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Channel 5
Tuesday 29th June 2004 10:05 pm

I don't get Channel 5. I've lived in houses with it for the best part of five years now and have perhaps watched five things on it. Which is partly why it's confusing me. But mostly because it's just strange.

Because I was actually in on a Tuesday for a change I watched CSI (mainly for the 'I've been there' factor since it's set in Las Vegas. There's not much more than that worth watching it for). The TV guide says it starts at 9pm. So I switch the TV on to get - news. So it actually started at 5 past - but TVQuick usually gives 5 minutes programs, even if it's just a followed by.

So that threw me but then I thought I'd watch it and then have a quick toilet and e-mail checking break before watching The Lyon's Den, since I had nothing better to do. Well, no, actually, I did, I just couldn't be bothered to do it. But it went straight from CSI to The Lyon's Den! At which point I gave up and had my toilet and e-mail checking break.

And I thought Sky were weird for putting adverts in 5 minutes into a programme and 5 minutes before the end (plus so many that even American programmes are an hour long) but at least that's just normal TV + extra adverts weird.

I would say that's it, I'm not watching it again, but since the next time I'll find something worth watching will be in a years time I'll have forgotten all about how weird it is. And be shocked all over again.

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