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Chalet School
Sunday 4th November 2012 8:11 pm

I have just finished re-reading all the Chalet School books this year. I've read them all once before, and then re-read the first six or so in order to write Sarah Jane of the Chalet School, but never re-read any of the others. Technically I haven't re-read them all because I don't own them all (but I have read them all, due to borrowing from [info]selenay936).

I started off by reading a couple a month, then realised I wasn't going to manage about 50 books in a year that way, so read a few until I got sick of them. Although when I was ill they were great to read - they didn't require too much effort. But I think they are best read with gaps between them otherwise they get too samey. And I got irrationally annoyed with Mary-Lou turning up all the time. And Reg Entwhistle who turns up when Len's seventeen, but has apparently known her since she was three or something. I hate the idea that she marries him, just because I don't know him.

I still like the Austrian era best 🙂

My reason for the re-read was in order to write Lynda Day at the Chalet School. Although I also need to come up with a plot and work out who's doing what at the school (Miss Annersley cannot still be headmistress in the 80s, but Joey could still be living next door). not to mention how to get the Press Gang boys in there (I have an idea for Spike, though). But I might also put the re-read to good use by re-writing Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child with Susan as a pupil, Barbara, history teacher and Ian a doctor at the San.

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Chalet School slang
Thursday 19th July 2012 9:48 pm

I have just read a whole load of Chalet School books, but I have just reached the point where I can't take any more and have to stop for a bit.

I am amused by the slang in them. The school's always going on about not using slang. It's interesting to see how it changes from the first books where Joey's always saying 'topping' to the Swiss era I'm now reading where it's all 'smashing'.

I can see why those are slang. But then 'wizard' isn't. Nor is 'dekko' (Jack's the worst offender with this one, he never looks at/checks on anything, it's always having dekko). And 'demoted' is apparently slang, which is interesting - it seems like an obvious word for the opposite of promotion (except in football).

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Book reviews
Wednesday 30th March 2011 9:23 pm

Since I'm not doing any kind of book-reading challenge, I don't tend to talk about what I've read. But I've recently read a few books I wanted to talk about. Read more...

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