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Thursday 3rd August 2006 10:07 pm

When I got up this morning it wasn't that light due to it being rainy outside. So instead of wearing sandals to work I thought I ought to keep my feet dry and wear shoes. Which meant wearing socks, which was just such a weird feeling, it's been weeks since I wore any socks. Mind you, it did at least help with being warm at work. The person whose desk I'm at this week is right in the path of the air conditioning and I'm sat in a cold draft all day. The office is helpfully laid out so the other end of it is still quite warm, even though I'm shivering. It's also the boys office, so they do tend to like it colder than us girls.

There was a new Armando Iannucci program on tonight - The Time Tunnel. It's set in 2031 and they're looking back at the early 2000s. So a satirical look at today by cunningly setting it in the near future. It was interesting in places, funny in others and just weird in others still. Plus they did go over the top a bit in my opinion, in pieces like Charlotte Church vomiting herself inside out. It sounds funny as a one-line thing but just gets disgusting and too unlikely once you go into it in detail. There is a real point in there but satire is best when subtle, and that's so not.

It was an entertaining way to spend half an hour, though, so I'll probably watch it next week.

I also read some Atlantis fanfic this evening and I can feel myself starting to be pulled more towards that again. I'm remembering why I like Sheppard/Weir - I must get back to the Langford U fic I do have a first draft of. And read some McShep, I'm starting to miss the banter.

I finished The Hand of Fear while my dinner was cooking, and wrote up some of the highlights at Sarah Jane Fic. I'm so feeling tempted to get her episodes on DVD, which is bad. I did the whole Ace thing last summer, I'm determined not to do the Sarah Jane thing this summer. Plus I think I prefer Jo Grant (to Sarah, not to Ace, obviously).

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Thursday 12th January 2006 10:04 pm

I've just watched Balderdash and Piffle, being as it clashed with Life on Mars, and it was really interesting. I now know where management speak comes from and that people from Sunderland (or that support the football team) are called Mackems. Most interesting, though, was the bit about the origin of the word man. In old english it was used to mean human, which makes Tolkien's use of Man make a lot more sense.

I wasn't convinced by Hyperdrive last night. The dig at Windows was quite funny but most of the time it seemed like they were trying too hard and it wasn't that funny. The Commander reminds me of the guy from The Office as well.

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Too much TV!
Sunday 25th December 2005 1:57 pm

I think all the Christmas TV is on tonight. We had to sit and work out, last night, what we were going to watch, what we were going to tape and when therefore we could fit in candles and dinner. So the current plan is candles (and presents) at 5pm, dinner at 6pm, Doctor Who at 7pm, followed by The Green Green Grass (with Coro taping) and Booze Cruise II.

At some point I am going to get some work done - but there are too many distractions! Linux turns out to have Freeciv, and I need to go and find what sounds I want for it. I'm quite glad I printed out the stories I wanted to edit because I've been sitting in a nice comfy chair to do that. But tomorrow we're off to Narnia, Tuesday we're going to my grandmother's (not sure why though) and Wednesday I'm doing my Christmas shopping. I really want to spend a day (or more) getting my head round LJ language to do Melli's layout, but at the moment that's really not going to be happening before Thursday.

If only I didn't have to go back to work...

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Wednesday 14th April 2004 9:35 pm

Since I did it to undonne and edrys, it's only fair I give them the chance to do it back.

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more, no less.

Ask me anything you want.

Then I want you to go to your journal (if you have one), copy and paste this, allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

I am now the proud owner of a digital camera. With pictures of the cat on. Well, I had to test it out and he agreed to model (ie he was asleep). It's for my birthday, and the really annoying thing is people who say to me that I shouldn't use it before my birthday. They're the same people who don't think I should open cards before my birthday either.

Assuming Emma gets it worked out (I should check really) my last birthday party is towards the end of May. And since I already have a present my birthday has already started. I always think of it as being on May Day anyway, whether that's the right date or not, so I stick two fingers up to these people.

I avoided watching The Worst Week of my Life because I had enough with weddings at work. But whereas that just annoys the heck out of me, this one makes me laugh. I'm going to go and catch up with it now.

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