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Finishing things
Saturday 10th November 2007 5:11 pm

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I finished this cross stitch last night. I don't remember how long I've been doing it, but the next one I'm going to do was my birthday present, so I certainly started it more than six months ago. There just hasn't been enough on TV to cross stitch to, that's the trouble! The border was horrid on this one, I'm glad that none of the others I have in my drawer have such a lot of border.

Last night I typed up the plot for my script and worked out what was going to happen in each scene. I thought I had too few and put off actually writing the script. This morning, though, I sat down and did nothing but write it for an hour and half. I came out with 3000 words and 25 pages. It should be about 40 pages, though, so it does definitely need more scenes, mostly, I think, to explain why the characters do what they do in the story. But at least I have a finished first draft, and it was quite easy to do once I only had to think about a scene at a time. I definitely need to go back and work out what sort of description I should be putting in, though.

Now I've cleaned the house that's everything I need to do this weekend. Although I really want to write prompts for all my RP characters, so we'll see how that goes...

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Monday 23rd July 2007 8:51 pm

I've just discovered that the post I wrote when I finished reading Harry Potter on Saturday ended up just as a draft for some reason. I'm sure I pressed the publish button and it did its thing though.

Edit: Whoops, went to change the published date and deleted it! All I can remember it saying is that I thought it was alright, didn't make me cry, but did require a sick bucket.

It was so nice to have the chance to just sit (well, lie down) and read. And for some of that time I even had peace and quiet to do it in, which was even better. So when I got back yesterday I spent some time just reading. Well, and falling asleep. And trying to work out in what situation Harry Sullivan would have got married as a young man. My brain just went Harry Potter -> Harry Sullivan, which is a direct connection when your mind works sideways like mine.

I've been cross stitching to Doctor Who the rest of the weekend. I started a small thing off mum's magazine, but I was nearly through the first colour and ran out of thread. Fortunately, I have plenty of that colour, but it's only at that point that I discovered the instructions said to cross stitch in one strand. Clearly, I didn't read them, but that's because they always said cross stitch in two strands, backstitch in one. I am not unpicking it all, though, so it'll be interesting to see if I run out of any of the other colours.

I've been enjoying The Daleks Master Plan, which I started halfway through Wimbledon and will finish tonight. There's one episode where it's all a bit silly and Peter Purves sounds just as amused. I really like his narration voice. At work I listened to Reign of Terror and have been enjoying that too. Possibly it helps that I've already seen it, but I much prefer narrations to reconstructions. In fact, for good episodes, narrations are almost better than the moving things. Although that could be because it leaves me free to cross stitch without having to look up when it all goes quiet. Or means I can lie down with my eyes closed and it all looks better inside my head. Or would, if I have pictures in my head.

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Cross stitch and Atlantis
Wednesday 5th October 2005 7:35 pm

I actually got my cross stitch out last night for the first time in a while - I've been tired and on the backstitch, which is never as interesting. But I wanted to watch Sunday's Midsomer Murders and it's slow, so needs me doing something else at the same time.

Last night I dreamt we had a company day out (although there was no-one in my dream I actually knew) and we had to split into teams to complete a cross stitch. The teams somehow managed to change into 2-people ones, although I have no idea how two people are supposed to complete one cross stitch at the same time. I spent a fair bit of the dream thinking about this. I managed to get out of the cross stitching though on the basis that I did it in the evenings anyway. I ended up helping two blokes who didn't really know what they were doing. It obviously got a bit strange(r) though because it started involving candles.

A meme, from Melli and Avon:

What are you working on? List your current writing projects (fanfic and/or original). Include a small segment describing the plot.

1. A long Gilraen/Arathorn one current called The Tale of Arathorn and Gilraen. In the Tale of A&A it's not stated explicitly that Gilraen loved Arathorn when they married, although he loves her. So I started from that premise and worked out reasons why she married him and didn't remarry and ended up writing the story of their lives together.

2. The HASA Tag Team Challenge fic that was due, er, last October. Never mind. Definitely untitled, and un-worked on by either of us for quite a while. It stars Aragorn and Faramir when they're King and Steward respectively but before Aragorn marries Arwen. It is not either serious or sensible at any point.

3. A Lord of the Rings fic I started two and a half years ago and haven't worked on for a while either. The plot is currently a secret to all but three of the people on my friends list who have beta'ed/read it at various points.

4. A have a file for this even though I haven't actually written anything, merely photocopied the relevant but of the Silm and forgotten the plot. In it, Elrond introduces his sons to the sunrise and explains it. It turns out he finds out something else is going on with his sons, if I could just remember what.

5. Because I still mean to write it one day, a Sam/Jack slash piece. Partly because it defies classification.

Following on from the other week when I wrote an Atlantis snippet I was trying to do a McKay piece and got sidetracked by trying to do a similar thing with Sheppard/Weir and accidentally writing Sheppard/Teyla instead. I could almost do a Five Things fic with Sheppard pairings (although given I ship Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/Weir and Sheppard/Teyla, as well as Sam/Jack and Jack/Daniel, that makes five...)


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Sunday 24th October 2004 3:22 pm

I got a bit tipsy on Friday night, which I think is the closest I've got to getting drunk all year. I have discovered, though, why so many people from work get drunk all the time - they drink wine. Apparently it's more potent and two glasses will do it. If I got drunk on two drinks I'd be drunk a lot more often. Sadly, though, wine is really disgusting. I can manage two sips as long as there's enough time in between the two for me to forget how bad the first one was. And that's red wine. White is worse. I think I'll just stick to the spirits. And anyway, watching other people being drunk is so much better.

I was having a cross stitching crisis, now I'm almost having the opposite. I spent a small fortune (or at least it seems like it, as they're so expensive) in Hobbycraft yesterday and now I have three. And my mum wanted to check which ones so if she were to buy me some for a surprise she wouldn't get the same ones. I pointed out the slight problem in that argument to her

I'm not doing terribly well with Chanukah presents at the moment. I can't decide what calendar to get my sister to get me (we have an agreement not to do birthday presents and just get each other calendars each year). This is partly due to the Friar Street Bookshop not having very many in. Their choices were Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Buffy and Angel. None of which were very exciting - of the ones that actually showed you all of the months, at least.

My grandmother has already asked me what I want, but I expect that in October. My mum told me how much she's prepared to spend but there's no rush. Which is just as well because all I have on my list for definite so far is a potato peeler (I'm envious of mum's new one) and a tape measure.

Typically, of course, it pissed it down the whole time I was in Reading yesterday, so I got really wet. Today it hasn't rained yet. If I'd stayed in yesterday and gone there today it would have been the opposite way round.

I'm almost looking forward to work at the moment, but that's because I have a four day week, followed by a two day week, followed by a three day week.

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Farscape again and some other stuff this time
Thursday 21st October 2004 9:49 pm

I'm feeling slightly more rational about Farscape now. There was an excellent homage to 2001 in the last twenty minutes. So much so (and bearing in mind we're talking about my favourite film here) that I have no idea what happened in that scene. Except there wasn't enough breathing. It did remind me that I really want 2001 on DVD, but then it would also require a big widescreen TV and surround sound to watch it properly, so no rush.

I can't help wondering how different the mini series would have been if it had been a whole series. And whether it would have been better or worse. But what really clinched it was when I watched last night's Bill earlier and it was a two sick bucket job, at the end. And let's not even mention the whole of the rest of the episode. I should watch tonight's but I've finished my cross stitch, and I can't watch another episode without one, I'll get too bored. Mind you, I'm really tired from going to bed really late all week, so I might be in the right state of mind for it.

I spotted our next Davis Cup match is before I go to Australia, but it's in Israel, which is no help. I hope we get through it and get a World Group qualifying match at home.

I won a packet of jaffa cakes in a raffle last night. Well, I got to pick the prize, but frankly everyone in the room was eyeing them up, so we shared them amongst the club. We also came fourth in the quiz, which was fairly respectable, although Langley and Iver beat us again, annoyingly.

Half term started today. We're on the new six term system, which I forget how it works now, except that half terms are longer, summer holidays are shorter and all terms are six weeks, regardless of when Easter is. What it meant was there was no-one around when I walked to work today. Which only goes to show how much of the rush hour traffic is school-related (although this is only a market town, so rush hour pretty much means there are cars on the road. Apparently this wasn't the case before they built the bypass).

Ever since the article in the Guardian Online the other week about workplace bloggers I've been reading two of them that particularly interest me:
The Policeman's Blog - who has some good advice about how to deal with crimes and the police, and lots of stuff about what really goes on
and Doing Less Harm - who works in IT in the NHS. Today's entry in particular made me laugh, because I come up against similar stuff myself.

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Good and bad news
Monday 24th May 2004 10:49 pm

The good news: Enterprise has been renewed (
The bad news: Richard Biggs has died (

I went away for 26 hours at the weekend and returned to find 198 e-mails, of which 144 were spam. I've been answering them while listening to "Six Characters in Search of an Answer" on BBC7's Listen Again. Which is so useful because I never listen to anything on the radion on time. I only remembered to watch Have I Got News For You on Friday because the video came on (in my defence I'm usually out).

On the plus side this weekend I established that Hobbycraft still doesn't have any rabbits I can cross stitch. I might have to go on a hunt on the internet, or end up doing cats. Which are nice, but not as nice as rabbits. I've still got a fair bit of The Librarian left to do so it's not urgent yet.

I also made about 20 CDs and did all my backing up. At the same time I finally saw Miss Congeniality. I meant to go and see it when it was out at the cinema. I meant to get it out on video. I even meant to watch it on TV, but forgot. That's a record, even for me.

I re-injured my toes tonight, exactly the same way as I did last week, so they hurt. What's worse is that I had my glasses punched twice on the same side, so the floor now slopes. Which is not helpful.

I finally got round to doing these quizzes, this is from Selenay (I can't quite bring myself to use the word gacked, to me it sounds like the cat's about to be sick):

chain holding jack
Good stuff, you are "Wedding? I love
weddings! Drinks all around." You're the
life of the party and nothing gets you down,
not even certain death at the hands of your
zombie nemesis or the Navy. Come to think of
it, realism isn't your strong suit...

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

How true!

This I first saw on fileg's journal:

paranoidangel may explode without warning



Yep, that would be me 🙂

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