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Friday 27th December 2002 8:57 pm

I can't tell you how useful the Unofficial Blogger Archives are. I've been fiddling with the template. For a while I was getting javascript errors - it turned out they were caused by the comments, so I have some new ones now, hopefully they'll last a bit longer. Once I'd sorted that though, Blogger wouldn't publish my new template and I finally worked out it was because I moved one of my end tags so it was before the start tag. D'oh! Now if only they'd sort it out so the discussion board would work. And why sometimes when you make something bold, italics or a link using the button at the top of the editing window does it put the tags at the start of the post, even though I've highlighted the relevant bit?

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The Two Towers
Friday 27th December 2002 1:01 pm

Guess what film I went to see yesterday.

I've Taken as a Sex Slave:

Fuckable Prince of Mirkwood
Legolas Greenleaf Love

As much as I totally fancy Legolas, he had such a small part in The Two Towers, so this is probably quite true:

what Lord of the rings man gets you hot?

Your Ideal Guy Is Aragorn! Rough, wild, windswept and rugged, you have a taste for royalty, and you'll go to any lengths to get him - even boot that Arwen-gal off her horse! He's tall, dark, handsome and a deft-hand at Orc slaying. What more could a girl ask for?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Unreal Tournament
Wednesday 25th December 2002 3:00 pm

Feeling bored already and I haven't even been home a whole day yet! Took advantage of having a fast connection to download a load of music videos - I recommend Die Another Day by laurajo. It's listed near the bottom of the page. Watching all these videos is almost inspiring - almost because I wouldn't know where to start and don't have the time anyway.

Going to see Lord of the Rings tomorrow. I'm going to get my website updated at the moment. Dad had a demo of Unreal Tournament 2003on one of his computer mag DVDs, so I looked at the specs for it:

Operating System: WIN 98/ME/2000/XP
I have 98, so can just do that one

CPU: Pentium III or AMD Athlon 733MHz processor (*Pentium� or AMD 1.0 GHz or greater RECOMMENDED)
So Pentium II 233MHz probably not going to cut it then?

Memory: 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM or greater RECOMMENDED)
How about 16Mb RAM?

Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
Total hard disk space: 6Gb, unused: about 600Mb (and thats quite a lot for me)

I'm not sure what my CD speed is, but the CD writer is 20x - finally a requirement I'm over the minimum for

Video System: 3D Accelerator card with 16 MB VRAM (*32-128 MB VRAM RECOMMENDED) 16 MB TNT2-class DirectX� version 6 compliant video card. (*NVIDIA GeForce 2/ATI Radeon RECOMMENDED) DirectX� version 8.1 (Included on game disc)
Well the original required 4Mb of video memory, it just about worked with my 2Mb, so I think not somehow.

The computer I want would cost �3000 but it would have 100Gb hard drive, CD-RW/DVD drive, 1024Mb RAM and 1.8GHz. But I would end up having the same problem in a few years time, so I think on balance I'd much rather go to Vancouver. I also really can't muster up the energy to think about having to set it all up.

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Work Christmas Party
Sunday 22nd December 2002 11:59 pm

Had our work Christmas party on Friday. We went to London, which took 2 hours by coach (on a fast train its half an hour from Reading to Paddington, then another half hour to Waterloo). Went to the Tower of London for all of half an hour and took the tour which told us all sorts of exciting things about it, so then we went for lunch. So now I still need to go back there. Not terribly impressed with the food either - it was expensive stuff. Admittedly I worked that out from the fact the menu was completely unintelligible, but it basically means small amounts of food for, doubtless, large prices.

Then we went down the pub. Which was good as long as I talked to Nicole, Nicki and Carli, who are interesting. The only trouble was that despite avoiding smoking as much as possible, all my clothes (apart from my underwear, obviously) and my hair all stunk so badly of smoke. So I had to wash them all today. Last night I got a reminder of the smell as well in the house. My landlady seems to have this strange obsession with spraying some smelly stuff all round the house. What for, I don't know, because it nearly makes me throw up, it smells so sickly sweet.

Just discovered that my brown inhaler is probably nearly run out, if not totally run out. I not only don't have a spare, I don't have a repeat pescription either. Will have to sort that out when I get back after Christmas. I should probably get a spare blue one as well, so that'll cost an arm and a leg.

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The Stargate Quiz
Saturday 21st December 2002 1:22 pm

The Stargate quiz:

How long have you been a fan of Stargate SG-1?

Since I saw nearly three series worth in a few months, about the time I finished uni which was June 2000, which makes it 2 and a half years.

What was the main reason that you became a fan?

The humour I think. Along with all the interesting sciency stuff and the idea of being able to go to other worlds quickly without having to travel faster than c.

The ONE Stargate SG-1 episode you think is the best they've done, that you can watch forever?

Window of Opportunity

What is the ONE Stargate SG-1 episode you think could be timeless--as in always be played on the TV years from now?

I honestly don't know. I think all the best ones revolve around knowing other stuff about the series.

When was Stargate SG-1 at its best?

Series 2-4.

Who is the ONE character on Stargate SG-1 who you can't get enough of?

At the moment, Teal'c. He is so cool.

Your favourite B-storyline (underlying thread) of Stargate SG-1?

The stuff with Maybourne in, especially now thats hes no longer NID and on the run.

What's your favourite line from a Stargate SG-1 episode?

The one that sticks in my mind at the moment, not sure why is from late series 2 I think:
"We come in peace. We'd like to leave in one. Piece." From no other than Jack O'Neill.

What's Stargate SG-1's best season out of all their seasons?

Can I have 2 and 3 combined given that I saw them pretty much at the same time?

How many Stargate SG-1 conventions have you been to?


Which ONE was your favourite?

SG-4 because the atmosphere was so fantastic (because of the timing mainly) and it was just before the fandom went completely arse over tits.

Do you think you are a fan of the show for its content or for the actors?

The content. I might watch something because a certain person/people are in it, but I would only continue to watch it if it was good for other reasons.

Out of all the charities the Stargate SG-1 fandom (ie: through Gatecon, Sekh's Party, any other events) supports, which one do you support the most?

They're all such good causes how can I just pick one? There's not really one out of those that are particularly close to my heart.

What is your favourite show of all time that's NOT Stargate SG-1?

Red Dwarf, although not series 7 and 8 of course.

Favorite pairing of characters on Stargate SG-1?

Sam and Jack, sad to say.


Really annoyed about Buffy. I taped it on Thursday and watched the first five minutes and they cut so much. But according to my TV guide the Friday night version was also 45 minutes. So I thought I might as well tape the cut version. And then I find out today that last night's was uncut. Why couldn't they have told us that in advance?

I ordered some fencing kit from Allstar on Tuesday and they said it would be delivered on Thursday (which I wasn't expecting at all). So I came home on Thursday to find a note to say they'd try to deliver but as no-one was in they'd taken it back to Aylesbury. Last time they left it with a neighbour so I was expecting them to do that this time. I rang them up, but they needed Allstar to tell them to give it to a neighbour instead. By this time, Allstar was closed, so I rang them Friday morning.

I got in Friday night (well, Saturday morning, technically) to find some post, but no note, so I thought they'd given it to a neighbour and not left a note to tell me (which didn't surprise me). This morning there was a note to say they'd tried to deliver it Friday (the same time they'd tried on Thursday), found no-one was in (do these people have no brains?) and taken it back to Bucks.

Their note says you can't ring them til Monday, but you can go to pick it up before noon if you like. Yeah, right, because I think I'd have to go via Banbury or London, which would take longer than that. As I was about to get dressed this morning, they delivered it. I give in, frankly. Next time I'll just give my work address - the problem with doing that this time was that there was no-one in the building yesterday as we were all at the Christmas party.

I had 4 megs of a 79 meg file for Enterprise left after Thursday when I was last in and the server is down. So I'll have to get the whole thing from somewhere else instead. And Stargate and catch up on Alias and Buffy from a really slow server. Great.

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Money quiz
Wednesday 18th December 2002 10:12 pm

elismor's Money quiz:

Empty your pocket of all money.
How much is there?

I've got �4.77 in my purse

What are the dates on each coin/bill and tell me one thing that happened to you that year.
Pound coin with lions and shield is 1998 - My bunny died
Pound coin with thistle is 1984 - I was 5 at the time, so I honestly don't remember. I remember the first and last years of first school, but not the two in between
Pound coin with Welsh dragon is 2000 - I graduated from uni
50p is 2000
two 1982 20ps - My sister was born
one 1989 20p - I was 10, so halfway through middle school. We were setted for maths and english and I was in the top set for both (a long time ago when I was actually good at english)
one 1996 20p - I had my first driving lesson on the May Day bank holiday
one 2002 20p (very shiny) - this year!
10p from 1992 - My grandfather died
one 5p from 1999 - last time I went on holiday! Went to Eastern Europe with some friends from uni
two 5ps from 2002
1p from 1989, shiny 1p from 1999

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Tuesday 17th December 2002 10:44 pm

I'm gradually adding more blogs to my collection of ones I read. I will update this page at some point to put them along the top. Annoyingly there's one I can't seem to get to here (I tried twice yesterday and it crashed ie twice), but there was a recommendation for a Farscape music video there which was Right Here, Right Now. If you've never seen the video to the song then its kind of a history of the species. The Farscape version is kind of a history of Farscape and its really cool.

I watched Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge on Channel 4 this evening, which was really interesting. The idea was that three celebrities would spend a couple of days in a wheelchair. They had specific places to get to and they all had such problems. It really showed what life was like for disabled people, wheelchair users in particular. It also makes me really grateful that however crap I think life is, at least I'm not disabled.

I did three CDs at work today. For some strange reason it will write on the 32x CD-Rs at 40x, but only 32x on the 40x CDs. In what world does that make sense? The faster ones are at least bigger and its not actually that much slower. I took the time to write down some plot for my planned Farscape epic and a few things about it sprung to mind. So I now pretty much have the backstory down, I just have to think about whats going to happen and where the story will start and finish. At the moment I can see three possible endings:

  1. They win and everyone lives happily ever after
  2. They lose and everyone dies
  3. They win one battle but are left at the end to carry on fighting the war

I can see the picture of Trip in the bottom half of this window as I write this and my eyes keep straying!

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Enterprise quiz
Monday 16th December 2002 11:02 pm

My New Years Resolution:

You're Charlie "Trip" Tucker. You stay down to earth no matter how far away from it you travel. You have a charm that always works to your advantage. When it comes to your friends, you're fiercely loyal almost to a fault. No matter what the situation, you've got the best lines out of anyone on Enterprise.

Take the Enterprise Quiz!

Brought to you by redanubis.

Well, to be polite and happy. Sort of. I don't think I can do the natural charm thing, but I also don't think I can stop doing the saying what I think thing.

The answers to the quiz are quite fun as well.

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Monday 16th December 2002 10:05 pm

Actually kind of bored tonight, as I didn't go to Tae Kwon Do because my asthma's not totally better and I didn't want to risk it. Tonight's Farscape was weird. According to TVQuick it was called Unfazed Reality. One word out of two ain't bad. It does set up the rest of this series to change. A lot. Not only do we have to wait two weeks to see it, but I won't be in for it. Or any of the rest as I leave for Tae Kwon Do after the first five minutes. But for this one I'm going to the Star Trek Adventure. Which should be quite cool. Or at least it had better be the amount of money they're charging for the privilege!

This site is so funny.

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Red Dwarf, Stargate, Alias
Sunday 15th December 2002 12:41 pm

I've found out what a meme is, according to the LiveJournal Meme Repository it is:
"an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture".

After I did one topic yesterday it must be time for more than one today.

Red Dwarf:
I watched Future Echoes on Friday, as it was on a DVD that came with a DVD magazine. Its only when you don't watch something for so long that coming back to it, it surprises you how good it is. I've only just found out that Samantha Robson was in Psirens. I've seen the episode since she started in The Bill as well, so there's no excuses there. I will have to watch it again, now that I know.

I'm going to miss Jonas if he's not in season 7 much. Yes, there are elements of him that are contrived - he learns quickly and does Daniel's job. But the rest of him is interesting, I think. Trying to earn Jack's friendship, learning about Earth from Teal'c. Speaking of which I love Teal'c this season (6). The whole team dynamic has changed, which is interesting to see, but I think Teal'c is loving not being the only alien. And having lived on Eaerth for five years he's a lot less alien than he was previously. He does jokes, sarcasm and interacts with humans without them realising he isn't.

Having just seen Passage part 1 I really feel for Jack. Having been betrayed by Irina he finds it hard to trust anyone or get close to them since. Maybe he and Sydney not speaking for many years was a part of that. As a result he really hates Irina, doesn't trust her and doesn't know what her motives are. And maybe a little scared that she'll betray Sydney the way she betrayed him. But even with all that he still loves her. I think pretending to be a family must have been really hard to do. We have no way of knowing though what Irina thinks. We can be fairly certain she doesn't love Jack, but she either loves Sydney or is pretending to. She must have been a very good actress to fool Jack for over seven years. Who knows what's really going through her head?

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The Bill
Saturday 14th December 2002 7:25 pm

Time for a coherent post on one subject. That's the plan anyway. Tonight, The Bill.

Serial killer:
On the basis that Simon Kitson is too obivous and I think he genuinly loves Cass, no matter how much of a bastard he's been or how much of a bitch she has, I don't think he's the serial killer. All the evidence that points to him could equally point to his sister. Not to mention the fact that we still don't know what happened to his first wife. We shall see. It's interesting that now someone (I forget who) suggested Duncan Lennox is the serial killer there's definitely some cause for doubt there. Although I suspect you could probably make a case for just about anyone you like, especially if the serial killer is not working alone.

Nick and Cass:
Is actually quite sweet. Although that's probably because they never got it together. Its always interesting that the characters who die in The Bill do so just as their lives are looking up - Cass has Christmas leave, is about to sort Simon out and has realised she loves Nick, he having realised the same thing (that he loves her, I mean). So of course she has to die. And probably a good thing given that half the nick seem to have slept with the other half at the moment. But it has meant that Nick's got a really good story going on at the moment (and got one over on Phil Hunter, yay!). Speaking of which, where is Phil Hunter getting all these drugs from anyway?

I would have liked to have seen more of the singing at Cop Idol, I'm still not certain who Danny Glaze was supposed to be. Intercutting it with Cass' kidnap was a good idea, but just didn't work. To be honest the SK's methods haven't been mentioned for so long I've forgotten what they were. Maybe if we'd seen more of that it might have been more dramatic. Also perhaps we should have just seen the singing in Cop Idol and not the rest, so that the only person during any talking during these scenes was Cass begging for her life.

I'm looking forward to the coming episodes anyway: Cass' funeral, catching the SK, finding out why Gina and Adam broke up (till I read it in the TV guide I hadn't given the subject a second thought), Luke and Kerry's wedding. Well, I'm sort of looking forward to it, given there's a triangular object involved. We want the old Craig Gilmore back!

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The Star Trek Adventure
Friday 13th December 2002 11:08 pm

Instead of having a really hectic week I spent it sleeping. The rest of December isn't that busy either. I ought to sort out my fencing kit and get tickets to the Star Trek Adventure. And do some work on my fics, that would be good. Aeryn has been given a reprieve so she can be jealous of Chiana. Well, a temporary reprieve anyway, given that at the moment the only people who die get it in before the story starts. Can't believe I'm actually watching Fame Academy. While I'm waiting for Enterprise to download, honest. Plus there's only dance shite on the radio at the moment.

More at the weekend. Depending on how I'm feeling I might go into town (not sure which one) for a couple of bits, or clean my room, or hang about doing not a lot.

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Monday 9th December 2002 8:35 pm

Got a cold. Not good. Downloading the Rocky soundtrack. Still downloading Alias from the week before last - have managed a top speed of 0.7k/s! Been reading a really interesting series of fics called The Aeryn Years about what Aeryn got up to on the Favoured Planet during The Locket. Might have a lie down and see if what my video did with Buffy last Friday night (it should have thrown the tape out, but didn't, don't know why).

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Protected: Work
Saturday 7th December 2002 12:08 am

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Wednesday 4th December 2002 10:10 pm

Words subject to change, but about the only part of what could in theory be quite an epic Farscape fic not subject to change:
Rygel - who only ever thought of himself and his stomachs - gave his life for Moya's.

Tired. Done nothing much really today. Not looking forward to going back tomorrow. Although I did work out I'm not going to be in till the 14th. Must write some e-mails to send when I get back.

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Farscape fic
Tuesday 3rd December 2002 10:58 pm

Reading this at the moment. Its a Farscape fic based on what might have happened if Tauvo Crais had been on Moya and Aeryn had hit the module, but missed the asteroid. Its good so far, but also very long. I'm still reading part 1 out of 3 very long and one shorter part. The Farscape fics I've started are probably the closest to being finished, so I need to get into Farscape at the moment. Looking forward to the weekend - off to The Bill studios then going to see Rocky Horror. And its going to get colder, which is great when I'm going to be spending lots of time outside.

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Unfinished fic snippets
Tuesday 3rd December 2002 3:12 pm

The musical episode of Buffy is going to be postponed a week due to snooker (see for details). I've just realised that therefore means we won't get new episodes of Farscape (new meaning ahead of America) till that week either. Its really annoying because I've heard a tiny spoiler (which is obvious from the nd of Unrealized Reality anyway) that just makes it more exciting!

I've discovered I have 20 unfinished fics, some of which date back 3 years. Some I might be able to do something with (hopefully) and I've potentially got a couple of long Farscape ones (one very dark) and a few shorter Star Wars TPM-era ones. A few teasers (all from different fics):

The scene that greeted him nearly made his heart stop. Two Peacekeepers were in the room holding pulse pistols pointed at Aeryn.

If he had been thinking clearly he might have noticed that not only was Aeryn not breathing, but also there was a bullet wound in her stomach.

"Maybe I'm going mad, D'Argo," he said, "again."

"That must be a first. Sub-commander T'Pol is agreeing with me."

"If a Sith Lord had turned up last night at that party you would certainly be dead by now."

All excerpts subject to change/being deleted completely/fics never being finished.

There's been a landslip at Christchurch, so the trains are all in a mess. Hopefully they'll have been sorted out by Thursday when I want to go that way.

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Jeffrey Archer
Tuesday 3rd December 2002 11:48 am

It occurred to me last night when I was watching Jeffrey Archer - The Truth that if someone hadn't pointed out to the Enterprise people who he was, it could have been quite interesting. Admittedly, no-one in this country would be able to take him seriously, although maybe it would have got a better time slot!

Must go and read all the e-mails I've got sitting in my inbox.

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Bond fencing!
Monday 2nd December 2002 7:52 pm

Saw Die Another Die today. Very interesting fencing kit Madonna's wearing. But the rest of it was so white! I know thats because its new (and expensive) but even so. And I liked the way Bond was magically hooked up to the electronics.

The definitely cut a bit out of Farscape. When they're in the doctors office and D'Argo is feeling Noranti's 'intense pleasure' he goes towards Crichton, who tells him not to come near him when he's feeling like that. I remember it as well. Only one more episode, then we'll be ahead of the Americans, yay!

Have actually updated my website, must upload it, write an e-mail to the mailing list and update my bookmarks as well - I'm getting to the point where I can't see all of them any more.

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Saturday 30th November 2002 3:04 pm

I'm actually updating my site! I keep on having all these good ideas for it, so its slow going at the moment. Plus I'm kinda bored and downloading this weeks Buffy. I must go and look up some more fic recs as well, I'm sure I've read some good stuff since I last did any. Had a strange dream last night about swmming. Whats strange about that you ask? Well, the fact that bunnies were involved for a start.

Going to watch Enterprise now, which I let dad download. Maybe some more later.

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