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Parent & child relationships
Sunday 18th November 2007 3:11 pm

I've been meaning to write a post about this for ages. With the stuff I watch or read, I keep finding parent & child relationships where they're not actually related (or at least, don't have that direct relationship) fascinating. I've got a perfectly normal family going on, so there's no psychological reason like that, I just like it.

1. In your fandom(s), what are your favourite parent/child relationships? (biological or non biological parents and children) Why?
so I thought I'd answer here, rather than in a comment.

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Cold, Buffy and Henneth Annun
Thursday 30th January 2003 7:48 pm

Its so cold. I really can't feel my hands properly and my nose is really cold. Hope the heating's still on when I get back from fencing, I think I'll need it.

I remember watching Buffy series 6, the second half especially, and thinking the BBC will have to cut quite a bit. They definitely cut the zip-opening sound from Smashed. Tonight I kept waiting for Buffy to go outside with Spike, but she never did. Why don't they put the Friday night repeat on at a reasonable time?

Now I'm a member I have found loads of stuff at Henneth Annun, its great. Apart from all the really good fic there, I mean. Its also easier to find stuff that you will potentially like using the searches and looking at other people's recommendations if they like the same stuff as you. The people there all seem really nice and helpful too.

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Monday 27th January 2003 11:47 pm

I thought of all these things to write in here this afternoon, as I didn't have much work on and now I don't remember any of them. I think last night's Alias (in America) was big. I don't know why, I don't even remember the episode name and I don't want to know whats going on till I see it. Preferably soon! Fight scenes on Buffy are very weird when the picture is 8 seconds behind the sound. And Angel was gone for so long I'm trying to remember whats going on. I don't think its as good as Buffy, but then I have just seen the 12th of Buffy and the 8th of Angel, so perhaps I shouldn't judge.

Would anyone like to explain tonight's Farscape? I knew it wasn't Aeryn, given the amount of shapeshifting they'd been showing us, but does that meant there's more than one Grayza? Was the one we saw the real one? My video ran out half way through so I can't re-watch it either. Should have put a new one in. Never mind. 6 episodes to go. Ever. Thats quite a scary thought. Specially as we still don't know whats going on this series!

I changed my alarm clock to match the other ones - I got tired of looking at it and having to subtract 2 minutes to find out the time. Strangely, the fact that my clock never says the right time doesn't bother me. Anyway, despite the fact that I'm sure I only changed the minutes, I thought it was midnight when I went to bed (which was annoying as I wanted to go to bed early) and noticed that my clock said eleven. As did my video when I checked. Good thing I did, otherwise I'd have got up at quarter to 7 and probably not noticed. Then I couldn't get to sleep, despite being completely knackered on the way home, so gave up at midnight and read a bit.

Won a fight at the county competition yesterday! I think the other person got 7 or 9, I can't remember. And I lunged. And slid as well, but hit her. So I'm not quite so bothered about my right leg hurting today. I think I've got my chest bruised as well. I think it must be just above my chest protector. Really wish the free version of Blogger had a spell checker cos I'm too tired to check this.

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The Stargate Quiz
Saturday 21st December 2002 1:22 pm

The Stargate quiz:

How long have you been a fan of Stargate SG-1?

Since I saw nearly three series worth in a few months, about the time I finished uni which was June 2000, which makes it 2 and a half years.

What was the main reason that you became a fan?

The humour I think. Along with all the interesting sciency stuff and the idea of being able to go to other worlds quickly without having to travel faster than c.

The ONE Stargate SG-1 episode you think is the best they've done, that you can watch forever?

Window of Opportunity

What is the ONE Stargate SG-1 episode you think could be timeless--as in always be played on the TV years from now?

I honestly don't know. I think all the best ones revolve around knowing other stuff about the series.

When was Stargate SG-1 at its best?

Series 2-4.

Who is the ONE character on Stargate SG-1 who you can't get enough of?

At the moment, Teal'c. He is so cool.

Your favourite B-storyline (underlying thread) of Stargate SG-1?

The stuff with Maybourne in, especially now thats hes no longer NID and on the run.

What's your favourite line from a Stargate SG-1 episode?

The one that sticks in my mind at the moment, not sure why is from late series 2 I think:
"We come in peace. We'd like to leave in one. Piece." From no other than Jack O'Neill.

What's Stargate SG-1's best season out of all their seasons?

Can I have 2 and 3 combined given that I saw them pretty much at the same time?

How many Stargate SG-1 conventions have you been to?


Which ONE was your favourite?

SG-4 because the atmosphere was so fantastic (because of the timing mainly) and it was just before the fandom went completely arse over tits.

Do you think you are a fan of the show for its content or for the actors?

The content. I might watch something because a certain person/people are in it, but I would only continue to watch it if it was good for other reasons.

Out of all the charities the Stargate SG-1 fandom (ie: through Gatecon, Sekh's Party, any other events) supports, which one do you support the most?

They're all such good causes how can I just pick one? There's not really one out of those that are particularly close to my heart.

What is your favourite show of all time that's NOT Stargate SG-1?

Red Dwarf, although not series 7 and 8 of course.

Favorite pairing of characters on Stargate SG-1?

Sam and Jack, sad to say.


Really annoyed about Buffy. I taped it on Thursday and watched the first five minutes and they cut so much. But according to my TV guide the Friday night version was also 45 minutes. So I thought I might as well tape the cut version. And then I find out today that last night's was uncut. Why couldn't they have told us that in advance?

I ordered some fencing kit from Allstar on Tuesday and they said it would be delivered on Thursday (which I wasn't expecting at all). So I came home on Thursday to find a note to say they'd try to deliver but as no-one was in they'd taken it back to Aylesbury. Last time they left it with a neighbour so I was expecting them to do that this time. I rang them up, but they needed Allstar to tell them to give it to a neighbour instead. By this time, Allstar was closed, so I rang them Friday morning.

I got in Friday night (well, Saturday morning, technically) to find some post, but no note, so I thought they'd given it to a neighbour and not left a note to tell me (which didn't surprise me). This morning there was a note to say they'd tried to deliver it Friday (the same time they'd tried on Thursday), found no-one was in (do these people have no brains?) and taken it back to Bucks.

Their note says you can't ring them til Monday, but you can go to pick it up before noon if you like. Yeah, right, because I think I'd have to go via Banbury or London, which would take longer than that. As I was about to get dressed this morning, they delivered it. I give in, frankly. Next time I'll just give my work address - the problem with doing that this time was that there was no-one in the building yesterday as we were all at the Christmas party.

I had 4 megs of a 79 meg file for Enterprise left after Thursday when I was last in and the server is down. So I'll have to get the whole thing from somewhere else instead. And Stargate and catch up on Alias and Buffy from a really slow server. Great.

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