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Five Things
Sunday 8th January 2017 5:27 pm

1. I finally got round to seeing which Gen Prompt Bingo squares my Yuletide fics might fit on. And I now have four lines with three squares filled. You think it would be easy to get a line from there...

2. Looking through the Chocolate Box requests I found a person who has loads of the same fandoms (and likes the same relationships) as me. I sort of hope I get matched to them, but also sort of not because how will I decide which to write? Chocolate Box is a min 300 word exchange based on relationships - but unlike Public Call it splits them into gen and ship. If anyone wants to write treats the requests are at

3. After [info]lost_spook mentioned it, I have now watched all four episodes of Timeless that are on Channel 4's catchup. I like it so far but it feels a bit formulaic. So, for example, my favourite character is Wyatt (despite hating his name) because he's a good looking hero who's been hurt emotionally. Which makes me feel like I'm being emotionally manipulated into liking him because of this past hurt. I want to dislike it because of this, but I don't.

4. I have so many Big Finish audios to listen to at the moment. November and December were months with a lot of good releases. I saved The Avengers (Steed & Peel vol 2) for Christmas and I loved it. I like how silly they make it. I know they were based on old comics and they've done them all now, but I am hoping they'll do some more anyway.

I'm onto Counter Measures now which I love. At least now they've back to doing individual stories again. I only got into these audios because they brought the first one out as I was writing a story where Ian and Barbara land just after they left, rather than in 1965, and get caught up in the events of Remembrance of the Daleks. I'm glad I did - they might be my favourite Big Finish audios.

I also have the latest UNIT box set, which will be tough straight after Counter Measures. Much as I love Kate, I love Rachel more. Plus I don't care that much about the other UNIT characters (even Oswald - I don't like her nearly as much as the rest of fandom does).

5. So far all the Fandom Snowflake things have been repeats from previous years, so I haven't been that excited about doing it yet. I may change my mind, but going back to work last week was just so hard (but it got easier to wake up before dawn as the week went on). I usually go back to work on the first working day of the year because no one wants to work. And this year we spent most of the day chatting and talking about how unmotivated we are were. By day 2 anyone who's had an extra day off gets no sympathy.

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Been busy
Sunday 21st September 2014 5:36 pm

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to work being really busy. It completely sapped my energy this week, although I did go on a first aid course on Thursday. Friday afternoon was suddenly quiet for a little while and I had to do someone else's work because without that to distract I realised just how tired I was. I could really do with another day on this weekend, but I at least have a three day weekend next week - although I am going to a wedding, so I won't be good for anything on Sunday.

Last weekend was busy. On the Saturday I went to Big Finish Day 6. It was really easy to get to, but really hard to park. I went all round the hotel's tiny car park to find there were no spaces - and you couldn't get out without a token from the hotel. Fortunately the person behind me at the barrier knew the code. I drove around Slough a lot looking for a nearby place to park before I ended up back at the hotel, went to ask them where to park and it turned out that it was ok to park where it say "no unauthorized parking" and threatened you with clamping. The actual thing was all right. I was excited about meeting Peter Purves and he was lovely.

After last weekend when I didn't get much chance to rest, I did this weekend. I have managed to write most of the first draft of my [info]dw_remix fic. And I finished off a Press Gang drabble.

I have been watching a lot of Stargate Atlantis, in order to decide whether to sign up for [info]sga_santa. I have come to the conclusion that I really like Elizabeth and don't really care about watching episodes that she's not in. Which shouldn't have come as a surprise because she was my favourite character, I just had to get used to her not being in the last two seasons when it was on.

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A catch-up
Sunday 30th September 2012 10:13 am

Every day this week I've got into work, thought I've not got much on and ended up being really busy. So by Friday when I went to see Alan Davies I spent the second half alternating between laughing and yawning.

This week I'm hoping won't be as busy as I'm out three nights in a row. And then I get to spend Friday avoiding the internet so I don't see any Red Dwarf spoilers.

But I did find the time to do my Yuletide nominations (Sarah Jane Smith audios, Sadler's Wells, Big Finish: Counter-Measures). But what I'm most looking forward to in this year's Yuletide is being able to write Treats and offering to write fandoms that I'd have to do some research in before I write because there's actually time to do that this year.

Last night I thought I was awake enough to stay up and watch The Thick of It. Although I still managed not to get to it before the PVR started taping it. And then when I watched it I thought it had started a minute early and when I came to watch it on the iPlayer I found I'd actually missed the first seven minutes. It did make so much more sense once I'd watched the first seven minutes (especially the reminder of what happened two weeks ago).

Edit: After a few minutes work I now have an entirely appropriate Thick of It icon The Thick of It
although that text looks better on my computer. What's that font that looks good at size 6?

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An updatey thing
Sunday 18th December 2011 5:19 pm

My sole post all week has been the latest Big Finish releases, which included the subscriber special The Five Companions. Which was fun - I want to see more of Ian and Steven teaming up now.

Friday was our work Christmas party, which I've only just recovered from. All I did was to sit around and talk (and stand for an hour) but I was tired from it I slept for 11 hours Friday night, still felt tired and slept for 10 hours last night. Now I don't feel tired.

In the work secret santa for the first year in I don't know how many, I didn't get a Doctor Who related thing. I got a rabbit instead. Which is good, because generally you can't go wrong with with rabbits. However, this one has a hole in it that you're clearly meant to put something in, but no one knows what. There was no packaging, so presumably my santa doesn't know either. The most suggested things at the party were mobile, iPod and remote control. I tried putting my phone in it and the hole holds together too well to get anything in there easily. So I am stumped.

There was also food, which I mostly couldn't eat. The chef wouldn't understand that I just wanted to know what was in it, I didn't care about contamination, which she was more interested in telling me. I don't think she wanted me to eat at all. Fortunately, I brought my own - I remember last year well when I got a salad.

I have things booked for January now. I am going to see the Gymnastics at the O2. It feels like we can't get away from that place. I'm also going to see Spamalot. For the third time. But the first and second times were on Broadway and in the West End, this one's in my nearest city.

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It’s all about me
Sunday 6th September 2009 5:33 pm

This week hasn't been too bad a week. It helped that it was only four days long and working from home Thursday afternoon. Although I spent the whole week confused so I forgot that it was the day I buy the newspaper until Thursday evening. It is all on the website, it's just such a pain to read that way, I'd far rather have the paper.

This weekend I even felt well enough to clean the flat and go out to Sainsburys, so that's an achievement. I'd quite like to go out for a walk at some point, as I currently get no exercise. I couldn't fit that round cleaning, though, but maybe next weekend I'll do that instead.

I'm onto the head moving exercises, which are really hard. But I knew they were going to be because I already don't nod or shake my head, and try not to turn round at work when I hear something interesting from behind me.

I am working on watching all the stuff on my PVR so I actually have some space to tape everything that starts this autumn. After having had the prompt for a week I managed to come up with the whole plot for my Sarah & Harry ficathon story. I even started writing it. I seem to be on about 300 words at a time at the moment, which is about half my usual, but will get there in the end as long as I keep up with it.

For some inexplicable reason half the week's TV is on tonight (Last Chance to See, Miss Marple (who I don't like as much as Poirot) and Joanna Lumley doing something with cats. And the US Open is on the radio from tomorrow, so hopefully there'll be lots of exciting tennis to listen to and they'll get it done quickly because I really can't stay up late these days.

And now I need to have a lie down so I won't be too dizzy to cook dinner.

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January sales
Thursday 20th December 2007 10:10 pm

Amazon are having their January sales already. I wasn't going to click on any of the links but I was weak. And then discovered they have both series of Life on Mars on DVD for what would cost me £30 for them both, since I have 10% off as I'm on their rentals scheme. Oh, if only I hadn't spent December's budget for that sort of thing. I just need them to still have them on sale after the Christmas holidays. The Big Finish sale, on the other hand, I haven't gone anywhere near out of self preservation (but I do have Peter Purves for my journey home, looking forward to hearing him compete with Tom Baker).

Only 3 hours of work to go, then it's the work Christmas party and then it's my Christmas holidays, since I have Monday off! And I am up for best charity worker in the work Oscars (I only found out when voting), so wish me luck!

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Some updates
Monday 25th September 2006 7:29 pm

That previous post is viewable on LJ if you're on my friends-list. Otherwise it's viewable on my blog if you know the name of my cat, or ask me what the password is. It's only not visible to everyone to stop certain people seeing it - it's obvious who when you know what it's about.

First day back at work today - feels like I never left. My boss stunningly failed to do the one thing he needed to on one of my projects. Is it Christmas holidays yet?

I really enjoyed Spooks - I can't believe they started it just as I went away.

I realised I wrote some fic (all Doctor Who) and forgot to mention it here. There was the prequel to Dream a Little Dream that didn't originally start off as a prequel: The Last Dinner. The sequel(s) (I may split it into two parts) are currently being plotted, since there seems to be rather a lot of plot. I swear it multiplies.

Then there's the drabble to get the whole soapy idea of Sarah getting pregnant with Harry's baby (why should it always be the doctor's? :)) out of my head: Same Idea, Different Father. Except that hhertzof and I 'encouraged' each other and now it's turned into a wip: Doctor Who: The Soap Opera, Chapter 1: Telling Harry with a nice soapy plot to come. Look at it this way, at least none of it is going to be in anything else.

What I should now be writing is my piece for the Sarah Jane gen ficathon. I could have quite happily written any of the prompts but one of them in particular I was hoping someone would write. Not thinking that someone would be me. Hmm.

I still can't breathe but now I've seen my doctor (who is very nice) and now I have drugs. Very nice, but cost an arm and a leg. I have a BUPA-like thing through work but of course the one thing they won't cover is prescriptions - the one thing that would actually be useful.

My mother turns out to be quite cool - I rang to tell my parents about Ireland and my mum updated me on the Doctor Who rumours. I think she has too much time and she was surfing looking for stuff about Torchwood! So I can now confirm that it is starting on 21st/22nd/28th October on BBC1/2/3 at 9pm. I'm crossing my fingers for any date that's not a Tuesday or Saturday. Or Thursday once I can drive and can go back to fencing (I can't wait now).

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Wednesday 5th April 2006 10:15 pm

I'm feeling that I've achieved lots tonight. OK, so I haven't practised and haven't watched Doctor Who (in all fairness he's not in mortal peril and Jo isn't quite yet) but I've cleared up the mess of papers that were on my desk, my chair and my CD boxes, replied to various comments/reviews that I've been meaning to for ages, and updated the Rotaract blog and diary. I just reached the stage tonight where I thought about putting it off till the weekend then realised, given I've been putting it all off for ages, that there's no reason for me not to put it all off for ages.

I've also renewed my domain name - I've had it for nearly four years now, wow! Although Phil did decide to send the invoice to dad for some inexplicable reason.

Work is hideous. I thought today that I was actually doing quite well, so took my whole hour for lunch (rather than the half hour I'd taken the rest of the week). But over lunch someone decided to suddenly ask for a whole load of work. And by ask I mean tell. So now I'm ridiculously busy and am getting up early tomorrow to go in early.

I'm so looking forward to my holiday (no work for a week!). I'm quite enjoying that it's so much simpler, being in this country. I booked my B&B last week. At some point next week I ought to pack (which involves a mountaineering expedition under my bed to find my sandals for the black tie ball about the time Doctor Who debuts).

I have finally seen the last four episodes of Bugs. I signed up to one of those DVD rental things that give you a free trial for a month - so I must cancel it before Easter. I rang last week and they are happy to replace my non-working DVD, I just have to send the whole thing back to them. Unless the company that make them will send me a new DVD. I just have to remember to ring them. And the student loans company who don't quite seem to have managed to send one of my deferment letters.

I got quite excited in Bugs, when in the second-to-last episode we saw Windows 98! In 800x600 resolution! It looked so old - except for the white flatscreen monitors. There was a particularly surreal part where Adam asks Alex what a gizmo is. She tells him it's an EMP generator. Which is fine except it's quite obviously a sonic screwdriver. It looks like one, Adam uses it like one.

And now I really must go to bed and try to finish the fourth introduction in my book (it's a good book, except the introductions are really dryly written).

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The News is Broken
Monday 28th November 2005 11:12 pm

I've just been watching Broken News which continues to be funny. Usually I tape it and watch Shakespeare but 15 minutes of Johnny Vegas turned out to be all I could take. The only annoying thing about Broken News is that you can't concentrate on what's being said and the ticker tapes that go across the bottom. The money and sports channels are even worse. Most memorable joke was right at the start:

"...destroyed four storeys, including the latest JK Rowling..."

I also loved that they as well as looking at tomorrows/yesterdays papers they also looked at the obituries, the crosswords, the sudokos and the horoscopes.

I managed to concentrate for long enough tonight to get the Sheppard/Teyla part of my Five Things fic up to v4. It's a stick-fighting scene, so I looked up some screencaps to describe the gym and I remembered how much I love the place. It's so pretty. And I love the whole stick fighting thing. I'd love to try it, even though it's mostly just spinning and hitting each other's sticks - much like lightsabre fighting but with a weapon in each hand.

Tomorrow at work I get to try and match up 511 questionnaires with 442 bits of data (or technically speaking, the other way round). Which is going to be a complete nightmare, except that I quite like it in some sort of masochistic way. Perhaps because it's a bit of a logic problem. Plus I quite like playing with data in excel.

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Friday 20th August 2004 9:55 pm

I've been in a really bad mood today for practically no reason. Luckily, I haven't had to speak to many people at work today. When I'm in a bad mood I tend to get kind of short with them, especially when they're being idiots. I did write a list of everything that's wrong with my work computer, though. It came to one side of A4. And I have small writing. Perhaps I'll finally get a new one in two years time. And that's being optimistic.

In the pub at lunch today the talk was all about houses. There seem to be so many people at work (like, 99% of them) that are into buying houses, living with boyfriends (most of the people at work are girls) and basically being boring grown-ups. Which I really don't get. I could just about cope with it though, because most of my friends from school and uni didn't have girlfriends (most of them are blokes). Except that now it seems that the opposite is true.

Occasionally I think about having a boyfriend would be quite useful (going out, going on holiday, someone else to do the cooking etc - I was going to say look after me when I'm ill but all I want when I'm ill is someone to provide me with pills, water and toast and leave me alone). But a friend would do that just as well.

When I was little and in middle school I always used to hope one of the girls was off sick on PE days because there were 15 girls and 15 boys in my class and I'd have someone to go with. I had friends but they were always in different classes. Things got better after that point but I never quite got out of the habit of wishing for a best friend that was only friends with me. Which is obviously completely ridiculous because that would also imply I couldn't have any friends.

But a boyfriend would require actual effort. I mean they tend to expect to see you occasionally, which is a complete pain because, frankly, I have better things to do with my time than spend it all with one person. I have so many friends round the country that I'd much rather spend my weekends seeing them than a boyfriend. Which I think is perfectly reasonable. It's just hard sometimes to remember that's normal. I don't understand some people, I really don't.

And I really don't want to see Neil Manson's (dodgy DI to my mum) chest ever again. That was not a pleasant experience.

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Time Trax
Saturday 3rd April 2004 9:46 am

I almost can't believe it's been so long since I posted in here - but then it's been practically the same length of time since I did anything except work, sleep and watch videos. I think I must have done about three weeks work in the space of two - most of that in the week before last when I did 57 hours (a normal week a 37.5). I was so tired after that - and still am, but it's getting better. I really don't understand how some people manage to do that all (or most of) the time. I actually don't remember most of it, I was too tired to think.

I have been watching Time Trax though. I remember it being on about 1994 on ITV, and the only reason I saw all of it was because we could get two ITV regions. Although I definitely remember watching one where I couldn't see any of the dark bits because it was raining. When I say I saw all of it though I'm talking about the first season. I don't think I'll be convinced there is a second season until I see it though.

It's quite strange watching it, because it was set in 1993 and made then. So it now looks really old - their computers all use floppy drives (3 inch and 5inch!) which, of course, no-one uses any more because there are so many more better ways. In general it's not been as good as I remember it being, whether that's because I was about 15 when I originally saw it and I've grown up (a bit!) since then or because I remember it, I don't know.

The best (worst) thing was the British episode. Now, it was made in Australia but the main character was American and certainly at least some of the guest stars were. So it was probably more American than Farscape but even that can't excuse the mess they made of that episode. Consider the evidence:

* Dodgy accents - there was not a single one that was believable. The best part was that the next episode featured someone who sounded genuinly english (with a London accent), although they did describe his accent as cockney (it wasn't anything like cockney)

* Some of the words and pronounciation: we'd never say transportation (it's not really a word here, we'd use transport), and data is never pronounced darta (or datta or dada). The word cop is becoming more popular but ten years ago we'd certainly say copper.

* London is always foggy. Even when it's nice enough not to wear a coat during the day. I don't remember the last time I saw true, proper fog like that. Mist is common in the mornings in winter but not night fog. And not in the summer.

* Newspaper stand at Gatwick. Did they ship that over from America or something? Admittedly I've never been to Gatwick but I'm willing to bet they don't have American newspaper stands there.

* Red telephone boxes. I remember those, they're a lot better than the BT ones which don't go down to the floor and mean you get a draft round your ankles. They're older than ten years though - one of the things people always comment about in Wallingford is the red phone boxes here.

* Barmaid comes to table to offer drinks. No, no, no! I think I only went to one bar in America and that seemed so odd. That's how it works in restaurants but that's different. In a pub you go to the bar. No exceptions.

* Soccer jacket. One of the characters had an American football style jacket because he was on the police football team. The only sports club at uni to have those style jackets were the American footballers but I can give them the benefit of the doubt here on the basis that means they must be available in some form so why not football as well. Except that on the back was the word 'soccer'. There's no such sport, it's called football, always.

* No cars on the streets. This is London, there are always loads of the things. Always. Why he didn't just use the tube, I don't know. Which brings me to another point. In episodes before and after this one they establish Darien can't get to grips with a 'stick shift'. He seemed fine in this one though. They also did the obligatory driving on the wrong side joke (they did it in the Australian episode as well).

* They should have watched The Bill. What I mean is they had two uniform sergeants investigating a serial killer. It's fine for them to be on the scene (although you'd expect PCs rather than sergeants). A serious crime like that, that would take time to investigate would be done by CID. In this case specifically what would now be MIT, it might have still been AMIP at that time. In their defence they were from Scotlan Yard rather than the local nick.

* I thought I'd just mention the stock footage they used of the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge just to prove to us they are really in London. I suppose you can't really blame them for that but it wasn't set anywhere near there!

So glad I've got that all off my chest now.

This last week I had a couple of training courses. The woman was talking about people being visual, auditory or kinasthenic (sp?) (ie the other senses). I was sitting there wondering what I was, as was everyone, then she pointed out the K people tend to fiddle with stuff - I'd been playing with the executive toys the entire day and a half (in all fairness I wasn't the only one). But then we did an exercise to find out which we were and I used lots of practical words, which supported the theory. And I don't understand/remember stuff until I do it. Which is all true. So I learnt that at least - no comment on any other practical uses of the training 🙂

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Last episode of ST:TNG
Thursday 7th August 2003 3:31 pm

I have finally got my act together and updated my site. I did so much overtime last week that I've got this afternoon off! Yay for me! I have now also seen every episode of ST:TNG. I had one episode to go so I downloaded it off kazaa. I started at Easter and finished it last night. It was crap although I knew that. Still, never mind. I get to watch an old (and therefore good, at least in comparison to the current ones) episode of The Bill in half an hour.

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Protected: Work
Saturday 7th December 2002 12:08 am

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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So little time, so much to watch
Tuesday 22nd October 2002 10:28 pm

Have lots of Buffy, Angel and Alias to download but no time to download it in! Was really busy at work today just after lunch, then there wasn't very much to do later on. Which was probably just as well. We're being checked for ISO a week on Thursday, so really need to find the time to go through all the projects and check everything is there and signed.

Only one more working day to go! Really looking forward to seeing Jay Acavone again, he was so funny last time. Having said there's no way I want my photo done, I can't help thinking that one with Jay and JR Bourne would be quite nice 🙂

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Stargate University
Wednesday 11th September 2002 10:35 pm

I was actually feeling quite bored by 8pm, but could now stay up all night. I found the Stargate University last night, and thought up a few topics to write essays on. The science stuff I can understand, but its when I start descending into English Lit it gets quite bad. I actually quite like disecting these things (up to a point, anyway). Maybe its because I'm actually interested in the stuff and I'm not being forced to dissect what the author meant, or compare or contrast anything. Mrs Alper has a lot to answer for.

Everyone else was out so went and watched Friends on E4 downstairs. So Chris rung in the middle of it, which was annoying, especially as I'd left my train times upstairs, so I had to spend money typing it into the phone and running out of characters. Then I remembered what someone had mentioned at the weekend about Dr Jackson's Diaries. If I said it was funny, that would be putting it mildly. At one point I couldn't stop laughing. And I'm only up to February. I can pretty much cope with the slash in it though because its so funny. I will not be converted to Jack/Daniel slash, thats just too weird.

I managed not to do stuff I should have done, hence the boredom. Really need a weekend at home so I can get loads of things done first thing in the morning when I'm feeling energetic. Not feeling energetic when I get home after work as I've spent this week sorting out the printer and writing really quite amazingly boring databases (amazing because they're complicated, you'd think they'd be interesting, but no, they're just a bugger).

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Wednesday 21st August 2002 9:27 pm

Haven't updated for ages. What's been happening since then? I went up to Leeds for a long weekend, and it was really good to see all my friends. It was kind of scary at first as it was a strange Northern place with people whose accents I couldn't understand. But it was okay. The rows of terraced houses look really bad, and make it all look really dodgy, but it seems to be quite a cool place. And Stargate in Spanish, what can I say! Needless to say the trains were crap, and I left work at 5.30 and got to Leeds at 11.30 at night. Coming back took 6 hours as well. So I'll get 20 quid back off it, which is something.

I was the only person in my department last week, and to top it off I managed to get flu. It wasn't really bad, but worse than a bad cold. I felt crap, but I still had to go in and work form 8 till 6. I've now done 6 and a half hours extra since the start of July, and because our system's crap I don't get to see any of it. I might try for the sympathy vote though. So last weekend I spent lying on my bed watching Ewan McGregor. So it wasn't all bad! 🙂 Not quite feeling better yet, but getting there. And not dreaming of work which is a big improvement.

I'm planning to work on the site this weekend. I might put it up before its done, because there's loads of stuff needs doing in the Bitz section, and because I'm moving servers and changing address I need to change things like guestbook, stats, webring, which of course isn't simple. I also want to go to STA Travel, I need to go to Tescos, and I want to play some computer games, as I haven't had the time for ages. And get Enigma out of the video shop, as it has Hywel on it.

Its worrying how being obssessed about Eastenders/Big Brother/football is considered normal but mention anything sci-fi (or even The Bill) and suddenly thats sad. Everyone at work seems to be getting married at the moment, which is quite sad too. Conversations in our office seem to involve houses or cars (the buying of). Both of which I've never done and have no intention of doing for a long time. So its not really a surprise that I don't really take part in them much. Don't think I'll have the energy for fencing tomorrow, which is kind of annoying because I miss it. But I do get to see The Kiss live. Not entirely certain its a good thing though!

Free Reg!

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Weird day
Sunday 4th August 2002 11:48 pm

I haven't updated for a while due to spending the last four days (not including today, I was sleeping today) at The Bill studios. When I look through the list of the current cast I've actually managed to see most of them (except for Hywel Simons who wasn't in, damnit). Been a really weird day today. Slept in late, so not tired now, which means I won't get much sleep tonight and so I'll be tired all week. You just can't win. Watched two episodes of Stargate, and the Andromeda episode with Michael Shanks. I still don't understand the Andromeda character at all. But he looked good, so never mind. And the Farscape was just weird. Which I suppose is typical Farscape really.

Haven't been to work since Tuesday, and not going back till Friday, which is cool. I'm off on a four day First Aid course from Monday. Then Friday I'm going to Leeds to see some friends (hoping they'll rearrange the Emmerdale-Bill cricket match to then, but I doubt it as it'll be too short notice really) and not coming back here till Monday. Then things'll be back to normal, which will actually seem quite strange! No more days off till the end of October. Long time really.

I was going to watch some late night Enterprise, but its a crap one, so maybe I'll read some fanfic instead. Didn't quite manage to watch 24 earlier due to it being really boring. They should have finished at 8am, its been really patchy since then. I'm looking forward to the end just so it'll all be over. I'm expecting the usual American saccharine ending, but hoping everyone'll die, which'll be much more interesting. But won't allow them to have another series, which I don't think they should do anyway. The only reason it's done well is because its original, which is a feature a second series won't have.

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