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The Barclaycard saga continues
Wednesday 5th December 2007 8:43 pm

The saga of my Barclaycard is now 6 months old and still not sorted. Since this is now my fifth post on the subject, I think it needs its own tag.

The story so far:
At the start of June I discovered an amount on my bill that wasn't mine. After four months they finally sorted it. But didn't refund the interest that had built up while I was only paying the part of the bill that was actually mine. Last month I rang them up, the bloke I spoke to refunded it and told me I wouldn't be charged any more interest.

The story continues:
I got this month's statement and they did indeed refund my interest at the start of the month. But at the end of the month they charged me more interest. After banging my head against a brick wall for a few days, I rang them. The bloke I spoke to refunded it and assured me I wouldn't be charged any more interest. Hmm, I wonder where I've heard this before.

I await developments at the start of January...

Edit: you can read now read the whole saga using the Barclaycard tag

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The continuing Barclaycard saga
Wednesday 7th November 2007 7:51 pm

Remember how back in June, there was an amount on my credit card statement that wasn't mine? And how Barclaycard did nothing until I rang them last month to ask them when it would be sorted, then it was suddenly all done?

Well, this month I got a bill (which was amazing enough in itself - I had a letter this week dated 15th October) and there's interest on it, even though I paid everything on my previous bill that was mine. And got confused and accidentally paid too much, which they acknowledged.

So, I rang them up again - which costs money being an 0870 number, and they still haven't changed their hold music. The bloke I spoke to said that the refund for the interest will appear on my next bill, so I need to pay all of this one.

So, I'll wait another month to see if it's sorted - by which time it will have dragged out for six months. I don't think I want to look through my phone bills to see how much it's cost me - not least because I had to call them from work once, and dad's called them. And that's not even mentioning the stress of discovering this on my bill half an hour before I left for Romania for two weeks.

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More about my back
Wednesday 10th October 2007 7:42 pm

Thank you to all the people who replied to yesterday's post about my back. It is a bit better today. How I managed to spend the whole night on my right side, I don't know. I had very strange dreams, though, maybe they were from sleeping in the warm bit all night.

It is a bit better today. I thought I'd start well by taking two pills. I then spent the whole morning feeling ill, so I'm back down to one now. Well, one sometimes, since it doesn't seem to do much. But I'd far rather be in pain than feel ill.

I'm just glad that I live on the ground floor and the office has a lift because I can't go up stairs at all at the moment. I have to go to Rotaract tomorrow - for which I'll have to get a lift because I can't change gears, as it's on my left side, and certainly won't be able to do a reverse hill start in a narrow car park. Fortunately, though, after that I don't have to go anywhere else except for work for a bit. I am going to run out of food, but if it gets desperate I could get the bus to Tesco on Saturday.

In other news, I rang Barclaycard, who had sorted out the money on my statement I didn't spend. Amazing how quickly that got sorted once I rang them. Although I'm not quite sure what's going on and if they've refunded the interest because I think I owe them less than they think. So I'm going to have to spend the weekend going through all my credit card statements getting them to add up. It probably didn't help that I accidentally paid the interest last month. But once I've worked it out I can ring them again.

There is Dirk Gently to listen to tonight - although on Listen Again because my PVR seems to have suddenly decided it is going to give me Radio 4 (or Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 or ITV2). Something else to investigate. Also, the thing on the wall my shower lives in dropped off the wall, which I think I'll have to get my landlady's boyfriend to fix.

It's all go here at the moment.

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My day
Saturday 6th October 2007 7:33 pm

I can't believe nearly a day of the weekend has gone by already, I feel as if I haven't got nearly enough done.

I started the day by doing a logic problem. I had a cupboard full of boxes and three that needed to go in there. With lots of rearranging the cupboard and the top of the wardrobe I not only fit them all in but have a bit of space to spare. I still have the other logic problem of where to put my speakers, though.

Then I phoned Barclaycard. Back in June I discovered £100 on my statement that I didn't spend. I sent off the dispute forms and since then I've not been paying that amount and not paying the interest they promised not to charge me. I wanted to know what they were doing about it. After explaining this, I got put through to the Fraud department who then proceeded to fail to ask my security questions. Well, that's not quite true. They asked me them, we just disagreed on the answers.

She asked me what music I'd bought recently. I don't think I've ever bought music with my credit card, so I said that and she disagreed. After lots of um'ing and ah'ing she asked what shops I regularly buy from. Well, that's none really, but the one I've probably bought stuff from most, at least recently, is Amazon. So I said that and she asked me what Amazon was. I boggled at her having never heard of it, then she said she had, but she'd asked me that question before. I was left trying to work out if she was even on this planet, when she confirmed that Barclaycard had done bugger all with my dispute and would continue to do bugger all unless I rang them back on Monday. Preferably in the afternoon.

What gets me is that they must deal with lots of this sort of thing. So do they ever sort any of them out I wonder?

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Argh at Barclaycard
Sunday 5th August 2007 5:03 pm

Back around the time I went to Romania, I had £100 on my credit card statement that wasn't mine. When I got back I filled in some forms, and for the statements I got in June and July I didn't pay that £100.

They did say originally that when I got back I should get my card stopped, but I had a dead phone line to deal with, so couldn't ring them anyway, and since it looked like a one-off, I didn't bother with it. I've only just learnt the number (although the number on the back still eludes me).

In my weekly post I got a credit card bill, on which they charged me interest, even though they promised they wouldn't. So I rung them up, explained this to a lackey and got put through to the fraud department. I explained it to them and they put me through to the fraud aftercare department. The woman there told me that nothing had been done with my dispute because I hadn't blocked the card. Which was nice of them to tell me.

After asking her the question three times, I established that I don't need to pay the interest. I then had to ring another number, which after pressing various buttons got me back to the same department I rang originally. At this point I couldn't be bothered with going through the whole thing again and just told them to block it, which they did without asking any questions (apart from the same security questions the fraud aftercare person had asked me).

In theory a new card will turn up in 4-5 days. But with the constant postal strikes in Oxford and the national strikes, I reckon it'll be a good two weeks. So I am currently credit card less, which is good in a way, but I was thinking of buying myself some prescription goggles (any recommendations of where to get them from?) and booking myself in a hostel in Cardiff for my cheap long weekend away at the end of September, that will also feature some Rotaract stuff.

Interestingly, the fraud aftercare woman was really, annoyingly polite. She asked me if I minded her asking me some security questions. Now I wonder what she would have done if I'd said yes?

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Banging my head against a brick wall
Thursday 21st June 2007 7:07 pm

There's nothing quite like getting back off holiday to really make you feel good. But in my case I also had to cope with the following:

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