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Busy fortnight
Sunday 17th December 2017 5:27 pm

The week before last was really busy at work. My evenings felt long because most of the things I do in the evening had finished for the year, and I didn't have to play with Missy. So I got a lot of TV watching done.

This week work is quieter, but I've either been woken up really early or not been able to get to sleep or woke up early for no reason, or some combination of the above, so I've been really tired. And watched a load more TV.

I'm hoping next week will be better...

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Tired and busy
Saturday 20th December 2014 12:42 pm

I will get to the rest of my December Talking Meme topics at some point. Just not quite yet. This time last year things were really quiet and I wrote a few Yuletide Treats because I was bored. Now I'm looking forward to being bored.

Work has calmed down, so I am getting through my non-project (ie no deadline) to do list. But your whole day playing about with css is quite tiring in itself. Then outside of work I've either been out, or in and sorting out stuff (mostly house-related, still) or have overdone it and ended up too dizzy to do much. Waking up at 6am and not being able to get back to sleep, and waking up at 4am and not being able to get back to sleep for a while is not helping either.

This weekend's quite busy (apart from this morning) and then next week I have nothing planned for any evening and could do with keeping it that way. Maybe then I'll have the time and energy to put my Christmas cards up, for one thing. And catching up on some TV would be good too, although it's not like it's going anywhere and it's not as if there's likely to be much on TV in January.

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This past week
Sunday 14th October 2012 12:03 pm

I don't seem to have time to do anything at the moment. Although it hasn't been helped by Friday. I was planning to get some stuff done Friday evening, but then I went to the pub for lunch with work and spent the evening not throwing up. I thought steak burger and chips would be quite safe and maybe test how much wheat/gluten I could have, since I know I can tolerate some. Given the crispiness of the chips, I suspect they were covered in it, hence why I felt ill.

I'm still tired from that, and yesterday I went to Wimbledon for a tour (and took 32 photos). It turned out to be a terrible day to go because engineering works on the tube meant we had to go a longer way round to get there. Fortunately we got to London with plenty of time to spare (even though the train was late).

When we left we thought we'd go the other way, but then it turned out we'd have to change more times, so we ended up going a very long way back to the station. I originally thought I'd be home by 6.30pm, in time for dinner, and actually got home at 8.15pm. And we didn't quite finish doing the museum, so we'll have to go back and finish it when we're next at Wimbledon.

The tour was good though. I am just looking forward to half term and finally having some free time! Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some TV...

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