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Blake’s 7 Lucifer
Monday 27th May 2013 6:00 pm

When Big Finish announced that Paul Darrow was writing a book set after the last episode of Blake's 7 I couldn't work out what the fuss was about it. I could see the appeal, it was just the author I couldn't see the appeal of. I've been to Redemption, I've seen Man of Iron, I know what Paul Darrrow's writing is like.

Except I thought that maybe it's improved, after all he did write Man of Iron a long time ago. And I am intrigued to find out what he thinks happens after Blake. So I bought it.

It's taken me a week and a half to read it, not because it's long because I kept stopping to read other books. The trouble is, it's boring. Which shouldn't be a surprise. I think of Man of Iron as being funny (performed) but terrible. Whereas if you were to sit and read it on your own, it would be dull. And Lucifer is dull. Mind you, the first two books Big Finish published weren't that great (I refuse to buy any more), so why I trusted them I don't know. Worse, I read in the issue of Vortex that accompanied it, it's the first in a trilogy. I certainly won't be buying the rest.

The annoying thing is that because the difference between the ebook and real versions were only £2 (out of £15!) I bought the real version. So I have a) spent more money and b) when it turns up (I downloaded the ebook) I'll then have to get rid of it.

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B7 audio prequel
Tuesday 22nd April 2008 6:32 am


(I am up stupidly early - I thought my clock said 7.35, which is 25 minutes before my alarm goes off, so I thought I'd get up, it actually said 6.35. In my defence, I have been sleeping on the wall side of the bed so my bedside table is a long way away, especially when I don't have my glasses on)

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Blakes 7 audios (spoilers)
Thursday 31st January 2008 8:40 pm

I finally got round to listening to the last episode of the new Blakes 7 audios the other day. I only taped it back at the beginning of the month when BBC7 showed it.

Spoilers for the audio series, and for the TV series too. Read more...

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Blakes 7 and Harry Potter
Thursday 19th July 2007 9:19 pm

I'm giving a presentation to Rotary on 31st about my trip to Romania. So I actually got my arse in gear and wrote it tonight. Well, I wrote a few bullet points on slides and added some photos. I need to work out how long it's going to be and write myself some notes - I have to give it again on 17th September, when I'm more likely to have forgotten what happened.


I listened to the Blakes 7 audio last night in the car. I'd listened to the first three episodes when they were first up, but got distracted during them. I listened again when a few more were up, hoping that might be the end of the episode. It wasn't, and it annoyed me that I had to get up every five minutes to start the next one (remembering what one I was on) and listen to the theme music at the start of every one.

It was much easier to listen to on CD. And it was good. It was strange to hear one of Avon's lines being given to someone else. But I recognised one of Vila's that he kept. And I did love that one of the prisoners had been accused of 217 counts of murder, at which point he pointed out he worked in administration 🙂

Of all the characters Avon hasn't made an impact on me. But then he hasn't had much to do yet.

I'm looking forward to listening to the next one, but I think I'll just skip the website and buy it off Judith again.


There was an article in the paper today about the Harry Potter book leak (or possible leak - it might not be the right manuscript) and it mentioned security around the Harry Potter books:

Ahead of the launch books have been kept in guarded warehouses and delivered by vans tracked by satellites. Clays, printer of the British edition, installed barbed wire around its Suffolk plant and hired extra guards to search workers as they left the factory.

I was quite amused that at the end of Mock the Week they had 'Lines you'll never see in the final Harry Potter book', which with the exception of the owl postal strike, were all dirty, as you'd expect really.

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A few random things
Thursday 12th July 2007 7:29 pm

In sad news, Peter Tuddenham has died. I've met him - if by met you mean been in the same room as. Funnily enough, he didn't have the same voice as Zen/Orac/Slave at all.

On a happier note, Happy Birthday, Marta!

Exciting news: Heroes starts on 25th July! I thought it wasn't till the autumn, but it'll mean an hour and ten minutes of TV viewing a week, instead of the half hour I was expecting.

Something that occurred to me while reading the paper at lunchtime. The reason filesharing over the internet is illegal is because the file is copied, not because it's shared - lending a video of a recording is not illegal. But, if I was to tape something on my PVR, convert it to a more useful format, send it to someone over the internet, and then delete the original, is that legal or illegal? I'm not planning to do this, it just seemed an interesting question.

I'm slightly scared by the woman in G2 today who had 8 kids and gave them all names beginning with N. On purpose. She did seem to have half a brain, since she pointed out they all had different middle initials, so the post didn't get mixed up. Although that won't work when they get letters addressed to N [lastname]. The names, incidentally, are Nadine, Natalie, Nathanael, Naomi, Neiel, Naarah, Noah, Noelani.

The paper was clearly inspiring today. I realised that, in my head at least, I always use less where other people would use fewer. For example, "I have less chocolates". Which sounds wrong, except that implied in that sentence is 'in the way of', so although I say, "I have less chocolates", what I actually say in my head is "I have less in the way of chocolates". But the 'in the way of' is silent. The reason why I was inspired by the paper? They wrote a sentence using 'in the way of'. And let's face it, it's not the most necessary phrase ever.

And I see the interview meme is going round again. Although I'm going with a variation: ask me five questions and I'll put the answers in another post.

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News! and Links!
Tuesday 12th December 2006 7:57 pm

If there's anyone who hasn't heard about it by now, the story of theVerizon employees and their inability to do basic maths: starts here. There was briefly a Wikipedia entry about a new form of maths called Verizonmaths but unsurprsingly it's not making them look good and it's been taken down.

Torchwood has a second series, on BBC2 this time.

Most excitingly, I think, Blakes 7 is getting a radio series. It's slightly surreal because I was talking about this with someone at the District Christmas party on Saturday. I can't decide whether to be excited about new Blakes 7 (there are some interesting people in it, like Craig Kelly and India Fisher). I just don't know if it'll be the same with new actors. But the Cult of Blakes 7 is on in half an hour, so I'm sure that'll help.

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Science fiction
Thursday 2nd November 2006 8:25 pm

My parents spotted a trailer for Science Fiction Britannia on BBC4, which made my mum all excited because Paul Darrow was in it. I think Blakes 7 is probably one of the few programs where I can talk about the character's names, rather than the actor's and mum knows who I'm talking about. Well, except for Twiglet, and Hywel 'rhymes with bowel'.

I had a newsletter email from The Bill who were keen to tell me of all the love affairs going on at Sun Hill. I imagine there's some police work going on as well but it's certainly not mentioned. It did say, however, that Sylvester McCoy is going to be in episode this month. So I might end up watching that one. No idea when yet (they've re-done the website and it confused me, which didn't help) but I'm sure mum will spot him in the next episode trailer.

I took my car to the garage this morning and had to scrape the ice off my car, for the first time. Which was hard work, I had no idea. On the plus side, I have a new AC adaptor for my computer and it is now happy. They didn't seem to think it was a good idea to put my name on the package though, nor did they understand that when I told them. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting a new computer in a couple of years time, just so I won't have a Dell one any more.

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Blakes 7
Saturday 3rd September 2005 10:19 pm

And now, what I was planning to talk about. I haven't got much writing done recently. Wednesday I managed 400 words but just kept getting distracted by the thunderstorm that was pretty, going round and round (just as you thought it had stopped, it came back again), and did nothing to help the heat & humidity. Then Thursday I woke up ill, so didn't get much done.

I did, however, make a start on going through Blakes 7 series 2 in order (except for the ones I watched a while ago when I was trying to work out which one I'd missed). I've just discovered I've also missed Killer. Most of them, even though I think I remember it, I've found out I don't. This one I don't remember any of at all. Not sure how that one slipped through.

Having seen series 3 recently I've noticed all sorts of differences between the two:

  • Avon and Vila are much more friendly in series 3. Which is tragic when you think about what happens later. When I say friendly, this does take into account that this is Avon. He's protective of Vila, and Vila sticks close to Avon and uses him for protection.
  • Vila's a lot less whiny and gets on with it more. I think this comes from having Blake tell him what to do rather than Avon or Tarrant. He trusts Blake more.
  • There's much more of a purpose in series 2 rather than just randomly going places and maybe thinking about the rebellion in series 3. That comes from having Blake, and from having one leader who everyone follows, rather than Avon and Tarrant both trying to lead.
  • The amount of time Blake and Avon manage to spend holding onto each other. I have noticed it before (like everytime I've watched it), it just seems to be something I forget in between viewings.

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Photos from the weekend
Sunday 16th January 2005 10:49 pm

Today I went to the Blakes 7 series 2 DVD launch. I got the first bus from here to anywhere and ended up taking four hours to get to the actual place. I was very good at just missing trains, mind you.

First, we saw Blake's Junction 7, which was really funny. The only minor flaw was that it had Johnny Vegas in, who I hate. But regardless, his scene was still very good. I have a postcard from it, and if I stand at the other end of the room they could easily be mistaken for the original cast.

There were seven cast members there, and some back scene people as well. I'm quite impressed that I printed out the photo I took of the cast on photo paper. Admittedly, it's dark in the middle, and has someone's head in the way, but it's a start.

Blakes 7 cast
The cast, from l-r: David Jackson (Gan), Michael Keating (Vila), Peter Tuddenham (Orac, Zen, Slave), Gareth Thomas (Blake), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Jan Chappell (Cally), Brian Croucher (Travis II)

Brian Croucher has apparently been in lots of episodes of The Bill - he's into double figures. I only remember the one though. I also spoke to Gareth Thomas, but I can't reveal our conversation until 28th January in case my mum reads this.

I then went to Oxford Street - the best time to go is as the shops are closing. I thought I'd get a bus to Harrods and ended up walking to Selfridges (from the nearest tube station this time) so took a photo of it all lit up:


I eventually managed to get myself on a bus and get off at the right stop. I couldn't be bothered to walk far enough to one end of Harrods to get as good a picture though:


I only really went in to look around and go to the toilet - which were like a posh hotel's. I followed signs to the Egyptian Hall, because I couldn't work out what it was, and ended up walking round with my mouth open. It looks like an Egyptian themed hotel in Vegas (although not the Luxor, because that's a pyramid). The Egyptian escalators, even more so. Although they were normal escalators, just with Egyptian ceilings and statues around.

I got completely lost trying to get out, until I found a map anyway. I also got off the bus at Hyde Park Corner instead of Marble Arch. Which is a complete pain by tube. I remember when I first went to London I used to get lost coming out of the tube stations - when I got off the train all I could do was follow everyone else. So I've improved a bit but I think I'm always going to get lost in London. The trouble is it all looks the same!

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Blakes 7 and The Bill
Tuesday 9th September 2003 7:12 pm

I finally made it to the new Blakes 7 site and waited for ages for it to load up and finally got to see the new logo and it's hideous! There really wasn't anything wrong with the old one that a bit of tarting up wouldn't cure. The links take ages to come up as well. It's another example of a website assuming everyone has super-fast computers and broadband connections.

I realised this lunchtime there was supposed to be an extra episode of The Bill - on a Tuesday. So naturally I assumed that meant today. But no, it was last week. Which explains why Wednesdays and Thursdays episodes confused me. It's probably just as well in the end though because I wouldn't have got another hour of The Bill in on Sunday.

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Blakes 7
Wednesday 9th July 2003 10:57 pm

There I was thinking I was bored, and needed to watch some TV lying down as my back was hurting and I remembered I still had some Blakes 7 to watch. Some Blakes 7 meaning the last one.

There I was thinking it was particularly funny (Orac not allowing Slave to interrupt, Slave resorting to the alarm and then not telling them they were in fact under attack) and then Avon was pointing a gun at Blake. It was almost the David Beckham syndrome as I wanted to tell Blake that Avon was dangerous, more so when aiming a bloody great big gun directly at you. Of course, he didn't know this, having not seen him since the end of series 2. The number of gun shots over the credits were greater than the number of people in the room, and since they were all close they couldn't have been that bad shots. I suppose we didn't see blood on Dayna, Vila, Soolin and Tarrant for the same reason they showed them in slow motion - for the effect.

It couldn't have ended any other way though. The Federation was just a force too great for a few people to ovecome. And now I don't know what to do with my evening again except be hot (which isn't difficult in this heat).

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Smoking rant
Tuesday 4th March 2003 7:50 pm

I would update my template to put March's archives on there, but sadly, Blogger can't find it. Which isn't very helpful really. I want Blakes 7 on DVD. Having said that, the videos of people who buy it on DVD, not least as it'll be cheaper. I can't remember which series 2 episodes it is I've missed and I can't remember the ones I have seen very well. I only have 6 episodes of series 4 to go though.

General smoking rant: actually I'll cut it short and just go why? and attempt to answer my question.
I can't say I've done extensive research on this, nor can I prove it with statistics or a pretty graph but, smoking is inversely propoertional to intelligence. In other words, only thick people smoke. I have learned this through observation. The explanation: what a bloody stupid way to kill yourself. Smells horrible, kills you slowly, annoys everyone else while simultaneously killing them (slower) as well. Hmm, perhaps there's a conspiracy at work here.
Solution: Add something into cigarettes to make everyone who smokes them sterile. Then they won't have kids who grow up thinking smoking is normal, plus the average intelligence will go up. Problem solved!

Scorpius/Sikozu makes me go *bleurgh* the idea of Scorpius/Braca is not so bad though. Not sure why.

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**** drivers
Wednesday 5th February 2003 7:24 pm

Whoops! Didn't slash my center tag yesterday.

I was really annoyed at a stupid (male) driver in a flash car today. Somewhere between work and home I have to cross the main road. It was really busy close to work, so I thought I'd walk on the other side and cross later. When I reached the mini roundabout I realised there weren't many cars about so I decided to cross there. There was one car turning right, so I stepped off the pavement intending to cross behind him. But for some inexplicable reason he decided this meant he would slow down to a ridiculous speed and by the time I realised this I had to take a few steps back onto the pavement because a load of cars had appeared behind him and another load were about to run me over. So then I got to stand there for 5 minutes waiting to cross, all because of one stupid idiot. How do these people manage to pass their driving test anyway? Bribery?

A couple of recs, the website that goes with Posh Nosh and Vila's e-mails.

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