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Birthday drabbles part 2
Monday 5th May 2008 7:32 pm

Spoilers for The Sontaran Strategem/Poison Sky:

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Birthday drabbles
Monday 5th May 2008 7:31 pm

Here 3 of the 4 drabbles requested - the other one is going to be in a separate post due to spoilers.

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Drabble mathoms
Friday 2nd May 2008 9:36 pm

Since it's now very definitely the weekend and has been for the past 5 hours, it must be my birthday. Although I am celebrating this weekend and next weekend and it's not actually my birthday for another three days.

Since I get a bank holiday as a birthday present, and I have worked it out so there's nothing I have to do on it, I am offering drabbles as presents. Give me a prompt and I'll write you a drabble on Monday. Pick a fandom I know, and I'll give pretty much anything a try.

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Birthday drabble
Tuesday 15th May 2007 8:11 pm

I asked if anyone had any drabble requests for my (hobbit) birthday and Tanaqui asked for more of John Sheppard and Kate Heightmeyer's backstory. I tried really hard but couldn't get it down to 100 words, so it's a double drabble instead:

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Hobbit Birthday
Monday 1st May 2006 8:31 pm

I've updated my website. I seem to have written a lot since February. I've been really good and listed everything I've added on the updates page. If anyone is curious about what I got up to in the Lake District I've written that up too (

I had great fun (in a not sense) sorting out the fanlists I belong to, and ones I thought I belong to that I don't seem to be listed on. Most of them seem to think it's a good idea to have their whole website in a tiny little box, then put the boxes on the form you fill in so tiny I can't see which of the drop-downs I want and I end up having to type it.

The exception, though, was the Wesley fanfic listing - thank you Gemma, you saved my sanity! And let me say I was in the UK - having to put England annoys me for absolutely no reason.

Well, it's May Day (in two ways, this year) which is usually when I celebrate my birthday. But I was at a friend's party on Saturday night and her birthday's more than a week before mine, so that was just weird. Plus I'm actually celebrating on the day itself last year (although nothing can really quite top a general election for my birthday).

I've also got so horribly behind on writing birthday drabbles at HASA that I haven't dared go anywhere near the relevant thread. So I thought I'd have a hobbit birthday instead, so that can also include non-HASA people and non-LOTR drabbles.

So, leave a comment with something you'd like and I will try and get them all written by next weekend - depending on how work goes. If you don't manage to leave a comment by then, I can do belated presents too. As regards to subject I will try writing pretty much anything you'd like. If I really can't do that fandom/character/theme/whatever then I might get you to think of an alternative.

Bring it on!

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