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That writing thing
Monday 24th February 2014 9:16 pm

This evening I had a free evening, not going anywhere and with nothing that urgently needed doing. So I told myself I would get the first draft of my [info]b2mem fic finished and I did. It's due 12th March so I spent yesterday thinking I needed to start, but being paralysed by the fear I've left it too late. But now I have 800 words, some of which will hopefully be usable by the time I next look at it.

I was more successful with my [info]blakefest fic, which I finished and posted on time: Grains. My recipient asked for an AU of Sand, that had Avon down on the planet with Servalan. At the beginning I had an idea of writing something long (for me), but then I got dizzy and I have no idea what long thing I might have been thinking about. The prompts for the ficathon were all quite general and given that my first thought was more about Avon and Servalan than the four left on Scorpio, I mainly focused on that.

I received 11:50 PM, a story about an ordinary person living in the Federation and was just exactly what I wanted.

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Me update
Monday 20th January 2014 9:01 pm

The thing with being dizzy is that when you're really bad, lying down and doing very little makes you better. But after a while you have to remind your brain that actually it's not normal for the room to be spinning and lying down and not doing much doesn't help with that. So this weekend I decided I'd done enough lying down and I was going to sit up as much as possible. And then I decided I was well enough to work today (from home, car journeys when dizzy can make me travel sick, even when I'm driving).

Today I nearly got through a whole day with only lying down at lunch, but not quite. So definitely just as well I didn't go in. But after dinner and a lie down I feel better.

The most annoying thing is that getting up makes me dizzy. Because being asleep only helps me gain energy, it doesn't help my brain work out what signals it's being misfed from my inner ear. So I still had to get up ages before I started work so I could spend most of that time lying down and recovering from getting up, getting dressed and having breakfast.

I missed the first class of the term of ballet last week and am likely to miss the second this week (especially annoying as I missed the first two last term due to being ill, plus I have to pay in advance). And a dinner last week that took a month to organise because it was so hard to find a date we could all make, so now needs reorganising. But the timing could have been worse as next week I'm going to the theatre twice (once to see Punt and Dennis, the other time to see the local amateur panto). One time has e-tickets, so if I couldn't go I could at least email them, but for the other time I'm the only one who can pick the tickets up, since they require my credit card.

On the plus side, I managed to finish the first draft of my [info]blakefest fic. What I found helped was Written? Kitten!. Before I was ill I set myself the goal of writing 100 words before I went off and watched TV or whatever. I opened the page in such a way that I couldn't see the word count and then all of a sudden a kitten would pop up. And then generally another one would pop up before I stopped. I did have a read through of the whole thing at the weekend, when I deleted 300 words and added a question mark. At some point I will go back and put something in between the dialogue, although typically for my first drafts I have two people speaking, so every other paragraph is the same person. And then somewhere in the middle one person must logically have two paragraphs in a row. At least I can bung the whole thing in Written Kitten and at least I'll get kittens for adding non-dialogue.

I have also just got round to watching the first episode of the second series of The Bletchley Circle (ie the one from two weeks ago) after someone told me just under two weeks ago that it was good. And it was - so I'm glad last week's episode is taking up space on my PVR (recorded just in case I liked it). ITV Player was not a help, though, as it showed me three adverts during the first advert break and then refused to show me any more, telling me that Adblock was preventing me from seeing the adverts.

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