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Tennis (and a bit of Doctor Who)
Sunday 20th September 2015 10:33 am

I say things, it's going to be mostly tennis, let's be fair. This weekend is the sort of time we're used to seeing Davis Cup matches. What usually happens is we lose in the first round of the World Group in March, then play in September to try and get back in the World Group. Except that somehow (James Ward unexpectedly beat John Isner in the first round) this is our third match this year and it's the semi-finals. The team that wins the world group wins the Davis Cup proper.

Getting this far has meant that all the media are basically assuming we're going to win. Which is a bit counting chickens/crossing bridges/too many eggs. At both press conferences so far they've asked Andy Murray how he'll feel at getting into the final and not unreasonably he's replied that he'll answer that if and when we do.

(To any Australians reading this, ignore the above paragraph: we're going to thrash you this afternoon and there's never been any doubt about it)

Yesterday was the doubles. I like doubles - it tends to have more exciting points where players are volleying on reflex and rallies are shorter. This was one of those matches where you couldn't tell who was going to win until someone did. Which is exciting in a grand slam final where you don't care too much who wins. It's agonising when the players are representing their country. Good tennis, though. Lleyton Hewitt might have been around for a while and past his best, but he still knew his doubles. And it once again confirmed that Jamie is my favourite of the Murray brothers.

Doctor Who was back yesterday, but frankly, after four hours of exciting, agonising tennis, 45 minutes of half a story can't compete. I don't like two parters - I'd have saved it until next week if I could, but then I'd have had to avoid the whole internet and whole world and that's just not possible.

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Davis Cup
Sunday 20th September 2009 5:56 pm

It's been a weekend of thrills, excitement, hope, nervousness, patriotism, doubt and ultimately relegation. Yes, it's been a weekend filled with British tennis. It's really depressing when you think that we put our best men in there and couldn't beat Poland, yet the Spanish B team still won their semi-final match. I think maybe we deserve to be down in Group II for being shit at tennis. Apart from Andy Murray and one man does not make a team.

In other news, there is no other news. I just really can't be bothered this weekend and I've had a weekend of mostly just sleeping and watching the tennis.

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Sunday 21st September 2008 7:51 pm


Originally uploaded by paranoidangel

It almost feels like there's been constant tennis this summer, what with the French Open, Stella Artois, Wimbledon, Olympics and now the Davis Cup.

I had some overtime to take last week, so I went home to watch Friday's matches. Saturday I went to Wimbledon, today I just lay on the sofa and despaired. Well, towards the end.

The trouble with Davis Cup is that as much as you can admire the tennis the same as at other times, it's just not the same when our guys don't win. And they didn't, which was all depressing. That it went down to the last match helped a bit at least. But in the programme Jamie Murray said that it often hinges on Saturday's doubles match - the team that wins that one goes onto win the tie and he was right in this case.

I've still enjoyed watching the tennis and had a good time at Wimbledon yesterday. It's just that... we lost. And now we're back in Euro-Africa Zone 1 where we can't fail to lose, and then go on to play another World Group qualifying match next year. Then if we get into the World Group we then lose our first match. And so the cycle continues... Until our two doubles specialists improve and the British number 2 has a lot higher ranking (inside the top 100 would be a start).

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Davis Cup
Sunday 23rd September 2007 6:20 pm

I'm still really excited about the Davis Cup yesterday. While standing waiting for a tube yesterday with Tanaqui I almost jumped up and down in excitement. However, first there was a signal failure at Earl's Court, which meant we had to get three tubes there. But we got there in the end and followed the crowd to Wimbledon. I actually got hot walking in the sun, which was unexpected after the weather this week.

We were sat in the very back row, which was handy because it meant you can stand up whenever you like (the seats are not designed for comfort). However, we were at the end that meant Tim Henman and Jamie Murray had their backs to us during the warm up and at the end. It also meant that on screen we were just dark shapes, so we weren't on TV.

Before the match started they had what I assume were cheerleaders. They had white towels and short green dresses and looked utterly ridiculous. They weren't even in time with each other.

The match, though, was worth it. I said in advance that I wanted a good match, to 4 sets, but us to win. I got my wish but there were times I wished I hadn't - it's so exhausting on the nerves. And the throat. It's impossible not to shout 'Yes' with the rest of the crowd when we've won a particularly big point. There were times during change of ends that the British and Croatian supporters were trying to outdo each other in loudness. We won, unsurprisingly.

I have to talk about the volume of the crowd. Centre and No 1 Court are surprisingly loud when the crowd gets going during Wimbledon, and Davis Cup more so. Put them together and you couldn't hear yourself talk. During the last game there was so much shouting the Croatians had to wait to serve. I had to wait until I got home to find out what Henman, Murray and John Llloyd said in their interviews - Henman started before I had any idea, it was so noisy. Although the echo didn't help, and Jamie Murray could have been saying anything, due to the echo and his Scottish accent.

Afterwards we had a wander round and I took a picture of Centre Court as you don't see it very often - without a roof. And surrounded by cranes. They had everywhere from Centre Court southwards fenced off due to the building works going on there.

My binoculars picked out Andy Murray in the crowd and Judy Murray. I couldn't find Lucy Henman, although now I've watched it and found out where she was I can see her in the photos. At one point Andy, and then Judy, had a little girl on their laps. Apparently she was Andy's niece, which implies they have an older brother or sister. Who's not mentioned anywhere I can find.

I am still excited at the whole thing - a good match, a win (although we won't last long in the World Group with only two good players again), and being on court to see Tim Henman's last professional match.

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Saturday 22nd September 2007 8:35 pm

Our boys really know how to put us through the mill, so I am exhausted after seeing Great Britain beat Croatia in the Davis Cup 3-0. I'll write up a post tomorrow (assuming my dinner isn't going to make me ill - I had a whole battered fish), but in the meantime you can see the photos.

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Saturday 23rd June 2007 8:34 pm

Yay for me, for I am now all caught up. Well, nearly, I just need to ask this...

Anyone want to come with me to see GB vs Croatia in the Davis Cup at Wimbledon on 22nd September (which will be the doubles)? It costs £20 but I've been to one before and they are really good fun - much more noisy than a Wimbledon match with a Brit in. I'd normally go with my sister but she's very selfishly booked a holiday then.

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Busy week
Saturday 8th April 2006 8:24 pm

I've been so busy at work this week that I'm tired, I ache and I've set off the RSI in my thumb. At least next week's only a four day week. I have discovered, though, that the Big Finish audios while working make it all so much better. I might have an investigate, and actually buy some without the Seventh Doctor and Ace... Speaking of Doctor Who, I really enjoyed The Green Death, I wish they'd show some more. Although I could have done without the maggots. Making them big doesn't improve them at all.

I discovered, through a comment my mum made on the Diary Free forum, that Coldplay were doing a concert on Radio 2 tonight, so I'm currently listening to that. It's good, that goes without saying.

I've had this tiny ficlet in my head since this morning, so I finally got round to writing it down. And I did literally write it, which is why my thumb now hurts. Which means I'm going to have to watch the second half of Poirot without cross stitching, if I want to use my thumb next week.

I'm going to London tomorrow though for sausages, chocolate spread, possibly some gluten free matzo. And a look at some other free from food in a nice big Tescos, and a health food shop. And back in time for Doctor Who night (although night's a bit strong considering it's three hours, one hour of which is an episode of Nine and the other is a documentary they've already shown twice).

I am going to miss the Davis Cup tennis, though. I was looking forward to watching a nice bit of doubles today (although given the result, nice might not be the best description) but the BBC in their infinite wisdowm decided not to show it. Doubtless, because the Grand National is more important. And football, needless to say. I am not impressed.

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Farscape again and some other stuff this time
Thursday 21st October 2004 9:49 pm

I'm feeling slightly more rational about Farscape now. There was an excellent homage to 2001 in the last twenty minutes. So much so (and bearing in mind we're talking about my favourite film here) that I have no idea what happened in that scene. Except there wasn't enough breathing. It did remind me that I really want 2001 on DVD, but then it would also require a big widescreen TV and surround sound to watch it properly, so no rush.

I can't help wondering how different the mini series would have been if it had been a whole series. And whether it would have been better or worse. But what really clinched it was when I watched last night's Bill earlier and it was a two sick bucket job, at the end. And let's not even mention the whole of the rest of the episode. I should watch tonight's but I've finished my cross stitch, and I can't watch another episode without one, I'll get too bored. Mind you, I'm really tired from going to bed really late all week, so I might be in the right state of mind for it.

I spotted our next Davis Cup match is before I go to Australia, but it's in Israel, which is no help. I hope we get through it and get a World Group qualifying match at home.

I won a packet of jaffa cakes in a raffle last night. Well, I got to pick the prize, but frankly everyone in the room was eyeing them up, so we shared them amongst the club. We also came fourth in the quiz, which was fairly respectable, although Langley and Iver beat us again, annoyingly.

Half term started today. We're on the new six term system, which I forget how it works now, except that half terms are longer, summer holidays are shorter and all terms are six weeks, regardless of when Easter is. What it meant was there was no-one around when I walked to work today. Which only goes to show how much of the rush hour traffic is school-related (although this is only a market town, so rush hour pretty much means there are cars on the road. Apparently this wasn't the case before they built the bypass).

Ever since the article in the Guardian Online the other week about workplace bloggers I've been reading two of them that particularly interest me:
The Policeman's Blog - who has some good advice about how to deal with crimes and the police, and lots of stuff about what really goes on
and Doing Less Harm - who works in IT in the NHS. Today's entry in particular made me laugh, because I come up against similar stuff myself.

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Angel news
Saturday 14th February 2004 12:14 pm

Important Angel news: - Press Release

Next Davis Cup tie will be away against Luxembourg 9th-11th April.

I saw Return of the King again last night. I was impressed to see you could see the marks the chain was making around Frodo's neck due to the weight of the ring though. I don't understand where the horses went though. They're in front of the black gate, then retreat. Next thing they're fighting the orcs and there are no horses in sight. Did I miss something?

SG7 photos to follow - hopefully I'll sort myself out and get some up from SFX and Paris since I haven't done any for a while. I so need a digital camera though (now I'm not quite so likely to run out of space). Any suggestions?

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Davis Cup
Sunday 22nd September 2002 10:57 pm

Good weekend. We won! I got to see British players win a match for the first time! It was quite boring in comparison watching today's winning match, partly because doubles is more exciting - much quicker rallys, involving more volleying - but also because there was more doubt about the result. Although its quite hard to sit in those seats for 4 hours. Watching it on TV afterwards just isn't the same. Why didn't I do this years ago? I am so going back there for the next one (assuming I'm still it the country, February's could be away).

Then got to see the season premiere of Enterprise. Woo hoo! It was so good to see a new episode, and it was good. Watching the one on today, wasn't so good in comparison either. And I slept in till 10 this morning, which I've been wanting to do for ages, but haven't. It comes to something when you think 10 is a lie-in. I need to get less sleep during the week, and maybe I'm make it till lunchtime again.

Going to try Tae Kwon Do tomorrow night, assuming I leave work on time. Have to leave the house when Farscape starts, so I'll be in to press record. I have seen it twice already, so not really needing to see it again that much just at the moment. Specially after seeing new Enterprise, and new Buffy is this week too.

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