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Friday 16th March 2007 9:11 pm

I am back from America. I would have posted from there but the server kept going down, so I couldn't. And it meant it lost my emails between about 4th and 13th March. Some of those I've read but others I've never seen. So if anyone's emailed my anything between those two dates, I probably haven't seen it - and if I have I've forgotten about it.

I liked America, and it was good to meet Melli and hhertzof. It's very nice to be home away from American acccents, though, I can only take them for so long. Washington was worse than New York for that, but even then there were some accents I just couldn't take seriously.

I have uploaded all 80 photos to at flickr

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Catching up
Saturday 3rd March 2007 10:08 pm

I'm starting to feel a bit more caught up on my life now. Although when it comes to my friends list that's mostly because I'm marking them as read. I have a tidy house and a clean bathroom and kitchen. And am empty Dyson - which I did all on my own without doing it wrong! It was actually quite easy. I also have a working car and a clean windscreen.

It's very exciting that there's a lunar eclipse at the moment, and the skies are clear. That doesn't happen very often. It's supposed to go red later. I am taking photos, don't know how they'll come out though because I only have so much zoom. And it's cold out there.

I established an easy way to tell my American coins from the Australian ones and Euros in my mug of foreign money - the American ones don't have a number on to tell you the amount. Which is really helpful. And dad told me they're putting the clocks forward next weekend - when I'm there. So I'm going to lose an hours sleep, but there will only be four hours difference between them and us for a couple of weeks.

I've always been fascinated with time. When I was little I always used to wonder how it worked if you worked overnight and the clocks changed. If you worked an hour less or an hour extra because of it that didn't seem fair somehow. When I was in Australia two years ago it was when we changed the clocks. Except that although we went forward here, there it was autumn so the clocks went backwards. Which meant that for me that year the clocks went backwards twice. So my year was two hours longer than everyone else's. So now I'm going to lose an hour of that. Which is quite weird to think about.

The coolest thing about my The Avengers calendar: I turned it over for March and for mother's day there's a picture of Mother. How cool is that?

I really must try and get something in for Back to Middle-earth Month this year, since I don't think I've done anything LOTR related since last year. Don't know quite what yet, but it won't be till after I get back from America anyway.

And continuing on the subject of March, I noticed on the same day, that it was confirmed that the new series of Doctor Who was starting on 24th and 31st March. I feel disappointed there aren't more options. I'd point out that the second option is more annoying since it's Conference, but then I don't think I was in for many episodes last series anyway. At least now I can tape the Confidentials. Which means they'll probably put them back on the website, just to annoy me.

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My weekend plans
Friday 16th February 2007 8:52 pm

I see LJ has gone back to the boring blue *sigh*. The pink was far better. And didn't clash with the pink dalek. Although, I can now read the link to get to the message centre! It's not hidden behind the menu links any more.

I've been good with on the writing front today. I wrote something for AU Harry for RS prompts for Alcohol if by write you mean torture, and I do.

Then I finally finished off the first draft of the first chapter of Doctor Who: The Soap Opera: The Sequel (aka a title with lots of colons). I kept worrying that I didn't have enough plot and I wasn't sure where to end it. Then I realised that the only reason I couldn't see the ending was because I'd accidentally gone past it. Then I worked through my notes and fitted it into chapters and it came to 15. The Soap Opera was only 11, before SJA. So I think it's fairly safe to say I have enough plot.

I actually have a weekend free for once! So I'm going to watch Lewis nearly-live (so I can skip the adverts), clean the house properly and not just the bits I can see, go shopping (on the bus), sort out my doorbell (upstairs' wireless network (unsecured, incidentally but with too low a signal for me to use it much) is interfering with it), put up some posters maybe given that I've been here two months now, make some CDs, do my backing up, and copy some CDs. My computer has thrown a wobbler over the latter for no discernable reason, so I've brought my work laptop home to use instead. It's a lot lighter than mine too.

Somewhere in there the remix assignments will come out, so I'll be busy reading those, and catching up with my other reading. And I'm trying to see if I can have the first chapter of the soap sequel for hhertzof when she gets back on Sunday.

I scared myself earlier by the realisation that the weekend after this one is Redemption (I looked at the program earlier and I might need to clone myself, probably more than once, so I'm refusing to look at it too closely), then the weekend after that I've kept free for doing pre-America stuff because I'm going the Wednesday after that. How did that get so close so fast?

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Thursday 8th February 2007 10:08 pm

Ugh, it snowed today. Well, overnight, although it was still snowing when I left for work this morning. So the office was empty because quite a few people decided to work from home anyway. I don't really like the snow, and what makes it worse was dad emailing me to tell me all they'd had was a bit of rain. I so much want to live back where the civilised weather is, except that it's so far from anywhere.

It's been bugging me for a bit that some of my RSS feeds don't seem to have updated, even though I can see that the feed has when I put the link to it in Firefox. I just realised that the link between them is that they're all Blogger. Apparently it's something that Blogger has changed and RSS Bandit can't cope with. I updated RSS Bandit and then found I needed to delete and re-add the feeds in question. Except I accidentally deleted a folder instead. And it refused to get it back from the OPML export I cunningly did before I started. *headdesk* Fortunately, I bookmark the site for every feed I have.

And some good, squeeing news that I've been putting off squeeing about. I'm going to America four weeks yesterday! I can't believe it's so soon. I have my flights and train booked and everything. All I need to do now is pack and get some more monopoly money (can't remember how much I have squirreled away from last time). I'm going to Washington DC to meet Melli, as she's a whole lot closer to me at the moment than on the other side of the world where she usually lives. Then I'm going to New York to see more of New York than I did in the previous five hours I spent there, and to see hhertzof and her bunny. No prizes for what bit I'm most excited about. Yep that would be the bunny.

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Bed buying: argh!
Saturday 2nd December 2006 10:01 pm

It really shouldn't be that hard to buy a bed. I was going to quite happily get one from Argos except that eventually I found that they don't deliver large items on a Saturday. So I went round loads of other websites they either think you want a fancy bed that will just create dust underneath and/or want to spend more money than I earn in a month. Or want something that has no drawers which is pointless. And none of them want to deliver on a Saturday. What do they think the majority of the population who work Monday-Friday do?

Eventually managed to find somewhere who also sell headboards and deliver on a Saturday, although need to ring them up. Hopefully they will be able to understand my attitude on headboards (they are there so you have something comfortable to lean against when you sit up in bed reading. And that's it).

I'm so tempted to go and see Melli when she's in Virginia, on the basis that it's closer than Tasmania, and a shorter flight so I can take all my own food in case they're crap. And it's not far from New York, which I do want to go to for more than five hours. Not sure I can actually afford to though. Will have to see.

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Highlights of America
Thursday 13th November 2003 10:14 pm

Highlights of America:

Big. Everything is big. The houses are big, the cars are big, the roads are big (I saw very few single lane roads), with loads of intersections, the food portions are big, the hotel room was big. The only thing that was small was the plane and the airport (at least in comparison to Heathrow).

I have to admit hearing all the American accents started to drive me mad after a while. I was actually glad to be back in civilisation by the time I got home. I mean it was good fun, and it was interesting to see how much of America is exactly like in films and on TV, but I wouldn't want to live there.

I did see Alias and Angel while I was there but I might have to watch them again - there were so many adverts I never actually got into them and therefore can't remember any of it.

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World Weather
Sunday 26th October 2003 8:03 pm

Temperature here: between 2 and 10 degrees
Temperature in New York: between 13 and 19 degrees (although Thursday's max is 9 degrees)
Temperature in Las Vegas: between 14 and 27 degrees

Guess where I'm going next week.

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Sunday 19th October 2003 8:54 pm

Haven't updated for a while because I've been busy. Not sure what I've been busy with mind you...

A couple of angsty twins recs: The Search and Lost

Neither finished, but a nice bit of angst over missing Elrohir's. I've also been discovering the Stories of Arda site, which is nice and quick, has a search function and you can leave and reply to reviews.

I went to the Lord of the Rings exhibition at the Science Museum yesterday which was very good. Made me want to watch the films again to see all the things in the exhibition! It was good to meet up with people I'd only met online as well.

I'm going to America in two weeks! I'm starting to get excited, think about packing, and its kind of scary at the same time. I've never been on such a long flight before. I think going to SG6 and meeting up with people the night before will help and take my mind off it. And it'll be good to see my friends again as well.

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