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In lieu of Christmas cards
Saturday 29th December 2007 3:40 pm

I know it's after Christmas but I'm never that organised. I only ever work out how I need to send Christmas cards to based on who sends them to me. And most of those are based on who I see at Rotaract events anyway.

But in lieu of the Christmas cards I would have sent to people had it not involved buying stamps, Christmas cards or spending my entire lunch hour in a queue in the post office, I donated some money to charity instead. I feel a bit silly telling people this because it's not like I should be getting praise for doing it or anything.

I did a google search and found a charity I'd never heard of: Contact a Family so I donated to them partly because I'd never heard of them, but also because they sound a bit different: they help the families of disabled children, rather than the children specifically (there are plenty of charities that do that already).

So if you're someone who I might have sent a Christmas card to had I considered it, or you would have sent one to me, then this donation is on your behalf.

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