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Australia Trip 2005
Friday 25th March 2005 5:33 pm

Singapore Airport is much nicer than Heathrow. They have trees and water features, and, best of all, free high speed fifteen minute internet. All the announcements are in english and all the people there speak perfect english. Really tired, even though I slept on the plane on the way here - the flight seemed more like three hours because that was how long was left when I woke up about 7am GMT. It's evening here in Singapore though, so I've missed most of Friday.

I wasn't impressed at the food though because my non-lactose meal contained Flora. It was just as well I wasn't hungry though - they did try to feed us dinner about midnight GMT. I've had a combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner at Singapore.

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Australia Trip 2005
Thursday 24th March 2005 5:29 pm

I've been in the airport for two hours now - I have just under two hours until they even announce the gate for my flight. I have also done all the shops - which isn't difficult because there are not that many of them. Interestingly there is wireless internet access in the departures lounge.

Anyway, I got on the bus and there was Sally! Unfortunately her stop was the next one after I got on, so we only got to say a few words to each other. The saga of the meal on the plane continues, however. When I checked in, I asked if I definitely had a non-lactose meal. The lady dealing with me checked and it said NL. She and the bloke with her didn't know what that meant, so they looked it up in their book and still weren't sure. Luckily though, the Kiwi passenger next to me knew it did mean non-lactose. We will see.

After I'd gone through the scanner a lady stopped me saying the government were surveying every 25th passenger. As I still had plenty of time I agreed. She asked me about all my flights, and I think she found it a bit strange that I was flying from London to Adelaide, then Melbourne to Canberra, then Sydney to London.


Turns out that when the travel sickness pills packet says they're like chewable pastilles, they mean it. It took me 10 minutes to eat two of them, and that was with the help of two rich tea biscuits. I wouldn't say they're the nicest thing I've ever tasted, specially as I'm not terribly keen on sweet pastilles anyway, but at least they don't taste horrible. I think they've made me dizzy though.

It's amazing really, how they're going to fit all these people onto one small plane (small as in compared to the amount of space they'd really like to have) for just over twelve and a half hours.

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