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Thursday TV
Thursday 22nd June 2006 9:36 pm

Tonight I actually watch something that's on TV and not Doctor Who shocker. I was about to say it won't last except the next two weeks are going to be taken up watching large amounts of Wimbledon.

First there was Colin and Justin. Which did involve doing everything at the last minute, as always, and pink suits but didn't involve Justin going off on one. On the other hand it did have a bride that was ridiculously picky I don't know why she wasn't doing it all herself. There was a groom as well, I'm not sure he got much of a say in anything.

I am working my way through the best of The Avengers, so all the ones I'm watching at the moment are good. Tonight I went for The Gravediggers which had an excellent fight sequence on a minature train, with Mrs Peel tied to the tracks and with appropriate music. You had to love the eccentric (ie mad but rich) guy who always ate on a train - with scenery going past, the sound of the train going along, the steam from the engine and his butler cum skivvy rocking the carriage. I want one.

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Tonights TV
Thursday 15th June 2006 9:51 pm

Since I was good and worked last night I gave myself a night off to watch non-Doctor Who TV. Which was supposed to inlude The Avengers but I finished dinner too late, so it's been moved to tomorrow night now. Probably.

Anyway, there was Colin and Justin. Now, of all the people you'd not want to plan your wedding they've got to be top of the list. But as usual really, they had loads of crises but it all came right in the end. And Justin threw a hissy fit over something small. But it's not as good as their usual house designing thing because you don't get them having arguments with Katy and Andy, and the narrator for this one wasn't as funny. I'll still be watching next week though.

Then I listened to The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents from Listen Again, and 1.30 Saturday on BBC7 wasn't that convenient. And my non-Doctor Who night went awry because David Tennant was in it. I'd entirely forgotten the story though, so I really enjoyed it, just as I had reading it. I do like the little girl who makes her life a story and whose name I can't remember how to spell.

The long DW fic is now up to nearly 14,000 words and ten cups of tea.

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