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Monday 30th October 2006 10:34 pm

I managed to get on chat with an Indian from dell to get a new adapter. It was only 25 minutes and I had one in the post. Result! I really hope that solves the problem because the next thing to try is flashing the bios. I had a look and how to do it and it doesn't look that complicated but I'm quite scared it could all go horribly wrong and I'll end up in a worse position than I am now.

I have now seen Torchwood's pterodactyl in the summary at the start of last night's episode. I thought Owen was a crap DS in it, he was supposed to get information out of the woman as they made the tea, not complaing about the amount she talked. Has he not watched The Bill? And please tell me the reason Jack is cagey about his sleeping arrangements is because he is working his way through the population of Cardiff. Neither me nor mum recognised Gareth Thomas straight away. Which is an improvement for her who had no idea who he was in Taggart. And based on what he said to me about it, would make him happy.

I followed a link in metafandom because although I didn't care about an Atlantis hospital AU, I was hopeful it would tell me what an OB/GYN was. I ended up googling it and it stands for Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. So something to do with pregnant women. And I feel that's probably all I need to know.

But it reminded me of a topic I thought about the other day about American/British words that you don't know what they mean. For years I thought a faucet was a type of spanner. Used with water pipes, so I was close at least (it's a tap). A friend of mine thought it was some sort of tool as well. I read on a random blog a while ago of someone who thought a fortnight was twice a week (it's two weeks). Until then I never really thought that was misunderstood, even though I knew it wasn't a word in American.

Anyone got any other American/British words they've misunderstood the meaning of?

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