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Manor Farm
Sunday 11th May 2014 7:54 pm

Another weekend, another trip out, this time to Manor Farm, which was the farm they filmed Wartime Farm at. It had a whole load of animals, including some noisy sheep and two ugly turkeys displaying at one of the females, who didn't pay either of the males any attention at all. I got to stroke a bunny, and also a chick, duckling and a one day old baby turkey (who looked quite sweet).

There were also a lot of lambs.

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Cats and Yuletide
Saturday 2nd January 2010 3:14 pm

Now that the Yuletide authors have been revealed I can reveal that I wrote a 5000 word Press Gang story, Hoops and Bumps. I didn't intend to write any full length treats because I knew I wouldn't have time. But while I was writing this one I had some Spike and Lynda banter I couldn't fit into the story, but wanted to use. So I made a story out of it and ended up with 1003 words for [info]selenay936: Memories Are Not Made of This. I had wanted to write some short stuff on Christmas Eve, but I was just too tired and work had been too busy and I didn't have the energy or time.

Although I didn't mean to, I managed to read everything I wanted to in the archive on 30th December and therefore two days before the author reveal (as that was quite late yesterday). In the past couple of years I've done a recs list of everything I've read and enjoyed (and therefore commented on) but it was just never going to happen this year. But I have already reviewed nine (I think it was nine) stories for Sel's site.

And on a completely different subject, I took some photos of the cat (the first three of these). He is very sweet and a complete idiot.

I think there were other things I've been meaning to blog about, but I'm buggered if I can remember what they might have been.

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Bunny rabbits!
Monday 11th September 2006 7:14 pm

Flickr's RSS feed thing is great. I discovered, while working my way through my feeds that my dad had updated theirs. They went to Monkey World today and took photos of bunnies, specially for me. Which makes me happy. (Doesn't take much, I know)

And now for something completely different, more from Sex Tips for Girls:

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Friday 7th July 2006 8:11 pm

Some links to begin with:

419 Eater - This is a guy who scammed the scammers and a record of the emails they exchanged.

In yesterday's Guardian, Sophie Aldred had a little column: Time travel for beginners. However, the big new spoiler is in the first paragraph and links to similar stories at the bottom includes the not-quite-so-new-any-more spoiler. The non-spoilery bit in the middle I've copy and pasted to the Ace comm

My dad's obviously really busy now he's retired and he sent me a link to that very dangerous website whose tagline is completely true - it's full of stuff I really want but don't actually need. This is a USB missile launcher and there are even videos of it in action.

My gupi has once again proved it's a boy. For some reason it kept on crying and refusing to walk anywhere no matter how much I stroked it or plugged it into the mains to recharge it. Turns out he was really unhappy and wanted me to stroke him while he had his carrot in his mouth. Hmm. Anyway, now he is perfectly happy and running into things and laughing again. I will bring him to the windmill.

I really enjoyed the Baghdatis/Nadal match today. It was great when I got home and watched it. I've not really watched much tennis this fortnight, mostly I've listened to it on the radio, which isn't that unusual. This evening they really annoyed me at one point whenever Baghdatis won a point they showed his family up in the players box celebrating. Who cares? Not me, I'm watching the tennis. They do have an annoying tendency to show really weird angles so you can't see what's going on and a couple of times when Nadal was actually about to serve, rather than just pissing about, as he does, they showed a very close up of Baghdatis. And what's the point of that?

On the plus side, the Radio 5 commentators are much better than the TV ones, not least because they don't include John MacEnroe or Virginia Wade. I'm really looking forward to going there on Sunday, just as long as we can get a place on Henman Hill (we have Court 1 tickets and frankly, I'd rather see the men's final).

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Toys and TV
Sunday 4th June 2006 2:50 pm

The second coolest fake pet in the world: Sam the Cat. My sister has one - he purrs and breathes when you stroke him. And when his batteries haven't run out.

The coolest fake pet in the world is Intelligent Guinea Pig it runs round like a real pet and everything! I so want one.

I enjoyed last night's Doctor Who, although it could have done without the addition of dad's computer mysteriously playing up in the middle. But they went to an alien world! And it was a quarry! And it was exciting. I'm really hoping next week's resolution isn't going to be a letdown.

Then we watched an episode of The Avengers where a guy has a machine that sends criminals back in time. Only at the end do you discover how they do it - it's very clever. I only have one colour episode to go now! (and about 22 black & white ones, so I think they'll last a while)

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Reading my height in books
Monday 23rd January 2006 10:19 pm

I went home this weekend, which means I came back with a whole load of food and some books. Saturday dad went to the OU in Milton Keynes, so he got up early and consequently we were all awake. Except the cat, who was taken to bed by mum. So we were all wrecked on Saturday.

Saturday was the Blakes 7 Dorset group Christmas party, which was good fun. Although I could have quite happily fallen asleep in front of Hitchhiker's. I could have quite happily fallen asleep in front of Rosemary and Thyme later on as well. As it was cold the cat decided to come to bed with me and slept all night, despite having slept all day (it's a hard life being a cat, obviously). A warm cat on one side is no substitute for quilt on the other, but he did wake me up from a bad dream, so he was forgiven. And also didn't take over too much.

Me and dad had an argument about the CD drive in the Atlantis episode Michael that involved watching the relevant bit of the episode three times, and we still disagree. He thinks Trip just took the CD out with no trouble at all, I think it did involve the usual pulling you have on laptops (well, Dell ones at least, which is what they have on Atlantis). This did, though, lead to a discussion about how they were powering them and just how many they had in the place anyway.

I also made good progress on reading my height in books. I read the latest Seven & Ace Doctor Who on the train on the way home and the other half on the way back. And I read Three Men in a Boat while I was home (which was really funny, if confusing because he keeps going off on a tangent, so you never quite know whether he's talking about that trip or another one). So I am now 4.1cm into my 155cm.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4.1cm / 155cm

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Mostly David Tennant
Saturday 19th November 2005 6:26 pm

First, there was Doctor Who on Children in Need; which was quite interesting. Although its only a month till the Christmas Invasion now. The funniest part was when Terry Wogan introduced it, saying it was exclusive - for all of three hours, anyway! Then he was easily spotted in Harry Potter, along with Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger) and George from Drop The Dead Donkey. I enjoyed it, despite the length and the annoying under-12s who didn't shut up.

Yesterday, I got up early to collect money for Children in Need from people in cars waiting at the lights at the crossroads. It was actually not too cold, once you get going, although it did help that I ways wearing loss of layers. I then had the day off, so I went back at 12pm to stand in the sun (which was actually quite hot!) and collect more money.

I was really tired after that, but last night Merlin was curled up at the top of my bed looking smug and not leaving me any space to sleep in at all. Luckily, he doesn't mind too much being moved and was happy when I stuck bits of me under him. Once he settled down and stopped purring I actually slept well, although at 3am he wanted to go out and I discovered he'd been making me quite warm. And blocking my noise up. last night during Atlantis he'd made my eye itchy so I am definitely allergic to cats (I've lived with them all my life, so its probably safe to say I'm not that bad!)

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Tuesday 2nd August 2005 10:23 pm

I have been good and updated my website. Including music video recs that have been sitting around on my hard drive since January...

I was supposed to be playing tennis tonight but I stil hurt too much for that - but I can move a lot more than yesterday. So I'm not actually out a single night this week, so I am trying to be good and get things done. It's working so far but there's still plenty of time for it to go downhil...

I was followed home by a dog today who was very nice and just sat and wagged its tail while I stroked it. Which was more pleasant than next doors dog who is a bit enthusiastic - which is hard work in a big dog.

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Wednesday 4th August 2004 10:00 pm

I feel much more relaxed after my holiday now. Okay, so it was a long weekend at my parents but I didn't have to do any washing or cooking, I got ferried round by my sister in her new car (so she could practice driving) and, more than that, there was no work, no Rotaract, no nothing I didn't want to go near. Of course, now I keep thinking it's Monday.

Unbelievably, the trains were just the right amount of late on Friday night that I didn't spend all that much time hanging round at stations. Neither were they too busy because I left an hour late. I wrote fic on the train as well, go me!

Saturday was the annual water fight in a quarry - the fact that it was used for Blakes 7 and Doctor Who filming is merely an afterthought and more of an excuse to have a good time. I was amazed it was nice weather because it's been so crap for a long time. But it was hot and sunny and it was good to get covered in cold water. I managed to tan bits of my feet as well (usefully).

Sunday I went to see King Arthur. The cinema was really hot, which didn't really help, but my sister (who went with me) had to explain the whole plot afterwards because I was so lost. Honestly, she picked up all sorts of bits that were quite important and I completely missed, like what Arthur was fighting for, for a start. So not a great success on the part of the filmmakers then.

Monday we went to Monkey World. I have the photos to prove it but I haven't quite managed to plug my camera in yet. It was cool to see all the animals they talk about on the telly. My parents spent all the time talking about how much it had changed since we last went (which was the year after it opened, apparently) but all I can remember from that is Amy the orangutan. Pictures just don't get across just how big adult chimps are either. They had a bunny there as well, which was stretched out in the shade and generally unimpressed at meeting me.

We spring cleaned my room as well. So now there's plenty of space for more stuff! And I found some things I'd forgotten I had, so that was quite productive. And didn't take long, since mum had already done the cleaning part. I took down a fair few posters as well. Blu-tac goes all sticky when it's old, and hard when it's older still. I think I still have some up my fingernails.

Then I came back here last night to find they'd had a storm and consequently a power cut. Of course at home, they'd had a few spots of rain and it was bright sunshine. My landlady has an electric cooker, so just as I'd given up (and finished my book) and had a sandwich, the power came back on. I had all these things I was planning to do last night and it was really annoying not to get to do them.

Then I was woken up by a moth flying in my ear. Which is very, very loud, and scary. I think I broke a piece of wing off getting it out, so there might well be a dead moth somewhere in my room. But at least it's not in my ear (I got the doctor to check - I was so paranoid I had to sleep with the light on).

My dad introduced me to Abilon, which reads site feeds from blogs (including livejournal). It's great, I love it! You can get my site feed from this address:, which is also on the left hand side of the page. Obviously, it's paranoidangel42 for the livejournal version, but they're both the same.

And now I'll stop writing because I'm still on a Sirius/Remus thing, I have 11 alerts (ten from Stories of Arda, one from to read, plus fileg's birthday present to avon (I'm a bit behind) and Sel's Five Things fic. And that's not including anything I have in book/zine form that will keep me going for some time. Do these people not know when to stop? 🙂

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Various bits
Sunday 8th September 2002 8:19 pm

I tried to post this at 8.25pm on 2nd Sept, but blogger was being a bugger and didn't post it:

Didn't have a terribly good weekend, then today was really shite. I pretty much spent the day working on one project, on which everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And its still not finished. Will be nice to get it out of the way though. Discovered my landlady's cats have fleas because I've been bitten and also because I've seen them. Looking forward to going home this weekend as it'll be relaxing (yeah, right). Will have to go to Tescos, so might as well go to the cinema while I'm there as I still haven't seen Minority Report and The Importance of Being Earnest comes out on Friday, which I really want to see. Plus if I don't take my computer home I'll only get bored anyway.

Managed to miss Hywel this weekend, which was pretty much the reason for going to The Bill studios. Hopefully though I'll be able to get the day off for the next one, which will be before he leaves. I still have about 10 photos left on my film as well, which I'll need to use up at the Davis Cup match. Almost getting excited about that as well, not that much because I haven't really seen any of the US Open because BBC2 only show the semi-finals onwards, if that, which isn't much help as non of our guys are left in by that stage. And the year that Rusedski got to the final they didn't show it at all! I remember listening to it on the radio at 11 o'clock at night, in the dark, lying in bed, trying not to fall asleep. Have at least managed to find some good fic at the SG1 2002 Awards site, which is something.

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