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This week I have…
Sunday 27th July 2014 12:26 pm

... not been sleeping enough due to the heat.

... watching the Commonwealth Games. I've been enjoying the swimming the most and it's reminded me that I should go when I can and see how it affects my dizziness. I've also seen some triathlon, athletics, bowls, judo, squash and rhythmic gymnastics. And listening to it at work, although swimming is definitely not the same over the radio because part of the appeal for me is seeing the actual swimming.

... uploading my stories to AO3. I have now done pretty much all the Doctor Who related and Stargate related non-drabbles and more rare stuff (mostly also non-drabbles).

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42 Day
Sunday 10th October 2010 5:33 pm

It is 10/10/10, an exciting date. There won't be another exciting date until 12th November, and that's not nearly as exciting.

I meant to post a few times this week and then it just didn't happen... Mostly because I've been spending my time working my way through the Commonwealth swimming. I tape what's on BBC1/2 during the day, then watch it in the evening. So then I can fast forward through everything that isn't an actual race, which is a vast improvement. Although sometimes I miss bits and only discover which stroke they're doing and how far they're going once they've started the race. It just makes it more exciting!

I got very excited this morning when I went up the road to Sainsburys and discovered the old Woolworths is turning into a Currys/PC World. Playing with an iPad is only ten minutes walk away!

This week I'm off to London to see the third Sarah Jane Adventures episode (ie the one with Jo Grant in). And then back again the next evening to see Chris Addison, which I'm really looking forward to. I will definitely write up the SJA thing, and depending on whether I can make it spoiler free or not, I'll either post it next week or in a couple of weeks time.

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