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Jack Bristow
Saturday 19th March 2005 11:12 pm

I've watched a few episodes of Alias recently and I realised that part of the reason I'm really enjoying it is Jack Bristow. I remember back in the first series when he shoots that annoying CIA guy in cold-blood (looking at an episode guide, was his name Haladki?) that it was a bad guy thing to do. Yet Jack is a good guy. And at that point I wasn't sure if they were just highlighting that Sydney would think twice about that sort of thing because she's a good guy, and perhaps because she hasn't been a spy for quite so long, or that perhaps Jack's not actually such a good guy.

Now I'm watching the fourth series and I still don't know the answer to that question. In one of the episodes I saw recently, just for a minute, there was a bit of uncertainty about whether he'd gone over to the dark side. And actually, come to think of it, no real proof afterwards that he hadn't. Or hasn't.

The other part that was really interesting about him in the second series was his relationship with Irina Derevko. For years she pretended to be Laura Bristow and he loved her. Still does. But Irina betrayed him horribly and he hates her, understandably. Except that he still loves her. I do wonder if perhaps part of the reason he hates her is because he loved her.

And then there's Sydney. Sometimes I think she's the most important thing in his life and he would do anything to save her. Other times I'm not so sure. There's never any easy way to tell how he feels about anyone. I can't work out his feelings about Sloane at all. He doesn't like Vaughn and never has.

I won't say more because it would be a spoiler, but I'm still not sure how he feels about Nadia. I can understand that he would have mixed feelings but the thing about Jack is if you go for the obvious you're probably wrong.

So I'm watching Alias for Jack Bristow. May he continue to puzzle me. And I like Weiss, who is funny, even though they pronounce his name wrong (it's my grandmother's maiden name, so I do know how it should be pronounced).

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Sunday 7th September 2003 9:02 pm

I'm getting all excited about Alias now I've seen the first episode of series 2 again. It was weird, cos so much has happened since then. Only a few more weeks to wait.

You'd think that going all of three stops from Reading to Goring would be simple, wouldn't you? Well, no. I got to the train station yesterday to find there were no trains, I still don't know why because the announcement was too quiet to hear. I froze on the platform for an hour before three turned up. So I should get 50% back for the train I got on being over an hour late (which will come to �1). Hopefully they'll pay for my taxi too, since there's a gap of 2.5 hours between buses, right when you need them as well. The best bit was that the main screens, the screens on the platforms, the announcements, national rails live departure boards and Thames Trains live departure boards all said different things.

I've done the equivalent of a days work today. I'm probably a bit more then halfway through writing Novick Poland. I really know more about the names of Polish beers than I ever wanted to, frankly.

I got an American-British dictionary yesterday and quite liked the entry for pissed:
pissed adj (col) - drunk. It does not mean pissed off (which is used in Britain). The actor David Suchet recalls that when he was at a party in New York and confessed to being 'a bit pissed,' he was puzzled because someone asked, 'I'm sorry. What's wrong?'. This has a number of spin-off terms, such as piss-artist, meaning a heavy drinker, on the piss, meaning on the sauce, and piss-up, a drunken party.

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The Bill
Thursday 6th March 2003 9:53 pm

I think I was going to write something exciting but I can't remember what it was. I could be lying though. The Bill was actually quite exciting. Not really looking forward to next week's though. Luke is not gay, it's so obvious. He wasn't gay when he was in it a few years ago, he's not gay now. He was just someone convenient they found to muck up Gilmore's love life (because you can't have anyone being happy any more, can you?).

I saw Alias last night - poor Jack. And that's all I'm going to say. Trying to avoid watching Blakes 7, should be finishing the LOTR DVD - only half the film to go.

I think I will just go and watch Angel.

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LOTR and Alias
Tuesday 11th February 2003 10:48 pm

Getting all excited about going to see The Two Towers again tomorrow night. I've forgotten most of the stuff that went on - apart from the bits in the book, which given that I've just read it, I do remember. Have almost killed Gandalf off in the pre/post-production commentary, just got the design commentary to go and I'll have watched everything on the 4 disks. I'll have to finish off my other DVDs after that. I still don't really know whats on the Alias one!

Had a really weird dream last night. Well, weird as in not very weird, given that mine are usually too weird to describe. It either started off as LOTR, or it could have just been me thinking about it. Then it went into Alias and I was Sydney Bristow. There was some sort of plot going on (shock! horror!) but I don't remember what it was. It was something to do with my friend though (not Francie). Then I met up with Vaughn and for some reason I decided that the right thing to do in this situation was to hug him, but he kissed me instead (only short though, my fantasies are really quite crap aren't they?) and I ran my left hand down his right arm. This is the one thing I remember clearly. Yes, I am weird. After that we were sat on a comfy sofa and I didn't want to tell him about what was going on with my friend, but I did tell him with my head pretty much in his chest (not literally, I'm not that weird). There might have been more plot-related stuff going on after that, I don't remember.

But Aragorn will yet again be opening the doors to Helm's Deep tomorrow and I will have forgotten Vaughn by then. What is it about that scene? I thought it was just me, but Emma said she noticed him at that point too. He was really scruffy and mucky after all the stuff he'd been through and that's the point where he looks most sexy. I really can't explain that one. The other point is the fight against the Nazgul on Weathertop with a sword in one hand and a torch in the other. He looked so cool doing that. Not that it looks choreographed or anything.

Will be good and write the minutes now and watch ST:TNG from earlier (which I've never seen!). Oh, and Farscape? Not sure exactly whats going on or what Katratzi means or where it is. But very good. I think John really has cracked up. Again.

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Red Dwarf, Stargate, Alias
Sunday 15th December 2002 12:41 pm

I've found out what a meme is, according to the LiveJournal Meme Repository it is:
"an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture".

After I did one topic yesterday it must be time for more than one today.

Red Dwarf:
I watched Future Echoes on Friday, as it was on a DVD that came with a DVD magazine. Its only when you don't watch something for so long that coming back to it, it surprises you how good it is. I've only just found out that Samantha Robson was in Psirens. I've seen the episode since she started in The Bill as well, so there's no excuses there. I will have to watch it again, now that I know.

I'm going to miss Jonas if he's not in season 7 much. Yes, there are elements of him that are contrived - he learns quickly and does Daniel's job. But the rest of him is interesting, I think. Trying to earn Jack's friendship, learning about Earth from Teal'c. Speaking of which I love Teal'c this season (6). The whole team dynamic has changed, which is interesting to see, but I think Teal'c is loving not being the only alien. And having lived on Eaerth for five years he's a lot less alien than he was previously. He does jokes, sarcasm and interacts with humans without them realising he isn't.

Having just seen Passage part 1 I really feel for Jack. Having been betrayed by Irina he finds it hard to trust anyone or get close to them since. Maybe he and Sydney not speaking for many years was a part of that. As a result he really hates Irina, doesn't trust her and doesn't know what her motives are. And maybe a little scared that she'll betray Sydney the way she betrayed him. But even with all that he still loves her. I think pretending to be a family must have been really hard to do. We have no way of knowing though what Irina thinks. We can be fairly certain she doesn't love Jack, but she either loves Sydney or is pretending to. She must have been a very good actress to fool Jack for over seven years. Who knows what's really going through her head?

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Saturday 19th October 2002 11:59 pm

Okay, so that wasn't quite what I was expecting. Next to Sydney Vaughn looks like sucha wimp, being as she can run faster than him and kick his arse if she wanted to. I don't think he is, it's just the comparison. Its the same as Xander looking wimpy next to Buffy and Vila being a coward in comparison to everyone else on the ship. They're the normal people and that's probably how most of us would act in the same situation. Its the ones who can kick arse who are different. And I have to say, I feel sorry for Sloane. I just can't get over the fact he shares his name with a bad guy in Deep Space 9 and looks like Rene Auberjonois (if you don't look too carefully).

I got loads done today, which is good. I have to do some stuff with CDs though tomorrow, so I could watch some more of the Stargate film while I do it I suppose. I could always re-write my essay on the train next weekend. Maybe I'll be bored enough to finish reading The Two Towers, although I doubt it somehow.

Alias went to London on Channel 4 today. You can tell its London because they showed a red bus in the establishing shot. Because of course you don't get those anywhere else. Yeah, right. I doubt they really shoot a few seconds worth in all these different places somehow. I finally remembered to watch Casualty tonight. It was kind of weird to see him in a completely different role but looking the same. I only saw hin in two scenes though because Chris rung in the middle of it and the entire point of Russell Boulter is to listen to him. Not that watching's nice too, but its not quite the same if he's muted. Plus I didn't really want to watch too much of it being as I would quite like to sleep tonight. I'm really going to have to get some sleep in this week in preparation for getting ridiculously tiny amounts next weekend.

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Friday 18th October 2002 10:58 pm

At last the week is finally over. I have watched so much Alias this week, and gone to a load (ok, a few) websites and read some fan fic. Oh, and got stung by a massive great but wasp. On the bottom of my toe. Which was really fun. Or not. I am going to update my website this weekend. I think Michael Vartan is going to get added to the guinness list. Not that I'm obsessed or anything. I keep thinking I need something to take my mind off him. I just need to see the rest of Alias, that I can get hold of, then once a week on Channel 4 won't prove much of a problem.

I can see how people get really into Alias. Its the same thing as Farscape, and a few years ago, Babylon 5. And that's only considering American TV. The only trouble is that you have to watch every episode in order to have a clue what is going on, and specially to appreciate it. Alias is the only one of the two that I've seen from the beginning. The trouble is that B5 faced not getting a fifth series (which might well have been a good thing in the end, but still) and Farscape is in imminent danger. Hmm. Doesn't bode very well for Alias then.

Think I will go to bed and watch some late night Friends to put me to sleep (okay, so I taped it earlier so I could watch the film).

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Lots of things
Wednesday 9th October 2002 10:38 pm

Meant to write in this yesterday, but got tired and went to bed about half ten. Then couldn't get to sleep, so ended up watching a bit of Stargate Director's Cut at quarter to midnight. I have noticed some differences as well. Not entirely certain if they're better or worse yet though. Still totally indecisive about going travelling, hence the not sleeping. I should just see how it goes really, try to do some more IT at work, and if I want to go, it doesn't necessarily have to be next summer. I did realise that I really want to see the Northern Lights (can't spell technical name!). Everything I can pretty much take or leave to be honest. Then I'll have seen just about every stellar phenomena there is.

Been watching loads of Alias recently. I've just realised how good it is. Stupidly went to find some websites and accidentally read some spoilers for episodes I haven't seen yet, which is annoying. But I think some of them won't really make sense until I get to those episodes anyway, and I might well have forgotten them. I found some read hair dye in Boots, that is pretty much the colour I want and only lasts 3 washes, which is good. Unfortunately, you need blonde hair for it to work. Bugger.

Run out of other things to do now! Meant to do some work on my website, but haven't got round to it. Need to stop typing though, hand hurts. Will go and watch Stargate instead maybe (bugger all on TV of course).

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Stargate and Alias
Sunday 29th September 2002 1:49 pm

The SG4 video was really sad, mainly because they played THAT song at the end. So then I went and found the What If video and realised I'd have to watch Meridian at least once for my essay. I think its because I haven't seen any Stargate with Jonas in for a while and I've only really read stuff with Daniel in. It would be cool if Corin Nemec was at SG5 though. Its only 4 weeks to go, which I can't believe. It still seems like such a long way away.

Went to Tae Kwon Do on Friday, which was hard, but good fun. Had completely forgotten until Sally rung yesterday that I was supposed to be going to Rotary tomorrow, so I won't be able to go to Tae Kwon Do. Have to take the Junior's Meeting tomorrow. Scary! I'm getting into Alias now. I just wish they wouldn't leave each episode on cliffhanger, then end it within 2 minutes of the next. Its just a ploy to get you to watch the next one, which if it was good in its own right, you would. We don't need to be treated like idiots who watch soaps. I am continually amazed at how nice Sydney's hair is when she's working undercover, considering how limp it looks any other time.

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The Bill
Wednesday 18th September 2002 9:36 pm

Ooh, want to know who that bloke is now. How can PoG go from Sean to Puke to another guy that quickly? Distinct lack of phone calls and texts tonight. Discovered I can tape Monkeys, hopefully as I'll be out and my computer won't be on to affect the reception. I can't believe Channel 4 showed the Alias advert before Futurama and during it. Its going to go like Enterprise, they keep showing the same things. Why not give us a trailer for the next episode rather than for the series itself? It was okay at first, but we're halfway through now! I might watch Alias, I think I'll need to see what the usual episodes are like. And I want to know why everyone is raving about it. And if I can manage to stay up till 1am next week I can watch some Highlander.

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Stargate Infinity and Alias
Monday 16th September 2002 10:33 pm

I think I ought to have another early night, as I'm feeling quite tired. Done something nasty to my knee though. I think I've bruised it inside - usually bruises on the outside don't appear that quickly, or look quite that nasty. I just have to be careful not to touch it. Stargate Infinity reminds me of something, I forget what though. Probably something I watched when I was little. Not only is it not any good, but there's continuity they've not bothered with, and stuff I'm sure they've done purely because its set in the future, where of course people commonly have blue hair.

I quite liked Alias, despite the pinkness of the video. I might watch it again if I'm in, but I'm not that bothered about it. Had a day of not getting much achieved really. Really bored of this week already! Would much rather be back in Derby really. Is it possible to be bored with 899 TV channels I wonder? Hmm, I could quite happily do a study into it...

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