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Thursday 31st October 2002 9:37 pm

Haven't posted for a while due to being tired. I got 3.5 hours of sleep Sunday night (entirely my own fault) and not that much more any night before that. Then it took me 9 hours to get from Blackpool train station to Oxford train station on Monday, where I was constantly changing trains (busy) and sitting around at Birmingham for so long I thought I wasn't getting home. Not good. And just realised I haven't told my video The Bill is only an hour long tonight. But new Buffy!

Anyway, will maybe do some website stuff this weekend as my photos will be back by then (I took 2 films worth!). Spent serious amounts of money even before Chris Judge's talk on Sunday. Where I paid half of �150 to grope Garwin Sanford (Narim). I'd much rather it had been JR's (Martouf) but he was too expensive, plus it was apparently quite bony. Garwin did at least have a nice arse, even if he is nearly the same age as my mother.

Er, what else. All the usual stuff really. Will put something on my site maybe, or write it in here when I'm feeling more inspired. I must do something with this as well, I've been getting inspiration from reading other people's recently.

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Wednesday 23rd October 2002 10:56 pm

I almost wish I hadn't watched the thing on Human Instinct now, it was gross. And kind of scary. And reading angsty Alias fic with lots of UST, probably not helping. I so need the time off this (long) weekend, work's getting a bit stressy now. I think we should get more time off a year, it would really help. Plus if we didn't get so overworked. Not that I can really complain, given that I start and finish on time nearly every day, although I have done some overtime every week since August now.

Looking forward to SG5. Considering how I can convince Jay and JR to pick me up so I won't look so short in the photo 🙂 Will have to hatch some plans when I meet up with everyone on Friday. Looking forward to going up to uni as well. I haven't been there since term 2 last year, so its been a while. Its always strange though, because it feels like home, apart from the bits that have changed, those feel weird. Plus being able to walk across campus and not recognise a single person. That so rarely happened while I was there.

Have thought about packing, but still working myself up to it! Will do some in the morning when I'm feeling more awake, hopefully going to get a lie-in. Instead of planning to go to bed at 11 and getting there at quarter to 12, I am going to stay up and watch Buffy. So it will be at least tomorrow by the time I get there. Which will doubtless be my earliest night until Monday, which will be ridiculously early.

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So little time, so much to watch
Tuesday 22nd October 2002 10:28 pm

Have lots of Buffy, Angel and Alias to download but no time to download it in! Was really busy at work today just after lunch, then there wasn't very much to do later on. Which was probably just as well. We're being checked for ISO a week on Thursday, so really need to find the time to go through all the projects and check everything is there and signed.

Only one more working day to go! Really looking forward to seeing Jay Acavone again, he was so funny last time. Having said there's no way I want my photo done, I can't help thinking that one with Jay and JR Bourne would be quite nice 🙂

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Monday 21st October 2002 11:27 pm

I have the tendency to get tired and go to bed before I get the chance to write in this. Maybe I should get round to it earlier in the day. Have finally done some CDs today, I've filled up 2 CD-RWs with crap now, so I will have to sort it all out at some point. Have managed to get nearly 800 words for my Stargate essay, whilst watching Insurrection. Although if I stood near my computer the static was so bad I could hear it! The rest of the time at least the sound was clear. Pity the film's not much good then.

I'm definitely stewarding at SG5, which is cool. I can't wait till I go! And going up to uni on Thursday which could be kind of strange because I haven't been back since about March, so a lot has changed since then. Was going to watch Buffy tonight, but I'm not going to get it in, so I'll have a search for some more good Alias S/V fic instead.

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Saturday 19th October 2002 11:59 pm

Okay, so that wasn't quite what I was expecting. Next to Sydney Vaughn looks like sucha wimp, being as she can run faster than him and kick his arse if she wanted to. I don't think he is, it's just the comparison. Its the same as Xander looking wimpy next to Buffy and Vila being a coward in comparison to everyone else on the ship. They're the normal people and that's probably how most of us would act in the same situation. Its the ones who can kick arse who are different. And I have to say, I feel sorry for Sloane. I just can't get over the fact he shares his name with a bad guy in Deep Space 9 and looks like Rene Auberjonois (if you don't look too carefully).

I got loads done today, which is good. I have to do some stuff with CDs though tomorrow, so I could watch some more of the Stargate film while I do it I suppose. I could always re-write my essay on the train next weekend. Maybe I'll be bored enough to finish reading The Two Towers, although I doubt it somehow.

Alias went to London on Channel 4 today. You can tell its London because they showed a red bus in the establishing shot. Because of course you don't get those anywhere else. Yeah, right. I doubt they really shoot a few seconds worth in all these different places somehow. I finally remembered to watch Casualty tonight. It was kind of weird to see him in a completely different role but looking the same. I only saw hin in two scenes though because Chris rung in the middle of it and the entire point of Russell Boulter is to listen to him. Not that watching's nice too, but its not quite the same if he's muted. Plus I didn't really want to watch too much of it being as I would quite like to sleep tonight. I'm really going to have to get some sleep in this week in preparation for getting ridiculously tiny amounts next weekend.

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Friday 18th October 2002 10:58 pm

At last the week is finally over. I have watched so much Alias this week, and gone to a load (ok, a few) websites and read some fan fic. Oh, and got stung by a massive great but wasp. On the bottom of my toe. Which was really fun. Or not. I am going to update my website this weekend. I think Michael Vartan is going to get added to the guinness list. Not that I'm obsessed or anything. I keep thinking I need something to take my mind off him. I just need to see the rest of Alias, that I can get hold of, then once a week on Channel 4 won't prove much of a problem.

I can see how people get really into Alias. Its the same thing as Farscape, and a few years ago, Babylon 5. And that's only considering American TV. The only trouble is that you have to watch every episode in order to have a clue what is going on, and specially to appreciate it. Alias is the only one of the two that I've seen from the beginning. The trouble is that B5 faced not getting a fifth series (which might well have been a good thing in the end, but still) and Farscape is in imminent danger. Hmm. Doesn't bode very well for Alias then.

Think I will go to bed and watch some late night Friends to put me to sleep (okay, so I taped it earlier so I could watch the film).

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Computers and work
Tuesday 15th October 2002 11:41 pm

Haven't written anything for ages! On Thursday I couldn't get online due to my modem/computer dying. I found out at the weekend it was the computer getting confused, poor thing. Then I've just watched loads of Alias really! Apart from Tae Kwon Do last night, which I am only now starting to hurt from. My stomach muscles, which I didn't realise I used ache, specially when I cough or laugh. Which is really helpful. I'm going to get a bruise on my arm where I blocked (sort of) a kick. And my left thumb really hurts, which is just weird.

Really annoyed that a nasty project at work got cancelled just as it was finishing. So I thought that meant I'd have a fairly easy week, as opposed to a bloody awful one. But no. Its actually meant more work. And whats more is that in a few weeks we have to do the entire thing all over again!

My landlady bought a new CD thing, so I've got hers. I didn't realise how many CDs I have. Mind you, two-thirds of them are videos. And I need to make some more as well. Really can't think about much past Michael Vartan at the moment. *sigh*

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Lots of things
Wednesday 9th October 2002 10:38 pm

Meant to write in this yesterday, but got tired and went to bed about half ten. Then couldn't get to sleep, so ended up watching a bit of Stargate Director's Cut at quarter to midnight. I have noticed some differences as well. Not entirely certain if they're better or worse yet though. Still totally indecisive about going travelling, hence the not sleeping. I should just see how it goes really, try to do some more IT at work, and if I want to go, it doesn't necessarily have to be next summer. I did realise that I really want to see the Northern Lights (can't spell technical name!). Everything I can pretty much take or leave to be honest. Then I'll have seen just about every stellar phenomena there is.

Been watching loads of Alias recently. I've just realised how good it is. Stupidly went to find some websites and accidentally read some spoilers for episodes I haven't seen yet, which is annoying. But I think some of them won't really make sense until I get to those episodes anyway, and I might well have forgotten them. I found some read hair dye in Boots, that is pretty much the colour I want and only lasts 3 washes, which is good. Unfortunately, you need blonde hair for it to work. Bugger.

Run out of other things to do now! Meant to do some work on my website, but haven't got round to it. Need to stop typing though, hand hurts. Will go and watch Stargate instead maybe (bugger all on TV of course).

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Poor hand
Sunday 6th October 2002 11:04 pm

Didn't manage to stay up late to watch Star Trek after Monday because it was just too cold. Hurt my right hand this week by doing loads of writing for work. Halfway through The Bill on Wednesday I had to stop cross stitching because my hand hurt a bit. I had noticed it wasn't too god at work but didn't think anything of it. Until I did some epee Thursday night! Luckily hardly anyone was in on Friday, so I got away with not doing very much work. I had to use my left hand for the mouse and type with my left, which I am quite quick at, but I did get quite frustrated with it though. But every time I used my right hand it hurt too much! I haven't done much with it this weekend, so hopefully it'll be fine for all of Monday.

Went to STA Travel on Saturday. So now I've got all of these brochures and I'm getting quite excited about going. There is the matter of a job when I get back though. I think that if I go next summer, then when I come back I can sort my life out, live somewhere nice and buy a new computer. Not sure. I'm going to talk to people who've done it though, and about what I might need to go into IT. And exactly what I can do in the industry as well. I will have to make a decision soon though. I'm not sure if its possible to spend all that time away and only life on stuff you can carry with you!

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Wednesday 2nd October 2002 11:08 pm

Stayed up late on Monday to watch The Next Gen on Sarah's TV, as I hadn't seen it. I was going to do the same last night, but I was too cold, so I went to bed and watched Monday's Farscape instead. BBC2 has just reached the point where I haven't seen a few episodes, so hopefully they'll continue showing them, then I'll have seen them all! Wish they'd repeat the original series at a reasonable time as well, then I could see all of those too. And Quantum Leap for that matter, there's so many important ones I've missed!

Still undecided about travelling. I'll go to STA Travel on Saturday anyway. And make a decision at some point.

Buffy's good though. And the sound was at the same time as the picture, which is even better. Can't wait for Angel to start next week.

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Monday 30th September 2002 11:46 pm

Trying to decide whether to go travelling now! It was kind of something someone said today and what was said at my appraisal about it, and also what someone mentioned on one of my mailing lists. If I could go into IT in the same company, then it would be kind of stupid to leave it all behind now. I think the trouble is that if I have a good day at work and feel more included, then I think I don't want to leave, but if I have a bad day and feel left out, I desperately want to leave. Same with at home really, I think. I think I'll have to see how it goes and whether I last through the cold in the winter this year, because that's when I felt worst last year.

Really must work on my essay for Jack O'Neill studies and write some e-mails. Perhaps I'll have an evening of doing that and playing with my modem tomorrow night, as it refused to work in the top slot last night, which is not good. Didn't leave work till 10 past 6, so couldn't really have made it to Tae Kwon Do even if I wanted to.

I so want Sikozu's hair! And clothes. And a body to go in them. But I really want to dye my hair that colour, and I wish it was long and curly like that (and manageable, obviously).

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Stargate and Alias
Sunday 29th September 2002 1:49 pm

The SG4 video was really sad, mainly because they played THAT song at the end. So then I went and found the What If video and realised I'd have to watch Meridian at least once for my essay. I think its because I haven't seen any Stargate with Jonas in for a while and I've only really read stuff with Daniel in. It would be cool if Corin Nemec was at SG5 though. Its only 4 weeks to go, which I can't believe. It still seems like such a long way away.

Went to Tae Kwon Do on Friday, which was hard, but good fun. Had completely forgotten until Sally rung yesterday that I was supposed to be going to Rotary tomorrow, so I won't be able to go to Tae Kwon Do. Have to take the Junior's Meeting tomorrow. Scary! I'm getting into Alias now. I just wish they wouldn't leave each episode on cliffhanger, then end it within 2 minutes of the next. Its just a ploy to get you to watch the next one, which if it was good in its own right, you would. We don't need to be treated like idiots who watch soaps. I am continually amazed at how nice Sydney's hair is when she's working undercover, considering how limp it looks any other time.

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Wednesday 25th September 2002 11:36 pm

Watched part of the SG4 video. I've only seen the opening ceremony, but I remember now how I lost my voice afterwards from so much screaming! I need 3 passport photo (I think thats what he said) for Tae Kwon Do, so of course I have 3, and there's no-where in Wallingford to get more. Watched 3/5ths of Buffy, because RealPlayer refuses to play part 4, which is really helpful.

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Davis Cup
Sunday 22nd September 2002 10:57 pm

Good weekend. We won! I got to see British players win a match for the first time! It was quite boring in comparison watching today's winning match, partly because doubles is more exciting - much quicker rallys, involving more volleying - but also because there was more doubt about the result. Although its quite hard to sit in those seats for 4 hours. Watching it on TV afterwards just isn't the same. Why didn't I do this years ago? I am so going back there for the next one (assuming I'm still it the country, February's could be away).

Then got to see the season premiere of Enterprise. Woo hoo! It was so good to see a new episode, and it was good. Watching the one on today, wasn't so good in comparison either. And I slept in till 10 this morning, which I've been wanting to do for ages, but haven't. It comes to something when you think 10 is a lie-in. I need to get less sleep during the week, and maybe I'm make it till lunchtime again.

Going to try Tae Kwon Do tomorrow night, assuming I leave work on time. Have to leave the house when Farscape starts, so I'll be in to press record. I have seen it twice already, so not really needing to see it again that much just at the moment. Specially after seeing new Enterprise, and new Buffy is this week too.

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Thursday 19th September 2002 10:47 pm

OMG. She tells him! How can I possibly wait till Wednesday now! Was having kind of a bad day. Was actually quite busy at work, then ended up not going to fencing. But I beat the rules - I phoned him! Which was nice. I have to fit Emma in sometime now if she manages to ring when I'm in sometime before Sunday. Wonder if I could dust and hoover Sunday after I pack Claire off home? And why is it Channel 4 advertise Enterprise and Alias so much, but not Stargate, and I haven't seen BBC2 advertise Farscape. Getting excited about going to see the tennis on Saturday now. How am I going to get through tomorrow, specially when I don't really have any work to do.

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The Bill
Wednesday 18th September 2002 9:36 pm

Ooh, want to know who that bloke is now. How can PoG go from Sean to Puke to another guy that quickly? Distinct lack of phone calls and texts tonight. Discovered I can tape Monkeys, hopefully as I'll be out and my computer won't be on to affect the reception. I can't believe Channel 4 showed the Alias advert before Futurama and during it. Its going to go like Enterprise, they keep showing the same things. Why not give us a trailer for the next episode rather than for the series itself? It was okay at first, but we're halfway through now! I might watch Alias, I think I'll need to see what the usual episodes are like. And I want to know why everyone is raving about it. And if I can manage to stay up till 1am next week I can watch some Highlander.

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Tuesday 17th September 2002 10:05 pm

Why is it that despite me not doing all the in things, or at least thinking that I don't, I do? I remember not doing my coat up at school because it wasn't in. I was really quite surprised when people did at uni. I still do it though. I mean, if its really cold then I will do my coat up, but once I get near where I'm trying to get to I undo it. Its not just that either. Its also the not ringing blokes thing. I still kind of have a thing about ringing people, and I only have his mobile number so it'll cost a lot, and I can't think of anything to say. I mean, where do I start?

Dr Jackson's Diary is really not helping. Its full of sex. Admittedly its written by a bloke (fictionally speaking, anyway) and everyone knows thats all they think about. And what is it with that looking thing? I find it really unnerving, Emma likes it. At least you know where you stand, I suppose.

Shit. Who's reading this stuff anyway? Think I'd better not advertise the link on the front page. Really must update my site. And eat, I'm hungry. Wonder if Sarah will be back before 11.40 and whether I'll be awake enough to watch Highlander?

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Stargate Infinity and Alias
Monday 16th September 2002 10:33 pm

I think I ought to have another early night, as I'm feeling quite tired. Done something nasty to my knee though. I think I've bruised it inside - usually bruises on the outside don't appear that quickly, or look quite that nasty. I just have to be careful not to touch it. Stargate Infinity reminds me of something, I forget what though. Probably something I watched when I was little. Not only is it not any good, but there's continuity they've not bothered with, and stuff I'm sure they've done purely because its set in the future, where of course people commonly have blue hair.

I quite liked Alias, despite the pinkness of the video. I might watch it again if I'm in, but I'm not that bothered about it. Had a day of not getting much achieved really. Really bored of this week already! Would much rather be back in Derby really. Is it possible to be bored with 899 TV channels I wonder? Hmm, I could quite happily do a study into it...

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Friday 13th September 2002 10:58 pm

Tired, as per usual on a Friday really. Got a postcard from Wadjet with a picture of the Niagara Falls on, which was a really nice thing to come home to after a crap day of work. Not least because its my only piece of post since Monday that hasn't been junk mail. Its not ever bill time of the month! Hope Stargate tapes while I'm away because its a good one I'd quite like to see again. Must look up what time train I'm looking for when I get to Birmingham becuase I'll have no idea where it'll be going. Was planning on having an early night. Hmm. Too tired to type any more.

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Stargate University
Wednesday 11th September 2002 10:35 pm

I was actually feeling quite bored by 8pm, but could now stay up all night. I found the Stargate University last night, and thought up a few topics to write essays on. The science stuff I can understand, but its when I start descending into English Lit it gets quite bad. I actually quite like disecting these things (up to a point, anyway). Maybe its because I'm actually interested in the stuff and I'm not being forced to dissect what the author meant, or compare or contrast anything. Mrs Alper has a lot to answer for.

Everyone else was out so went and watched Friends on E4 downstairs. So Chris rung in the middle of it, which was annoying, especially as I'd left my train times upstairs, so I had to spend money typing it into the phone and running out of characters. Then I remembered what someone had mentioned at the weekend about Dr Jackson's Diaries. If I said it was funny, that would be putting it mildly. At one point I couldn't stop laughing. And I'm only up to February. I can pretty much cope with the slash in it though because its so funny. I will not be converted to Jack/Daniel slash, thats just too weird.

I managed not to do stuff I should have done, hence the boredom. Really need a weekend at home so I can get loads of things done first thing in the morning when I'm feeling energetic. Not feeling energetic when I get home after work as I've spent this week sorting out the printer and writing really quite amazingly boring databases (amazing because they're complicated, you'd think they'd be interesting, but no, they're just a bugger).

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