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London again
Saturday 16th October 2010 6:24 pm

Now I am behind - it's been a busy week. Wednesday I decided I was too tired to do any museums, so I went into London in time to attempt to find the theatre and pick up my ticket. You have to pick your ticket up at least 30 minutes before the start and that was the only option. As I didn't want to be hanging around the theatre for 30 minutes, I went earlier. And got lost coming out of Euston Street Station because I didn't read the sign closely enough. But I got there in the end, and I found the station useful to go through to get from one side to the other. I never worked out how to go round. And to get from the station to the theatre I had to cross a road with three lanes on either side with traffic lights, but no pelican crossing. I'm really scared of London traffic because there's so much of it, I have no idea where any of it's going (except at great speed) and the bikes don't always stop at red lights.

I met up with my best friend again and we found a pub where they did double steak and chips (ie two 4oz steaks and an extra large portion of chips ) for £6. Half of which was the perfect amount each. So we ordered it and then had great trouble getting another plate. We made do with the one steak knife between us, though. We also established that Single Father was rubbish. I saw so much hype about it beforehand that it seemed like it had to be good, so it was good to talk to someone else who it bored too.

Chris Addison was very funny. At first he started talking about the Chilean Miners and Thatcher and repeated the jokes he'd posted to Twitter earlier in the day. So I was a bit unsure, but he improved no end. He kept getting side-tracked in his jokes and going off on a tangent to tell another funny story and never went back to the original story. But I had to think what the original story was, so I didn't mind. He was funny either way.

He did a whole load of politics jokes in the first half, and having not watched any of the party conferences, I missed some of the jokes. The second half was more general stuff. He revealed that he tore a ligament in his ankle in Edinburgh running after the Sainsburys delivery man. He went off and then came back and took questions for 15 minutes. Someone asked him if Dara O'Briain's head was big, but he said that Dara was just generally big and it was in proportion.

I managed to get the third to last train back, with 5 minutes to spare, which meant getting home at midnight, rather than 12.30. If I wasn't ill I could do that sort of thing quite happily without having to take any days off. Which was half the point of living two minutes walk from the train station. It's really annoying not being able to.

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