest power pack ever. Stargate was still going for another season, although it had General Hammond back in it. And Stargate: Atlantis had been renamed to Stargate: Arena.

I've had a play with Windows Vista on dad's computer (he has it as a virtual machine) and it's not too bad - it's not such a big jump from XP to Vista as it was from 98 to XP. So I'm not hating the idea of having a computer with it on so much. I'm still reserving judgement on Office 2007 and the whole ribbon idea. But as I use Open Office at home and work are still on 2000, I don't think it'll be an issue.

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