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Thursday 8th February 2007 10:08 pm

Ugh, it snowed today. Well, overnight, although it was still snowing when I left for work this morning. So the office was empty because quite a few people decided to work from home anyway. I don't really like the snow, and what makes it worse was dad emailing me to tell me all they'd had was a bit of rain. I so much want to live back where the civilised weather is, except that it's so far from anywhere.

It's been bugging me for a bit that some of my RSS feeds don't seem to have updated, even though I can see that the feed has when I put the link to it in Firefox. I just realised that the link between them is that they're all Blogger. Apparently it's something that Blogger has changed and RSS Bandit can't cope with. I updated RSS Bandit and then found I needed to delete and re-add the feeds in question. Except I accidentally deleted a folder instead. And it refused to get it back from the OPML export I cunningly did before I started. *headdesk* Fortunately, I bookmark the site for every feed I have.

And some good, squeeing news that I've been putting off squeeing about. I'm going to America four weeks yesterday! I can't believe it's so soon. I have my flights and train booked and everything. All I need to do now is pack and get some more monopoly money (can't remember how much I have squirreled away from last time). I'm going to Washington DC to meet Melli, as she's a whole lot closer to me at the moment than on the other side of the world where she usually lives. Then I'm going to New York to see more of New York than I did in the previous five hours I spent there, and to see hhertzof and her bunny. No prizes for what bit I'm most excited about. Yep that would be the bunny.

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Blogger, livejournal and RSS feeds
Saturday 3rd September 2005 9:34 pm

I spent Friday night playing with my blog. I've not finished, so all that you will see that is different is the new post comment link (previously you had to click on the comments, then post comment) and the new address, which is The site feed has similarly had a blog/ inserted into it. The original address has a redirect and I've inserted a bit into the feed giving the new address of that, so you shouldn't notice much difference.

I did discover, in the course of doing that, that if you edit a post, the feed updates. Which explains why sometimes Abilon tells me old posts are unread. I also managed to fill up two pages of my site stats with me (it's handy, having a weird resolution). In theory my stats ignore me but in practice they don't. I think I can live with it somehow.

I've just been finding out this weekend about a whole load of paranoia going on a while back about people suddenly discovering that shock, horror, people might be able to read their posts on LJ! Well, ok, it's more complicated than that, but I know that anything you post on the web could be read by anyone, anytime. So I don't generally post anything sensitive. That's what e-mail/mailing lists/forums/phone/talking to people in person is for.

But, all this has meant that recently people have been changing the setting of their LJ feeds to titles only. Which is, ok, a pain in the arse because now reading posts requires two clicks instead of one, but I can hardly complain because that's too selfish.

But for anyone that's doing it and reading this can I request that:

a) you give all your posts a title, otherwise I get nothing - including nothing to click on
b) make the title something that tells me about the post - so I can decide whether to make the effort to click on it

And for information, I don't know what other blogging tools do, but Blogger allows you to decide between RSS, Atom or no feeds at all. I've also discovered it does the equivalent of LJ-cut, I'm just having a few issues getting it to work.

I did investigate changing my blog provider. I looked at b2 and WordPress (technically the same thing) which does it all with php and you set loads of stuff yourself so it's very customisable. I was tempted, except it would require loads of work and doesn't actually do as much as Blogger. I'm of the opinion, if it ain't broke don't fix it, so I'm not going to change blog providers.

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Nothing terribly exciting
Friday 26th August 2005 4:48 pm

Blogger has just introduced those annoying text verification thingys on comments. I've not had any comment spam (yet) but I've turned it on anyway.

I got my SG10 ticket through yesterday and it was 274. Which I thought was quite annoying because it meant I'd just missed out on the cocktail party. And then I read the bit of paper that came with it and it turns out the cocktail party is for the first 300! Which is quite exciting. Although apart from Michael Shanks, the other guests could be anyone, I really have no idea who they are.

I also spent some time catching up on my LOTR fic reading and ended up actually doing some writing. Shock, horror! Needless to say I didn't actually work on anything I should be, but then that's because I suddenly realised this week how to solve a problem I'd been grappling with in my Arathorn/Gilraen long plotty thing (although looking through it I've created more, but still).

On the one hand I'm looking forward to this bank holiday weekend (and since I took this afternoon off to use up my overtime before I lost it, mine's even longer) I'm probably going to end up bored. I have a whole load of things to do (like I can't see my room for dust and I need to do some Rotaract stuff) but if I put my mind to it it's only a day's worth. I should use the rest to do some writing and play some games but we'll see.

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Wednesday 3rd November 2004 5:47 pm

Last weekend I spent in a windmill in Somerset. I even managed to take a picture of it this time:


I had a good time - catching up with people I'd not seen for a while (four years, in some cases), not sleeping, and drinking lots. I went down the pub with Rotaract last night, so I almost feel as if I haven't been sober for a while. I'm going to SG8 this weekend, so I definitely won't be sober for a while.

I had today off work, and I cleaned my room, did my washing, and most importantly, defrosted the fridge. Which may not sound like much, but I'd never defrosted a fridge before today. I meant to ask my mum how to do it but never quite got round to it. So I made it up from what I found on the internet and what I vaguely remember her doing when I lived at home.

I did find an example of what not to do: So you thought defrosting a fridge was boring?

It took me pretty much all day but I have done it. The fridge is now pretty much ice-free. I also watched The Bill on my landlady's TV, which has UKGold. It's really not that long ago but there are practically no characters in there who are there now. Today I saw:

Boyden, Sam Harker, Monroe, Conway, Dave, Polly, George, Tony, Di, Jenny Quinnan (pre-Quinnan), Beech, Jaaaack, Tom Proctor, Kerry Holmes. Spot the odd one (two) out. The preview for tomorrow's has Boulton in, so I will have to make sure I am up in time for that. I'm certainly looking forward to it more than tonights.

And Blogger is being annoying at the moment and refusing to let me post. Grr at Blogger.

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Thursday 21st October 2004 12:47 am

Blogger is being really slow and annoying me, and I really need to sleep. I stayed up late to watch new Farscape and I really wished I hadn't. But not in the way I thought I would. If I'd stopped watching about twenty minutes before the end I would have been fine. I was warned that the last 5 or 10 minutes were cheesy, but actually, the last 20 you need a sick bucket for. In fact, a fair bit of the John/Aeryn stuff in part two required one.

I was thinking yesterday, after I'd seen part one, how I really want it on DVD when it comes out. Although I at least now know which bits to skip, I suppose.

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Test post and some recs
Friday 6th August 2004 10:09 pm

I'm posting this from Abilon, so we'll see if it works (not least cos I'll have to change the settings to post this to livejournal after).

The Sirius/Remus obsession hasn't quite died down yet. There's an ongoing WIP (posted weekly): The Shoebox Project and I found an essay detailing the evidence for Sirius/Remus (since I came into it thinking it was a good idea more than anything else): The Case for R/S Version 2.0.

Edit: Since I've had to put those links in by hand, I'm going back to Blogger next time, now I've worked out how to avoid using the annoying WYSIWYG editor that makes everything much more difficult.

Edit again: It's made a complete mess of my links now, I really don't understand how you're supposed to me them work, I like Blogger, Blogger is my friend.

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Monday 19th July 2004 10:22 pm

I meant to congratulate all the finalists in the Mithril Awards. It was cool to see so many names I knew and fics I read on the list of finalists. But it was also a bad thing. See, I use awards as a set of recs. I'll read winners in categories I might not otherwise read, and all the nominees in categories I do. But what am I supposed to do if I've already read them? ๐Ÿ™‚
I have issues with Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. Also Netscape, although that one's different since it doesn't really want to run on my computer. Much as they might be better than Internet Explorer, they're worse in two tiny, yet important aspects.
First, when I open a new browser window it goes to my homepage. I often surf with a few windows open (novelty aspect at being able to have more than two open withou my computer crashing) and it's so useful to be able to just press back on the new one.
Other one, on my livejournal layout the text is much less than half of the window size. Now, granted I have a widescreen laptop, so I do have my browser window at quite a strange shape. But it doesn't explain why internet explorer can manage boxes on the page with more than a couple of words per line. If I can't read my friends page in anything other than IE there's not really much point in using anything else. Which is a pity because I love Opera.
Note: Blogger have just changed the way you write posts to make it easier to change things (so it's a lot more like a WYSIWYG editor). This has had the effect of making it much more difficult to put web addresses in. Unless you know html. It took me longer to discover this while putting in the Mithril Awards link than it did to type the rest of this post.

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Sunday 16th May 2004 9:50 pm

I have been good - I updated my blogger template with more recs. I updated my website, which meant I got to play around with all the Craig Parker photos I took. And I added a page for music video recs. Go me!

I still haven't got round to watching last Friday's Have I Got News For You though. It might not be quite so topical soon...

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Tuesday 11th May 2004 10:18 pm

New Blogger - now with added comments. And titles. And pages with just one post and the comments on. Which now means all my links have to have the whole address in, annoyingly. There are bits of it I haven't investigated yet, but it seems good so far. I did hear about it via BBC News, mind you...

It really annoys me, in a way, not having a car. I'd love to be able to decide to go somewhere and just go there. And in the case of going home, in half the time. But, cars are:

a) expensive and
b) break (and I really don't understand them)

There's also the problem (and this is less easy to fix) that I don't like driving. I don't like other cars, I'm not terribly keen on roundabouts or traffic lights (I'm never quite sure whether they're going to change or not). I also don't like thin or dark roads, which is what all the ones round here are like. I especially don't like coming onto dual carriageways (so I dread to think what I'd be like on motorways, which sadly, are all round here too).

I also haven't worked out how you can possibly talk while driving. I'm ok, as long as I don't have to change gears, change speed, change lanes, or turn into or out of roads. Which, lets face it, is most of the time. Perhaps an automatic would help, but they're too expensive to consider anyway.

I can have dad's car when he retires in two and a half years. Which is quite nice, because I know it (or will be when the runners have been moved forward so I can reach the pedals) and when I work out how to do first to second. But I'm terrified of what he'd say if I crashed it. I'm terrified of crashing it too, of course.

It's all academic anyway because I can't afford to run one - well, I can but then I wouldn't be able to afford to go anywhere in it. I wish I lived somewhere with better public transport, which would solve all my problems. Or I could just never go anywhere and live a very boring life.

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Canon NO Fanon
Saturday 3rd January 2004 9:45 pm

I was having a look through the Canon NO Fanon site. It was very interesting to see the sources quoted for everything but I came across the one about Elrond marrying someone after Celebrian went over the sea. Which, in my personal canon certainly, is ridiculous. However, I'd love to see it done well.

On an entirely different subject I'm off back to Wallingford tomorrow after spending two weeks at home. I remember being bored last week and not being able to remember what day of the week it was. Now I really don't want to go back. Although I am still bored - although it's not from having nothing to do, it's not being bothered to do anything. I don't actually mind going back to work so much because it won't be so busy and because new boy will be starting soon, which will be different at least. I'm not looking forward to having to do my own cooking and washing though.

The last post I wrote in livejournal first and then I realised I needed to put in a couple of links. I was feeling too lazy to type in the html so I copied it to blogger, put in the links and then copied it back to livejournal. I do keep trying to press upload file rather than insert link though - I should learn the shortcuts, that would probably help.

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New computer
Wednesday 24th December 2003 5:23 pm

Now I have new computer I can actually look at Blogger in hi-res mode - which looks like it used to. Very strange.

I've been playing about with this computer since Sunday, along with dad. We were doing really well until I plugged the mouse in on Monday. For some reason this computer doesn't have an ordinary mouse port, even though it has loads of others I'll never use. So we got an adaptor to plug it into the serial port. Which completely failed to work, so we installed the software. Big mistake! The drivers for the mouse and the trackpad conflicted so I couldn't use either, or the keyboard. This was after tech support had gone home, of course. In the end we had to reinstall Windows and start again.

Monday was an eventful day - I also couldn't find my wallet. In fact, I still can't. If I lost it on one of the trains I got on on Saturday and someone's handed it in it will eventually make its way to London. The people I've been ringing up there have been really unhelpful. And don't work weekends so I probably won't get an answer till Monday. And Smiths didn't have The Two Towers DVD, which was very annoying.

Anyway, I am now watching The Phantom Menace on ITV in the corner of my very wide screen (actually, its another ROTK trailer at the mo) and trying to decide on a new wallpaper. Very hard decision to make! I'm off to see Return of the King on Friday so I'm looking forward to that. I'm almost looking forward to going back to work and getting everything back to normal!

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Friday 3rd October 2003 8:21 am

I've just taken a survey about Blogger. The last question they ask is whether you live in the US. The second to last question is household income - in dollars. Well, that is helpful. It's just as well I know that college means university as well, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to answer the education question.

Anyway, I was really here because I don't have to leave for work for 20 minutes and I've been ready to go since 10 to 8. Which is when my alarm goes off. I keep waking up at 7am and it's doing my head in now. Except for tomorrow, which is roughly when I have to get up.

I'm now simultaneously watching The West Wing series 3, 4 and 5. Yes, I am confused. But then I'm confused watching one at a time anyway, so no change there then. I have an episode of Dead Like Me that I'm sure worked fine when I checked it at work yesterday on an old version of media player. Here though, I've tried media player, three versions of DivX player and real player and it won't show me a picture. Which really doesn't make sense.

I have to say though how funny Wednesday's Teachers was. How married are Kurt and Brian (or is it Briony) ๐Ÿ™‚

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‘Improved’ Blogger
Tuesday 2nd September 2003 8:50 pm

You know when food companies 'improve' their products and their worse? That's what blogger's like. It's been improved so you can't see as much text when you type and it takes longer to publish. When it decides to publish at all. I will have to look into moving this weekend. This weekend being the only time I'll have any free time - work has been hideous and I'm trying to catch up on my sleep. Had a good (3 day) weekend though, so that was something.

I actually managed a reasonably finished draft of my drabble of LOTR Chapter 1. I must write at the weekend though, especially since challenge deadlines are approaching. And I want to do a drabble for TPM100, even if I don't manage any of the rest.

I ordered my Tesco shopping last night to arrive today between 7 and 9. So I had to leave work not too late (and go in early tomorrow - you get so much more work done when you're not being badgered for stuff). And have they arrived yet? Have they bollox.

Really must reply to my e-mails and catch up on my reading while it's quiet.

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Friends, Wimbledon, Slash
Thursday 3rd July 2003 6:38 pm

Okay, you didn't actually want to take this quiz. You were probably really bored and, you know, everyone else was so you thought you'd just have a go. Have you tried the TV? Somethi
Okay, you didn't actually want to take this quiz.
You were probably really bored and, you know,
everyone else was so you thought you'd just
have a go. Have you tried the TV? Something
good might be on. I hear interesting things
about MacGyver.

Random Pointless Stargate Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

I will now attempt to write a coherent, interesting post before dinner (when, it has to be said, I'm not at my best).

And going out. Reading other people's journals and listening to tales of other people's lifes I want the one back I had at uni. I mean, the one where I went out. But I can't have it. Not just because my friends live all over the place (although that means I can still go out at weekends) but also because I get ill and have to wash all my clothes. Once they ban smoking in public places (and I have no doubt that they will) then I'll be there! It'll be great. What would be cool for now though would be to live with someone cool (ie that I have lots in common with).

I've almost gone back to wanting what I wanted when I was at school - the whole idea of one best friend. It doesn't help that you get it all the time in books, films and on TV. I have to remember that's not actually what I want, and there's nothing wrong with having friends who have different interests in common. If that makes sense. I must get myself over to the Genesis sci-fi group in Basingstoke actually. Assuming I can work out how to get there (and they so have a tendency to meet on a Sunday) and I do know at least one person there, so I can't use that as an excuse. We need to have more Rotaract socials as well.

I'm living west of Wimbledon. And weather goes from west to east. So how come it hasn't rained here since a few spots at 9am, and yet they started late and are on another rain break? Admittedly, it is getting a bit dark but all the rain clouds must be collecting between here and there and then raining on Wimbledon. And if, as someone estimated, it costs $50,000 a year on the ATP tour, then how can they ever stop tennis from being thought of as elitist, since only the rich can possibly afford that? The Williams sisters story not withstanding, but I don't think that's likely to be repeated any time soon. Although I suspect plenty of people are trying, and have tried in the past.

I'm really inconsistent. I can't put my finger on which slash pairings I'll read and which squick me. For example:
I think of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as having a student/teacher relationship, bordering on father/son. How far across that border is up for debate. I will quite happily read slash for these two though, even by my definition it is incest, or at the very least an abuse of power.
Elrond and Aragorn are father and son, despite being technically uncle and nephew about sixty times removed. I can't even bring myself to try slash for them. Nor Elrond/Elladan or Elrond/Elrohir, although that really is incest. I can read Elladan/Elrohir though and Aragorn/Arwen, if I think about it too much, strikes me as incest.
I came across some Sam/Al (Quantum Leap) the other day, which just struck me as wrong. They're friends, why read more into it than that?
I actually managed to watch some Smallville last weekend (must watch it in future, it is really rather good) and there's more chemistry between Clark and Lex than there is between Clark and Lana or Clark and Chloe.

Why is it that now blogger has changed everything to make it all easier, I can read significantly less of this post as I write it than I could on the old version?

I see they are warming up again on Wimbledon, so I'm hoping the Venus Williams/Kim Clijsters match will be interesting because I could do with actually watching one of those today.

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Monday 31st March 2003 10:49 pm

I've got an appraisal/MAPs review crap thingie tomorrow. Its all a complete load of bollox cos frankly I've done last years goals (apart from the one that says I will do my job (well, d'uh!)) and have entirely new ones for next year. Like, maybe, Ruler of the Universe. I lie, actually that's planned for the year after. Pay rise would be nice though, but suspect this meeting is to review this years goals, then we have another one to make up next years. Who knows. Indeed, who cares? Not me, that's for sure.

I looked at my pay for the (tax) year to date on my pay slip today and it came to an odd ๏ฟฝ999.98. Which is fine, except, I want my 2p! I earned that 2p and I intend to spend it! (won't be hard, let's face it). Can't decide whether to stay up and watch Dead Poet's Society, or tape it and never get round to watching it. Oh, the decisions!

*Grr at Blogger*

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Sunday 30th March 2003 11:57 pm

It's really crap that it's nearly April and I still can't publish my template (ie update the archives). The address of them is fairly easy to guess from the addresses of the others though. I have another recommendation that I will add in there for when it eventually decides to behave. It's another LOTR fic (have I been reading anything else recently?) called Captain My Captain. It's VERY long and has, if not all, many of the Mary Sue cliches in it, but it works. And is very good. And I think I've fallen in love with her Elrohir. And I haven't even finished reading it yet.

Today is special. Mother's Day, first day of BST and its a palindromic date: 30-3-03. Although we'll get a few of those this year. In fact every month except for February, October and December. It occured to me last night there is no such time as anything from 1 to 1.59am on 30-3-03. Which is quite strange to think about. It's like when we lost 10 days in September all those years ago when they changed the calendar. It's reallt hard to understand because it just doesn't make sense. The trouble is the days go on one after another, we just assign arbitrary days and times to them. Which, unfortunately, don't work because they don't give us whole numbers.

Hopefully, now we'll have darker mornings I won't wake up at 7am (8 on weekends). Thought I was doing really well this morning by waking up at 9, but I didn't go to bed till after 2am (BST) and my body clock is still on GMT. I know this, because although the clocks say midnight I'm hungry. Which always seems to happen about 11pm. Should maybe go to bed with an undemanding Buffy book.

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Grr at Blogger
Wednesday 12th March 2003 11:34 pm

I feel like I've achieved a lot of things today. I dreamed I sorted out the Blogger template problem - I haven't, but I have an idea of something to try. So if it looks like a bit of a mess at some point in the near future, that would be why. Its reached the point now where I don't even get an error message, I just get the [more info] link after it. Which, of course, tells you nothing. The forums don't work and there's nothing on the status page. All of this is a big minus point against Blogger, in comparison to other similar programs. If it keeps being a complete arse then I might have to change to something else.

I spent this afternoon (as I had no work - there was stuff I could have done, but it doesn't need to be done till next week and if I do it now I'll have no work to do then. I can't win) looking at IT-related stuff. If I did decide I needed more training (like a certification or something) then the thing that worries me is how I'd ever learn it. Admittedly I learn First Aid stuff, but then there's a fair bit of that we practised quite a bit. The stuff I found easiest to learn at uni was physics - learn a few proofs, change the value of a constant and integrate or differentiate - it's just a case of knowing which to do when - then bung some numbers into it. I usually had to do that last part 3 times as I seem to be particularly useless at it.

Nearly the end of the week at least. Saw an advert for this week's Midsomer Murders (Wallingford was in last weeks) where they made a big thing of Orlando Bloom being in it (looking very nice as well) and the couple of LOTR references in it. I've seen it before though, and would probably be able to tell you whodunnit after watching a bit. Plus it clashes with Auf Weidersehen Pet on comic relief and I know which I'd rather tape.

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Smoking rant
Tuesday 4th March 2003 7:50 pm

I would update my template to put March's archives on there, but sadly, Blogger can't find it. Which isn't very helpful really. I want Blakes 7 on DVD. Having said that, the videos of people who buy it on DVD, not least as it'll be cheaper. I can't remember which series 2 episodes it is I've missed and I can't remember the ones I have seen very well. I only have 6 episodes of series 4 to go though.

General smoking rant: actually I'll cut it short and just go why? and attempt to answer my question.
I can't say I've done extensive research on this, nor can I prove it with statistics or a pretty graph but, smoking is inversely propoertional to intelligence. In other words, only thick people smoke. I have learned this through observation. The explanation: what a bloody stupid way to kill yourself. Smells horrible, kills you slowly, annoys everyone else while simultaneously killing them (slower) as well. Hmm, perhaps there's a conspiracy at work here.
Solution: Add something into cigarettes to make everyone who smokes them sterile. Then they won't have kids who grow up thinking smoking is normal, plus the average intelligence will go up. Problem solved!

Scorpius/Sikozu makes me go *bleurgh* the idea of Scorpius/Braca is not so bad though. Not sure why.

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Friday 27th December 2002 8:57 pm

I can't tell you how useful the Unofficial Blogger Archives are. I've been fiddling with the template. For a while I was getting javascript errors - it turned out they were caused by the comments, so I have some new ones now, hopefully they'll last a bit longer. Once I'd sorted that though, Blogger wouldn't publish my new template and I finally worked out it was because I moved one of my end tags so it was before the start tag. D'oh! Now if only they'd sort it out so the discussion board would work. And why sometimes when you make something bold, italics or a link using the button at the top of the editing window does it put the tags at the start of the post, even though I've highlighted the relevant bit?

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The Kiss
Monday 26th August 2002 12:02 am

I tried creating one of those cool trading cards at livejournal, so of course it doesn't work with my look and I'm too tired to mess about with the HTML. Plus I'm sure livejournal is doing something strange to it. Having used blogger and livejournal I think I prefer blogger. I think livejournal is good for communty-type things, but I don't have time for those anyway. I have enough community stuff of my own going on anyway.

I can't believe the discussions on the forum going on at the moment about the kiss. I didn't like it, but that was more because of the circumstances surrounding it, and because I knew Hywel didn't like doing it. I don't know exactly why, he must have known that playing a gay character would mean having to kiss a bloke at some stage. I've also just realised answered all the questions I had about Sean (ie they've been going out for 2 years and he's a computer programmer). Although I wouldn't call 2 years the "all these years" Sean claimed they'd been together, but still.

Tired because keep waking up early (like 8am) which is really annoying when I don't have to. Maybe I should stay up later tonight in the hope that I'll sleep later, although it probably won't work and I'll end up getting even less sleep.

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