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Christmas holidays
Thursday 27th December 2007 11:35 pm

I have finally managed to sort out all the tags and categories on the blog. Although I have 187 in Other Stuff that I don't quite have the energy to go through. And they're in there in the first place because they didn't really fit into any other category.

My sister bought herself a Wii for Chanukah (me and mum just bought ourselves books, and I thought I was extravagant for spending £15). I'm alright at bowling on it, but terrible at tennis and working the menus. And being able to strap the remote to myself. It gives me a headache too, although not as bad as the PS2.

I'm also up to date on my prompts so I am getting through the things I need to do over Christmas. There's just some bits that are more urgent really that I haven't quite go to yet...

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Playstation fun
Tuesday 26th December 2006 10:17 pm

The funniest thing I've seen this Christmas is mum playing on the Playstation 2. My sister has one, along with the two Lego Star Wars games. It's very cool but I'm quite crap at it (it doesn't help that I get confused about which person I am and confused about which button is which, and so tend to die a lot), but mum is worse. It's so funny watching her trying to jump on a ledge and just dive bombing off the end of it. I actually can't breathe from laughing, watching it.

I quite liked the podracing level, except I had to cross my hands to do it because my right hand is better at controlling direction, which is on the left, and all that's needed on the right side of the controller is to hold down X.

Although I can't play for too long because it still gives me a headache after a while - although not as blinding as the ones I got at uni playing a console of some description.

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