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The Bill
Wednesday 7th August 2002 8:57 pm

Not done much again this evening. Actually getting really bored of being in. Although I have just realised that I might not get to see tomorrow night's episode of The Bill until Monday! Or maybe I could take the video to Emma's with me - then I can bore her by saying "met them" every few minutes! Every time I go on a London Trip I just get atotal Bill obsession afterwards. I should be getting a Farscape video soon though, so maybe it'll turn into a Farscape obsession given that I'll have to watch 3 or 4 episodes in a day or two probably.

I've been very bad and not done any of my website, although I'm feeling bored now, so I will probably do some for an hour before I watch TV. Feeling kind of scared about the First Aid assessment tomorrow. I do know the stuff and I think I can at least make a guess if I don't know anything, but I'd really much rather check someone I know for injuries and put them into the recovery position. And the bandaging. I might have to ask how it works beforehand, although then again I might be better off not knowing!

Hopefully I'll get my photos tomorrow, which I'll have to sort out so my parents can look at them before I go fencing. Found out that Scott Neal (who plays Luke Ashton in TB) is only a year older then me! And he's also played a gay character and previously kissed a bloke for it, which is interesting. I wonder how that affected his kiss in TB? What is really scary is that Ciaran Griffths (Gary Best) is a year younger than my sister (so 4 years younger than me)!

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Tuesday 6th August 2002 7:45 pm

I have done some work on my website! Today I've done the photos pages (at least for the ones already there, haven't done the new ones yet). I had to do one of them twice though because I accidently overwrote it and it wasn't in the recycle bin as its still being crap. Remembered something I forgot from Tescos! My back hurts, I think from bending over at the first aid course. I will lie down and rest it soon (nearly Bill time). Its even nice enough today to peg my washing out, which is good.

I've also spent rather a lot of money on the SG3 and SG4 videos. I'll order the SG5 ones at SG5 I think, it'll be slightly cheaper at least. I was good and didn't buy any Ewan McGregor videos off Blackstar. I checked for The Bill videos and it said The Trial of Eddie Santini (despite not being out for very long) has been deleted! Which is actually quite annoying as I missed the end of the episode due to the video cutting out. Although its old news now.

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Monday 5th August 2002 10:16 pm

Got in at 4.30 today, then really couldn't be bothered to do anything! Because I slept in yesterday I wasn't tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable time, so I'm tired again now. You just can't win. I did at least do my statement (eventually) and got my Tescos shopping, and they actually managed to deliver everything for the first time ever! I think thats pretty much the theme for this week, at least till Thursday when I get to rush about. I must do some of my website. Trouble is I tend to feel dynamic and getting things done first thing, so its really hard to go to work and come home and do all the things I'm supposed to be getting done. I really want to lie on my bed and watch something crap, but there's nothing on. At least all the things that are on are too crap. Wish I had UK Gold. *sigh*

I knew there was something I hadn't done - the puzzle! Off to do that now then, and send a text message, I think.

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Weird day
Sunday 4th August 2002 11:48 pm

I haven't updated for a while due to spending the last four days (not including today, I was sleeping today) at The Bill studios. When I look through the list of the current cast I've actually managed to see most of them (except for Hywel Simons who wasn't in, damnit). Been a really weird day today. Slept in late, so not tired now, which means I won't get much sleep tonight and so I'll be tired all week. You just can't win. Watched two episodes of Stargate, and the Andromeda episode with Michael Shanks. I still don't understand the Andromeda character at all. But he looked good, so never mind. And the Farscape was just weird. Which I suppose is typical Farscape really.

Haven't been to work since Tuesday, and not going back till Friday, which is cool. I'm off on a four day First Aid course from Monday. Then Friday I'm going to Leeds to see some friends (hoping they'll rearrange the Emmerdale-Bill cricket match to then, but I doubt it as it'll be too short notice really) and not coming back here till Monday. Then things'll be back to normal, which will actually seem quite strange! No more days off till the end of October. Long time really.

I was going to watch some late night Enterprise, but its a crap one, so maybe I'll read some fanfic instead. Didn't quite manage to watch 24 earlier due to it being really boring. They should have finished at 8am, its been really patchy since then. I'm looking forward to the end just so it'll all be over. I'm expecting the usual American saccharine ending, but hoping everyone'll die, which'll be much more interesting. But won't allow them to have another series, which I don't think they should do anyway. The only reason it's done well is because its original, which is a feature a second series won't have.

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Too hot
Tuesday 30th July 2002 7:21 pm

Can't believe it still hasn't rained. Although that probably means it'll do it tomorrow when I'll be outside. Although with the humidity, and doubtless the heat of the tube, it'll probably be quite nice to be out in the rain. It was so horrible at work today. I had to keep getting up to stop myself getting stuck to the chair. So having to stay late didn't help. But I don't have to go back there till a week on Friday which is very good. I think we should go with the European system and have August off because of the heat.

There is so nothing else going on in my life at the moment! Just the heat and the humidity. Looking forward to seeing my friends this week. My whole room smells of my blow-up chair. I hope it stops smelling soon.

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Too humid
Monday 29th July 2002 7:50 pm

I can't believe the tiny amount its rained today, given that its been so humid today its been horrible. I really think my landlady has far too many mirrors in her bathroom. I made the mistake of turning the shower on after I had undressed and caught sight of myself in the mirror above the bath. If that isn't an advert for keeping your clothes on I don't know what is. It doesn't help that afterwards when you turn round you can see yourself in the other two mirrors!

I was feeling so terrible at work this afternoon because it was so hot. I had to get up every 10 minutes otherwise I stuck to the chair. And its too humid to put my washing out. Although thats mainly because I keep thinking that it might actually really rain. Maybe I should put my washing back out to purposely make it rain. I hope it isn't so hot for the rest of the week. I at least won't be at work, but I'll probably be getting up earlier, being busier and getting less sleep, as per usual. And I really need to sort out the insoles in my canvas shoes. Its impossible to keep them in the right place, as I walk they move forwards and my feet hurt.

I would just like to say exactly how annoying it is when you're typing something in explorer, press backspace to delete something and it goes to the previous page and deletes everything you've written. But only sometimes, sometimes its okay to press the button. Blogger kept my text though, thank goodness.

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Beeblebears Picnic
Sunday 28th July 2002 8:33 pm

I was sitting in the shade yesterday so I thought it was a bit chilly, but today was definitely very hot! Yesterday was the Beeblebears Picnic in Battersea Park, which was fun. Everytime I go to one I think I must get a Beeblebear, but haven't quite managed it so far. Then I met up with some friends from uni, so it was good to catch up. Its quite refreshing to spend time with them because nothing much has changed since we left, unlike people at work who are all boring and getting married etc.

Went to Reading today and got, among other things, a bigger blow-up chair. Its really comfortable to sit in, even if I am a bit too close to the TV when I'm in it. Sadly, there's no space for it in my room! Its sitting at one end at the moment, so I can't get to my clothes rail or the bookcase with my food on.

So glad I only have a 2 day week, specially if it'll be hot. Looking forward to going to The Bill studios, and should be going to see some other friends in London while I'm there. Its quite strange going from having your friends within walking distance and seeing them nearly every day, to only seeing them every couple of months. Although if I go travelling I'll see them even less during that time.

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Some stuff
Friday 26th July 2002 9:28 pm

Was really pissed off about it being hot earlier, but I've had a shower and cooled down a bit now, so feeling better. Plus had a few text messages and e-mails from various friends, which was cool. And the most recent Jedi Quest book in the post. Although my social life's suddenly getting much more complicated. For some reason Wallingford has smelt of country animals (ie stinks) since last night. Its really annoying, because its too hot to close my window, but I need a peg on my nose!

Was going to go and watch the raft race this evening, but stayed in because I had a load of things to do. Not that I've actually got that much done, but still 🙂 Pipex is being crap at the moment. I'm trying to get a site tracker for my site (as they host it), but they send an e-mail for confirmation and you have to use the username and password they send within 24 hours. Trouble is, they haven't sent me any e-mails. I know the e-mail addresses I used work, because I checked. You just can't get the staff. Not least because I had a notification that I had (junk) e-mail at another account, but it apparently doesn't exist!

And why is it I always seem to have a complicated yet non-existant love-life?

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Out a lot
Thursday 25th July 2002 6:38 pm

Not sure I'm actually going to make a night in this week, which is good, although I haven't had time to work on the site. If anyone really hates the new red design, then thats just tough because I like it. Should be going fencing tonight, although I'm not sure how much fencing I'll actually do because its quite warm out. At least if it is nice this weekend I could wash my kit and hang it out and it won't take long to dry.

Work was really quite boring today because there wasn't much of it to do. I should go over to the other site tomorrow and see about borrowing someone's computer to make some CDs. Assuming we have some blank CD-Rs, that is. Its really annoying that I have to archive everything onto CD (which I quite like), it would just be nice if I had a CD writer on my computer to do it with.

Really hope its not going to be 30degrees at the weekend, thats just a bit too hot for me. I don't want it to rain for the picnic on Saturday, or Sunday as I need to go into Reading, although my hayfever's not good, so I really need it to rain quite a bit for that. It did rain a bit on Tuesday, but so little you'd have been hard pressed to notice afterwards as the ground was still dry.

Must go and organise my lift, watch Buffy and send some e-mails.

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Wednesday 24th July 2002 6:28 pm

Suddenly don't have much time as I have to leave in 15mins to go out for a meal at a pub, no idea where it is. Also have to sort out going up to Leeds in a few weeks as people are trying to make it complicated and going travelling, specially as my boss asked me about that one today. I did at least go to the STA travel site, I think I need to decide where I want to go and try and speak to someone, which means going in on a Saturday, as they're not open on Sundays.

My job an everything are actually going okay at the moment, but I'm sure it could be a lot better. People were talking about someone's hen night they went on that I wasn't invited to, which only makes me realise how little I have in common with all of the people there. They're okay, just boring. Their main topics of conversation are Eastenders, Big Brother, weddings and houses, and I'm really not interested in any of them. The blokes are a bit better, although they do talk about football quite a lot, which is also boring.

Must go and read my e-mails and sort myself out. Thought I'd have an hour to let my hair dry, which would be plenty, but ended up with more like 20mins due to leaving work late (was sitting there watching a macro run in excel) then realised I had to get some milk as I forgot at lunchtime. Have loads of things I need to do when I get back later now!

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3-day weekend
Tuesday 23rd July 2002 7:04 pm

Its always hard going back to work after the weekend, its even harder when you've had a 3-day weekend. Not that I'm complaining though, I'm quite glad I only have 4 days this week, I'm looking forward to the weekend already! I only have two projects on at the moment, but they are being really complicated. Not to mention the amount of time I have to spend waiting for things to be done on them by other people and running some big tables for other projects. I had a headache by the time I got home (although the heat probably didn't help).

Tonight's Rotaract is my first as secretary. Haven't decided how I'm going to write the minutes yet. Last night I dreamt that I went to the meeting and forgot to take anything to write on! Now I'm hoping it isn't going to rain before I leave as my washing is hanging outside, hopefully drying. Could potentially be a long meeting tonight as well, so not really going to get much done before Friday. And I have to decide what I'm going to do about my Tescos shopping. I might just get the minimum possible when I go to Reading on Sunday.

The internet is so slow after getting used to adsl!

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Monday 22nd July 2002 11:30 am

I've been at home for the weekend, which has been nice, especially as I have been playing on the wireless adsl network!

Saturday I went to Winspit quarry, near Swanage for a water pistol fight, which was great fun as always. As it has been so hot for a week it was nice to get wet 🙂 It was nice to see all my friends down here as well.

The only thing about being at home is that every day is the same, as no-one is at work or school or anything. At least I only have a four-day week to go back to, and I'm busy every evening, so it won't be long until the weekend when I can go and see some different friends.

It so much nicer being at home, because its home. Although it is a bit in the middle of nowhere (although more buses here, admittedly, its difficult for there to be fewer). Due to my burnt finger I've not been re-doing my website. But it will look like this page (although none of the links here work). And I'll work out how to use this blogger thing sometime soon.

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