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Monday 1st December 2014 8:09 pm

Loads of people are starting to post their December Talking Meme posts today. So I am not.

Last night I discovered Wil Wheaton's Tabletop series. I'd heard of it before, because I read his blog, but had assumed that it was the sort of thing little boys do in Games Workshop with little figures and I don't know what else goes on. But nothing as dirty as that sentence sounds. Then earlier in the year I discovered the board game cafe in the city and they mentioned something on Facebook/Twitter about Tabletop and it being board games day or something like that. And I realised Tabletop was about board games. It just took me until last night to get round to watching the first episode of season 3 (which went up a while ago, I just had it bookmarked for a while). And it was fun. More fun that you'd expect from watching a group of people playing a game - usually it's more fun to play. Except when it comes to Settlers of Cataan when I prefer being the one to hand out the sheep.

On a different gaming subject, I have been playing a lot of Doctor Who Legacy on my iPod (it's annoyingly, too new to play on the old iPad). I've played it so much I've got bored and need to find myself a new challenge - so it's just as well they're doing an advent calendar with something new every day this month until Christmas. It seems like a match 3 gems game at first, but then there are other strategies involved. It's a game that's really hard to start, but once you put some time into it, you start to have more options.

I should do a post sometime about the games I play on the iPod and iPad. My favourite is Dumb Ways to Die (it's short and simple and silly - a good combination in any game) and they've just brought out Dumb Ways to Die 2 (only once did I lick the pole to see how that would kill me).

And at some point I should get back to Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, since I've borrowed it from my sister.

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Board Games
Wednesday 9th April 2014 8:02 pm

This week I don't have anything going on any evening. So rather than spend every evening at home, last night I went into the city to the board games cafe for their open night. It was fun - I played a few games and met some fun people. The Discworld Ankh-Morpork game was fun - I can recommend it. And the orange juice and mango smoothie was so nice I struggled to drink it slowly.

It's quite a strange place in that they come round and take your drinks & snacks order, then on the way out you pay your tab, plus your entrance fee. It's very trusting.

The downside was that I didn't get home until past 11pm and then I woke up at 6.30am for no reason, so now I am really tired. The other downside is that it involves driving into the city (trains aren't very frequent late at night and then I'd pay more to park at the train station/get a taxi home). On the plus side, at least the roads were empty on the way home so it didn't matter when I got confused, and I think I have now got the multi-storey car park sussed.

I can't go back next week as that's Rotary, but while I'm in on Thursdays until choir starts back in September and only out ten more times for ballet as the summer holidays for that are lone, I'll take the opportunity to go back a few more times.

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